How to Develop Your Company’s BYOD Policies

In today’s world of mobile computing, it is impossible to ignore the impact that devices like smartphones, tablets, and increasingly capable and diminutive laptops have had on the work environment. This added flexibility enables employees to take work they might have had to do on a company computer late at night into a much more comfortable and manageable situation, in the comfort of their living room with family on a personal device of their choosing. The early results in employee productivity are very positive, and it is not exactly a surprise either: with the ever-increasing ubiquity of connectivity, being productive anywhere, at any time is something that has to be accounted for by any company that wants to boost productivity of their workforce. One example of the impact of BYOD is seen with wearable devices in the video below:

How then does a company go about developing well thought-out, secure policy that takes any number of contingencies into consideration, while still remaining flexible enough to please employees’ personal preferences and encouraging efficient production outside the workplace? Here are some guidelines for high-level planning of how to establish your company’s BYOD policies in a way that makes sense.

Putting Together a Team

Assembling a team which represents the input from critical departments that will go into your decision-making process is the first thing that needs to be done. This includes perspectives from people within your legal departments, financial departments, IT support staff, and security.

Research and Development

R&D as it pertains to each group is the next step. The security team needs to understand their respective challenges, including how BYOD policy pertains to company data protection, potential holes in accessing an employee’s personal device that are used in the workplace, etc. For example, one policy the company may decide to implement that demonstrates a compromise between security and personal freedom is to allow employee to buy devices from a single manufacturer; more on how this might be realised is at BYOD Dell. This kind of solution ultimately reinforcessome of the goals of IT support while remaining more economical, and might legally be more easily feasible, thus sharing backing from multiple research teams.

Meeting of Minds

The goal here is to find ideas that meet the criteria of multiple departments, like the aforementioned single manufacturer proposal. Research needs to be presented and debated with the whole policy team in order to determine the best ideas. Summaries of the findings will be circulated and discussed before an internal review determines what will appear in the first draft proposal.

Draft Implementation and Tweaking

A draft should then be submitted for internal review, upon which more feedback is solicited and various concerns from different departments are considered. Further, actively seeking opinions from employees outside of the decision-making process will shape what the final policy will look like. When enough feedback has been gathered, the final policy revisions begin until you have that meets a variety of needs.

Policy Published

Remember, nothing has to be final here and can be subject to change. But at this point, it is best to just put your finished policy into the real-world and see how BYOD increases employee satisfaction and productivity. After a while of observing its effectiveness, necessary changes can be put into effect into future revisions.

Facebook warns users to not post links YouTube

Facebook seems to want to compete with YouTube. Not only provides social networking services, Facebook is now interested as a provider of video platform.

If previous Facebook let users share the YouTube video link, the company is now led by Mark Zuckerberg was giving a warning to the user.

Facebook directly encourage users to upload videos directly into their platform. Thus, Facebook users can keep track of how many other users watch videos uploaded by users.

The social networking giant also claims, many users prefer if the video is directly uploaded to Facebook, is not uploaded to YouTube. However, the choice remains in the hands of users, if you want to upload the video to YouTube or Facebook.

The information circulated previously revealed, Facebook is predicted to threaten YouTube if they managed to establish cooperation with the largest record label company. If so, YouTube could lose the access of the most popular content segments.

Earlier this year, Facebook announced that they provide a video upload feature ’embed’ to other websites. The company also saw the development of video content for augmented reality technology.

The data also revealed that streaming video is growing significantly in the mobile platform. Approximately 65 percent accessed the Facebook video comes from mobile devices, while 50 percent of the access to watch YouTube videos on mobile platforms.

Tips Saving Using Data Services

Data service is now a requirement when communicating. Moreover, supported by the smartphone, where the application requires more data packets.

However, sometimes users often complain of wasteful data services using the data, but the user does not use it too often, especially in the post-paid data package. Therefore, users should impose limits and alerts to monitor data usage.

Here are tips to reduce data usage on Android and iOS, as reported by YahooTech.

Set Data Alert and Limits

On iPhone devices running on top of iOS 7, you can check data usage by going to Settings> Cellular, and look down Cellular Data Usage. The thing to remember is to reset the tracker at the beginning of each month.

As for Android devices, on Android devices running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or Android, you can check data usage and provide alerts by going to the Settings and under Wireless & Networks in Data Usage tap, and then set the mobile set limits.

Use WiFi

To reduce your smartphone data usage, it is advisable to switch to a WiFi network connection, so it can make savings on mobile data use. The trick was simple, just by pressing WiFi in the settings menu, and activate the WiFi connection.

Limit Background Data

One cause wasteful batteries can occur because the background synchronization, such as FaceBook requested update. To fix this, users can just reduce the frequency push notification, or set the application to update manually.

Changing Browser

How to reduce the other data that is to only use the mobile version of a website. Not only that, users also should avoid deleting internet cache. By keeping the cache, users do not need to download images from websites that are frequented every time you visit it.

Three New Features Apple Results Stolen from Microsoft & Google

As in previous years, Apple uses its Worldwide Developers Conference keynote to announce new features and services for the device. The event which was held some time ago, bringing new innovations Apple.

However, functionality and innovative features for Apple sometimes be old news for some users of Microsoft products and Google. Apple even touted able to adopt some of the features of Google, Microsoft, even himself.

Here are three new features Apple loot from Microsoft and Google.

