Google closes URL shortening service

The age of URL shortening service can only last no more than a decade. The reason, Google reportedly immediately close this service gradually, until 2019.

Through a post on his official blog, the closure of will begin on April 13, 2018. Google also recommends that users no longer take advantage of this service after a specified date.

Instead, Google is preparing a new service called Firebase Dynamic Links (FDL). This service is claimed to have more diverse and smarter features than

“Starting April 13, 2018, users will not be able to create a new short link via service,” wrote Michael Hermanto, Software Engineer Firebase, Google’s official blog, Monday (2/4/2018).

“If you want to create a new short link, we recommend you use Firebase Dynamic Links or use popular services such as and as alternatives,” Hermanto added.

However, it does not mean that links previously created via are no longer accessible.

Michael asserted, links that have been made or are currently still a short link from will remain accessible and manageable until 2019. Only, Google still recommends that users immediately switch to a newer FDL service.

“After March 30, 2019, all links will continue to be redirected to the intended link destination. Your created short links will not be migrated to the Firebase service but you will be able to export your link information from the console,” says Michael. is a URL shortening service launched since 2009 ago. At that time Google’s goal of launching this service is to simplify the process of sharing links, as well as measuring traffic by users. then became a service that is arguably very popular, because its features are complete. In fact until now, there are some services similar to, ie and

However, is considered the best URL shortening service, because in addition to complete, this service is also easy to use by application developers.

7 Features in Google Chrome What You Should Know

Undeniably, Google Chrome, is the browser (browser) is the most widely used by Internet users.

Although widely used by users – either on computers or mobile devices, it was not a few who do not know all the features in Google Chrome this.

What are those features? Without any length, here are 7 features in Google Chrome that are rarely known to users.

1. Dinosaur game

Google Chrome’s proprietary T-Rex Run can be played if the internet connection is disconnected.

For those of you who open the web page and the connection is lost it would be familiar with the figure of this T-Rex.

However, there are users who do not know if you can play endless game runner with T-Rex this genre. All you have to do is press the space bar (space bar).

2. Tab Pin

When opening multiple tabs at once, mark the tabs you do not want to close with right-click, then select Tab Pin. The marked tab will automatically move to the left.

3. Save Battery

If you want to save battery, sacrifice a little performance. Go to Settings, locate the System section and click on the ‘Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed’ button.

4. Multiprofile

If you have multiple Google accounts for work or personal, you can save bookmarks and browsing history of each account by creating an individual profile.

Steps go to Settings> Manage People> Add Person. This feature is also useful if the computer is often borrowed.


If you do not want direct downloads go to Desktop, go to Settings then to the Show Advanced Setting menu, click Download to set the desired folder.

6. Calculator

Just type in the necessary calculations in the Google search field, then press Enter.

7. Search for Gmail from omnibar

Users can search Gmail mailbox directly from omnibar, go to Settings, Manage Search Engines then search the desired page.

The List of Applications You Must Remove from Android Devices

For those of you who use Android devices would already be familiar with Google’s app store, Google Play Store.

Presents millions of apps and games that can be downloaded for free or paid, naturally when many users are willing to download apps and games to meet device memory.

Not only to make your internal memory or microSD full, various applications and games downloaded also have the potential to make the performance of Android devices more slow.

Uniquely, many apps and games downloaded into the device are only used a few times. Therefore, rather than make the performance of your smartphone or tablet slow, you better uninstall the application.

Instead of length, here is the type of app that should be removed from Android devices.

1. Application Defragmenting Memory

Currently, Android devices are already using NAND flash storage memory that has the ability to work full time to “manage” the data neatly.

Therefore, defragmenting applications that function to rearrange the disk array. In fact, some call this app is able to shorten the disk age.

2. Battery Calibration App

Illustration Android Smartphone, Gadget. Credit: Pexels via Pixabay

Excessive use can indeed result in the battery of your Android device can not stand up all day.

Based on this, it is normal that many users install applications that work to calibrate the battery on Android. In fact, this application is limited to changing the batterystats.bin file in the battery status with a new one to force the system to hold the battery indicator.

3. Boosting RAM Application

Who does not install this category of apps. Surely most of you have or are using an application that is reportedly capable of improving the performance of the device.

In fact, this kind of application did not give any effect. RAM is designed very quickly, and will get better with a new generation of LPDDR4 chips that will be available on the upcoming flagship device.

In addition, RAM on Android is not the same as a computer. So the system on Android has been designed to always be optimal, you just have to choose the application needed and needed, or not.

Steve Wozniak created the Online Course platform

One of the founders of Apple, Steve Wozniak, launched a learning platform in the network called Woz U, to prepare human resources in the field of technology.

“Our goal is to educate and train people the digital skills needed by the workforce without having to spend a lot of money,” Wozniak said in a statement quoted by The Verge.

Wozniak hopes this first step can reach 30 physical locations around the world in various courses to be provided, from software to cybersecurity.

Woz U offers access to technology companies interested in utilizing the equipment and resources provided to recruit and train their employees.

Platforms are also available for K-12 students in collaboration with districts, Woz U wants to give individual instruction to students and include those who potentially make startups into their own programs.

It does not say how much it would cost to attend the Woz U lecture, however, this platform is already available in mobile apps.

The information obtained from The Verge page, Woz U is currently working with the Southern Careers Institute based in Austin, Texas, United States.

