Powerful tips Prevent Spam and Malware in email

Currently the email becomes inevitable and plays an important role in communication between businesses. However, its role as a means of connecting a productive and valuable as hampered by the disruption of cyber threats that haunt.

Facts presented by Kaspersky Lab that 53 percent of email is spam email. The businessman must not be underestimated regarding their corporate email. Mail phishing, malware, and spam mail must be a disturbing thing email system.

Moreover, the corporate email system is one of the main lines that can be used by hackers to spread malware.

A successful malware attack will slow corporate email system and make it work inefficiently, unwanted downtime so it is necessary to clean the network from malware, even bad news can eliminate some significant data belonging to the company.

A recent study showed that more than two-thirds of the activities of cyber spies based phishing aimed at employees who use email system without the guarantee of safe protection.

The report discovered by Verizon in 2015 states that a person has a probability of 23 percent open phishing emails and 11 percent more likely to be accessing malicious link in less than an hour after receiving the email.

What’s the solution?

Understanding the serious problems that arise, Kaspersky Lab offers security solutions that will help both organizations and companies to strengthen protection against email network of phishing mail, malware and other unwanted email.

Secure Kaspersky Mail Gateway is a virtual tool, specifically designed to reduce the risk of malicious emails increasingly complex, sophisticated and cunning and 99.97% block email spam categories and ensure that business communications can continue uninterrupted and corporate confidentiality, IP, and integrity can be fixed intact.

“Companies still rely on e-mail to stay connected to one another. The number of messages that spread will certainly continue to rise, so does the number of e-mail hoax and spam flowing through the growing network of the mail server,” said Artem Serebrov, Head of Web & Messaging, Kaspersky Lab.

Secure Kaspersky Mail Gateway is claimed to protect businesses by scanning the presence of viruses in email traffic companies. This combined with malicious URL filter – which is updated up-to-date from the cloud – that is able to block e-mail that carries a link to a site infected or malicious files.

How Can I Enhance My Company’s Online Presence?

One of the best ways to ensure that your company moves forward and attains excellent conversion rates is through the optimization of your online presence. There are numerous tools and techniques that a digital agency can use to enhance your Internet image and thereby keep your company growing. Here are three of them:

1. Shopping Carts.

Adding shopping carts to your website can take your company from good to great with relative speed. This is so because shopping carts make the customer’s shopping process smooth and simple by enabling her or him to store all of the items to be purchased in a central location. Companies like SecureNetShop.com are pleased to offer their clients excellent, effective shopping cart services. These services will optimize your online presence by showing your clients that you maintain a cutting edge approach to business while also expediting and optimizing their shopping process.

2. Content Optimization.

Another way to enhance your online presence is through the use of content optimization techniques. These techniques help ensure that there is a clear, consistent image for your brand. For this reason, content optimization is an effective way to expedite the brand recognition process and increase the likelihood of conversion. There are numerous content optimization techniques that a team of digital marketers can employ on your behalf, and one of them includes optimizing scannability with textual components like bullets, numbered lists, headers, and subheaders.

3. Social Media Marketing.

One final strategy you can use to optimize your online presence is social media marketing. This technique is effective in ensuring that more and more people hear about your brand through online channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Digital marketing experts can use a wide range of social media marketing strategies to put this process in motion. An example is running a contest in which your winner receives a cutting edge promotional product as the prize. Social media marketers may also create “viral worthy” tweets and send them out at prime times to ensure optimal visibility. The end result of a well-timed tweet can be your exposure to hundreds of new customers within a matter of minutes.


As many business owners know, optimizing your online presence is a great way to build a better bottom line and expand your base of loyal customers. To ensure that you can develop a substantive Internet image, be sure to use the online marketing strategies outlined above!

Use DM Twitter, the hacker claims could easily spread the botnet

Recently, a hacker named Paul Amar claims to have found an easy way to spread the botnet or spam usual disruptive server capacity using web traffic or better known as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). Amar claims, the spread of botnet can be controlled easily through the features of the Direct Messages (DM) which is a private messaging feature microblogging service Twitter.

Botnets can be controlled deployment and growth after the company under the leadership of Jack Dorsey that removes 140-character limit on the personal message feature. Amar revealed that using Twitter DM, the botnet can be controlled easily without using complicated software as used by hackers over the years.

Amar added that in this way the botnet can be spread to at least 100 DM Twitter in a day. According to him, this way seems easy for hackers to attack traffic to the server via the web without the need to bother watching him through the algorithm of the software is quite complicated.