Public Transit Information: Google Maps

Four new features Apple is stolen from Microsoft and Google first is the Public Transit Information. Google Maps is a leading mapping software, and one of the reasons to keep using the software is Google Maps offers public transit information.

Apple announced the Public Transit Information to support the Apple Maps app a bit problematic.

Multitasking Tablet: Microsoft Surface

9 on iPad iOS demo shows application functions, and functions similar to those in Microsoft Surface. Windows 8 has had the ability that has been announced Apple, especially in Windows 10, allowing opening and merize Windows applications.

Picture in Picture Video

Apple also showed a video picture in picture window for iPad. Such a feature is fairly impressive, but that ability appears to take the concept of the smartphone and tablet Samsung Galaxy Note.

Three Features Amazing in Smartphone

Smartphone is now equipped with various advanced and useful features inherent in it. Call it a camera, navigation devices, instant messaging, and many others. The more time passes, the technology evolved and the smartphone will have many more amazing features in it.

Here are three amazing features that may be present in a smartphone in the near future.


Spectrometer is an instrument that is often used for teaching physics, chemistry, and are also used for research in biology. Spectrometer is used to analyze a chemical objects.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) found a way to incorporate technology into smartphones spectrometer. In a smartphone, the spectrometer can give users an easy and accurate way to detect skin condition, track the vital signs of a person or identifying environmental pollutants. It can also give users a way to find out what is in food or medicines they are.

GPS Truly Accurate

GPS features may already commonly found in a smartphone, but the GPS technology developed by the University of Texas is claimed to be different. GPS technology makes it possible to identify the position accurately to within centimeters by using the sensor’s antenna is located in the smartphone.

This GPS technology will be synchronized with the camera on a smartphone so as to map the environment in 3-D format, as well as the increasing sophistication of virtual reality technology. Specifications geolocation in GPS also makes the motorist will not collide with other vehicles on the road.

Gas Sensor

The latest wireless sensor is developed MIT capable of detecting harmful gases, such as ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, cyclohexanone, and other harmful gases. The gas detection sensor will make the smartphone is able to read and measure chemical explosives or dangerous environmental pollutants. Chemical readings of the smartphone can be combined with geolocation data to track and map out dangerous areas.

A Hacker Change Android OS on Asus Zenfone 2 With Windows 7

A member of the XDA-Developers, Yua Ca Van, claiming to successfully install the Windows 7 operating system on smart phones Asus Zenfone 2. As proof, Yua Ca Van record it in a video that was uploaded in the forum.

As quoted from page XDA-Developers Yua Ca Van admitted he was able to change the operating system on Asus Zenfone 2. If previously existing OS on the phone is Android, Yua Ca Van has been replaced with the Windows OS.

In a posting on the XDA-Developers forum, the account claims that he has successfully changed the Android operating system in Zenfone 2 into a Windows-based OS.

In fact, in the post that accompanied the video also reveals the steps to install Windows 7 on Asus Zenfone two devices based on Android. The same can be done to replace the Android OS into Windows 7 and 8.

Yua Ca Van recognize that in replacing the operating system, the user must first open smartphone bootloader and partition the Micro SD memory. Additionally, running a terminal command suite can then install the new Windows system as usual.

Strategies to Grow Your Online Business

In today’s ever-changing economy, one constant continues to be a move toward location-independent, online companies. Millions of people are starting e-commerce businesses from the comfort of their own homes. Whether you have a business selling handmade jewelry or your latest e-book, there are a number of ways to ensure continued growth of your business through online platforms. For increased sales, consider investing in one or more of these three strategies to exponentially grow your business.

Utilize Pay Per Click Services

Pay per click (PPC) management services provide businesses with targeted marketing strategies in which customers pay when a potential client clicks on their ad. This provides businesses with a sense of security, as the PPC company has an invested interest in creating ads which will receive clicks. Because of this security, there tends to be a high return on investment for PPC services. Do note, however, that not all PPC companies are created the same. Businesses should consider PPC companies that have a dedicated marketing expert working with each portfolio, rather than an automated computer system generating ad placement. This sort of personalized experience can be found at companies such as Solid Cactus. By investing in a well-known company in which your business has a good working relationship, you will find an increase in profitable traffic being directed to your e-commerce business website.

Invest in Social Media

Social media is one of the top platforms currently being used to grow businesses. E-commerce businesses, in particular, can play to their strengths, targeting like-minded internet users. By carefully utilizing creative social media marketing strategies, companies are able to market and sell more. By investing in some paid social media services, such as ads and promoted posts, your company can get a great return on investment. The best way to get started utilizing social media platforms, would be to hire a marketing expert to create a strategy. Marketing experts are able to analyze the impact of your social media strategy and make necessary changes to ensure the greatest bang for your buck.

Go Mobile

Mobile commerce is the newest and fastest growing platform used by companies to grow their business. E-commerce companies, in particular, should absolutely invest in a user-friendly mobile commerce platform. With more and more customers making purchases through mobile internet servers and apps, this side of business will only grow over the next few years and is a vital investment for any online-based business. Good mobile commerce platforms will allow customers to easily find products and product information, share products and purchases through social media platforms, and give customers a smooth process for mobile checkout. With a seamless ordering process, customers are more likely to purchase your product through their mobile device or tablet, which will increase your company’s sales and visibility.