The previous information circulated revealed that the purpose of this online platform is to increase interest in what Woz U calls STEAM careers, science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

“Our goal is to educate and train people in digital skills that can be employed without putting them into the burden of many years,” explains Wozniak.

“People are often afraid of choosing a technology-based career because they think they can not do it.I know they can, and I want to show them.All my life I have worked to build, develop and create a better world through technology and I appreciate education, “he continued.

No pricing details on existing or planned features. However, there are mobile apps with some introductory courses, and you can also enroll in Woz U.

Why Asset Management is Important to Both Businesses and Consumers

Asset management is the active control and monitoring performed by a business on its major goods. From assembly equipment to vehicles, assets come in all shapes and prices. Managing these items is critical from a business perspective, and it also impacts the consumer as well. Explore the world of asset management so that you can understand the economics involved with business today.

Saves Money

When businesses know where their assets are located, they save money. GPS and tracking technology keeps tabs on every asset in the field. It doesn’t matter if the asset is as small as a briefcase or as large as a bulldozer either. They’re all found through EAM solutions. Good management leads to fewer losses, which equates to saved money. These savings are often passed onto the consumer.

Prevents Unexpected Delays

Managing a fleet of vehicles is tough, but keeping up with their maintenance is even harder. Asset-management software tells administrators when maintenance is necessary for each asset. You have a chance to schedule repairs that don’t hinder any work schedules. By prioritizing maintenance, delays aren’t part of your business plan. You avoid them with calculated repairs. Any savings that the business experiences can be passed onto consumers as a result.

Encourages Asset Turnover

Every business wants its assets to operate for an indefinite period of time. Some managers might believe that exclusive maintenance can prolong an asset’s life. Although this scenario is true to a certain extent, asset management tells you the hard truth. At some point, the asset must be replaced. This purchase is an investment on the company’s part, but it eventually leads to better revenues compared to keeping the older asset.

Protects Consumers

Manufacturing machines that aren’t working within the correct parameters might create a bad part or product. If they go unnoticed, these items end up in the hands of consumers. The final products might be defective, which puts the public at risk for injury or accidents. Asset management protects consumers by tagging the machines that are too old for production anymore. They might be updated or replaced entirely, depending on their particular use.

Depreciation is another factor that helps both businesses and consumers. Companies report depreciation of their goods on the books, which leads to bigger tax breaks than before. These financial breaks inevitably help consumers with low prices. By understanding the world’s economics, everyone benefits with streamlined policies and reasonable prices.

The Delay Flight Can Now Be Known from Google Search

Google has updated its flight features. The update brings a new feature where travelers can find out on their way to the airport.

Google Flight now uses machine learning that will predict flights that are delayed or delayed. In addition, the new features of Google Flight also explain the differences of some classes in the airplane such as economy class with various facilities provided.

The flight delay prediction feature is indeed an interesting feature of the Google Flight application. In a post on his blog, Google said it would comb the historical data of a delayed flight, to search for a general pattern at the end of departure.

The new features include information such as location, weather, and late arrivals. If the algorithm has collected data with 80% confidence, flight information delay will appear when the user searches for it by flight number, route or airline.

So how to use the feature? Users only need to enter their flight number, flight route or airline in Google Search.

The delayed flight information will then appear in the search results. The user will see the aviation in question with the green color for the scheduled flight, and the red description for the possible flight delay.

Meanwhile, the feature that provides basic flight tariff information will help travelers understand what facilities they get if using economy class. Although in the same class, airlines do provide different facilities.

That feature will certainly make it easier for you to get the most comfortable economy class flight.

What a Person’s Cell Phone Usage Says about Them

It is no surprise that adults and teenagers use their cell phone frequently. Many people cannot survive without constantly having a cell phone in their hands. They check it frequently for messages, they use it to search the Internet, and they use it to talk with their friends. A person’s cell phone usage says a lot about who they are.

For example, if a person uses their cell phone primarily for texting, it is assumed that they are a teenager. This is because teenagers send a larger amount of texts than adults. That being said, adults have been sending more and more texts, according to surveys that were done since 2009. Most adults are going to send or receive on average 10 texts today. Conversely, teenagers are going to send or receive 50 texts or more daily.

To put this in perspective, only five percent of adults are going to send or receive more than 200 text messages on a daily basis. That’s roughly 6,000 texts a month. However, up to 15 percent of teenagers are going to send or receive in excess of 200 texts every single day.

Adults who do send and receive more text messages often tend to be adults who like to talk on the phone a lot. What’s interesting about this is that just because a person is receiving or sending fewer texts does not mean that they’re talking more on the phone. Instead, in most cases, if an adult is a light texter, then they’re also going to use the phone with less frequency.

Studies have shown that just about every single cell phone user on the planet makes or receives at least one phone call every couple of days. Adults will get or make around five calls a day. What may surprise some is that men seem to make more phone calls on their cell phone than women do.

Many have found unique ways to customize their cell phone involving things ranging from adding gold plating on plastic phones to other less expensive decorative additions. The goal is to make the cell phone something that reflects the owner.

People, especially Americans, interact with their cell phones more than any other electronic device. It literally serves as an extension of who they are, their personality, and their vision for the future. Undoubtedly, as cell phone technology becomes more complicated and more user-friendly, more people, adults and teenagers, will rely heavily on their cell phones.