Unfortunately, the findings of this Amar is not good news for you Twitter users. Because, if not careful it could have a Twitter account you will be misused for the benefit of criminals or cyber security breaker.

Third-party applications can steal passwords Instagram

Decisions application developers to prohibit its use aid (applications) the third party is certainly not without reason. Call it like WhatsApp that ultimately block WhatsApp+ for security reasons account.

Now, the same reason also began to explore third-party applications for Instagram, InstaAgent. According to chirp an application developer named David LR, the application will silently steal usernames and passwords InstaAgent account users.

Ironically, David also said that if InstaAgent was not just steal account information only. However, also use the account users to upload certain images. Even without the knowledge of the owner of the account.

Meanwhile, InstaAgent itself known as an application that is claimed to show the number of users who have seen its profile. Ironically, the number of downloads of third party applications is even reached 500 thousands.

Fortunately the last of the monitoring team, InstaAgent applications no longer appear on the official page of the App Store. But if you’ve already installed the application InstaAgent, immediately remove these malicious applications for the security of your instagram account.

Hacker also admit if Windows Phone is the most secure OS

Microsoft’s OS was never claimed by Microsoft itself if the OS they are the safest. In fact, the hackers also acknowledges that.

White hat hackers, Steve Lord said that if Windows Phone is the most secure OS over 15 years of experience. It is put forward when asked Whatmobile.net matter which OS is most vulnerable infiltrated.

“All have advantages and disadvantages. Currently Windows Phone is the hardest. Blackberry also has a long history focused on security. If you have physical access to the device, I find Android is the target of the easiest. Then the iPhone, then the old Blackberry. However, if attacked through the network, Android so soft targets, “he quoted from Wmpoeruser.com.

Security systems for older Windows Phone device is also recognized by Steve Lord. He recommended if older Windows Phone device is also not an easy thing to be attacked. He even recommends two sets of parents who belong to the safest namely BB10 Blackberry and Windows Phone devices running OS Windows 8 or later.

Although current devices with Windows Phone OS is not very popular, but you can consider the security side to have and choose a device.

Office Update, integration with Skype more Perfect

Microsoft finally detailing the list of updates (changelog) Office applications for the month of October. In the changelog, Microsoft includes a number of new features designed for users of Office both online and offline.

One new feature that is quite striking is the integration between Office and Skype. The integration of voice and video calls from Skype to Office new this time is the excess of the previous.

The number of applications in Office that is integrated with Skype this time more. They are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote Online, and Outlook.com. This integration allows users of Office to talk with fellow Skype directly in the Office applications.

According to Microsoft, the update this time will create a more natural experience and collaboration between business writing (document) and conversation. Microsoft claims that the instant messaging history itself was born and is closely related to writing a document.

For additional information, integration between Office (2016) and Skype has rolled out Microsoft since September last. Integration time is the early stages, while the integration time is a ‘new level’ which claimed far more perfect.

Officially, the Office which has better integrated with Skype will start rolling globally in November. This update itself will be available on the official website of Microsoft and Skype, as well as within the Skype application

Tools for Success

A business, whether it is a small or large, can become stagnant over time. However, there are wonderful helps that can keep a business fresh and vibrant. When businesses receive beneficial assistance, each one can make positive changes that make a difference.

An Outside Perspective

It can be hard for a company to want feedback when business and sales are doing well. People do not want to hear bad news when they are experiencing many good things. However, having an outsider come in and provide fresh feedback is extremely important. An outside perspective can include an individual or a few individuals to come in and visit with employees about morale and life at work. Management can learn quite a bit from such a visit. A bookkeeper may be able to save money for a company by providing new ideas on tax preparation. A farmer or a company that deals with real estate may discover that aerial mapping gives a new perspective on land and future plans for a particular site. A fresh perspective can be just what a company needs in order to stay active and proficient.

Customer Feedback

Another type of feedback that is extremely important is customer feedback. However, customers can be extremely fickle when they are asked to fill out a form at a store or on the Internet. Therefore, it can be very helpful to provide incentives to people who fill out a form. A discount off a particular item or an entire purchase can make a great difference in compelling people to fill out a form and provide invaluable feedback. When creating a form to learn more about how a customer feels about an experience, remember to have space at the end of the form for a customer to share his or her personal experiences. Some people have experienced great injustice towards a company, and they may take it out on other companies or may share what happened to them. Whatever the situation may be, give individuals the opportunity to share.

Whether the decision is made to have an outsider or customers provide feedback, the fact of the matter is that both options can provide real results that can be quite beneficial. New information can help management make beneficial changes that many will like. The result can be that a company does even better as it provides goods and services to people.