Increasing Industry Production

As the economy continues to grow at different paces, a number of companies are looking at ways to increase production. While there are numerous ways that production can be increased, a few adjustments can bring great improvements. The result can be that a company does even better with work that needs to be done.

Building Relationships

It is extremely important for people to have good relationships with each other while at work. Management needs to time the time and effort to invest in the lives of employees. Many people do not feel valued or needed while at work. Therefore, it is good for companies to demonstrate to employees that their service matters greatly. There are many ways to demonstrate appreciation. Some companies decide to provide a pizza lunch for employees on a random day. Although there is a significant cost for such a demonstration, people like to feel valued and will recognize when a company is trying to make a difference in their lives. Another way relationships at work can be built up is by doing various tasks together. Although an assembly line or other types of work do not enable people to talk to each other readily, there are little projects that can be done that bring people together. Time spent together can strengthen relationships. People know sincerity and respond in positive ways that can include increased job performance.

Building Trustworthiness

A company can increase production when customers trust goods and services that are provided. Creating trust is not easy to do. It takes consistency, time and dedication. Many people need to see proof before they trust in a company or an individual. A company can throw around many promises, but the actions of the company speak louder than words. A helpful company can ensure that various machines that are used each day, such as a sheet metal shearing machine, are in great shape and replaces older units with new ones that work well. When products are on a shelf or delivered to a customer on time, people can take notice and trust a company. The more dependable a company is, the more likely a customer will trust in products and brands that it sells.

Increasing production is not necessarily a simple fix. That being said, wonderful changes can be made that benefit employees and customers. When positive changes happen, great results are likely to follow.

Future Charge Mobile Phones Can Using Portobello Mushrooms

You a fan of mushrooms food? Surely you know that this one kind of mushroom, portobello mushroom. Yes, it is indeed very delicious mushrooms to be eaten with chilli. This fungus is also often used by vegetarians to replace a portion of the meat when cooking barbecue.

However, did you know that portobello could be a `tool` to charge the phone battery in the future?

Is a scientist working at the University of California Riverside, Brennan Campbell, who initiated the concept of `this baterai` fungus. He revealed that the positive pole (anode) contained in lithium ion batteries in mobile phones today are made of graphite, a material which is very expensive to be reproduced and risk creating toxic waste.

Therefore, Campbell tried to find natural resources that can be used to charge the battery. In the end, he found portobello mushrooms are considered as food biodegradable (recyclable).

Molecular structure in fungi is considered solidly to save energy. In addition, this fungus layer has pores that `pas` to transfer energy efficiently.

Explained further, the graphite material contained in the lithium ion battery is in fact more easily damaged because of the damage caused by electricity. Meanwhile, the content of potassium as well as the concentration of salt content in the portobello mushroom layer capable of increasing the energy capacity that is stable, so it is safe when the overcharge (charging process within a period of excessive).

With material like this, mobile phones in the future will be more secure when in-charge. No longer need to fear if the phone is in-charge within hours, it will not create mold and broken cell phone.

Campbell also has revealed what kind of fungus battery concept that he initiated. Initially, the coating microstructure will didehidrasikan portabello mushrooms at a temperature of 500 degrees Celsius, after which the layer will be transformed into carbon nanoribbons. Afterwards, it will enter the carbon nanoribbons pyrolysis process (described thermochemical) at a temperature of 1100 degrees Celsius and will turn into a porous layer of carbon nanoribbons.

This process is still in the stage further, but if it is true portabello mushrooms could serve as a power source charging the phone battery, preferably mushroom farmers must be prepared to work harder for the future.

Food Processing Techniques throughout the Centuries

Mankind’s ability to process food has been at the heart of the growth of civilization. Without learning how to process food, cook it, preserve it, dry it, or extract nutrients, civilization would have never been able to grow to the point that it is now. Ancient empires, such as those that dominated Rome and China, were only able to maintain their dominance because of their ability to manipulate the food that was grown.

One of the earliest examples of mankind’s ability to process their food was fire kissing food. Food that has been cooked is easier to digest and in many cases it is more nutritious than eating food raw. As humans were able to draw more nutrients from their food, their brain and body function improved drastically.

A huge step in mankind’s ability to process food started when mankind began to bake bread. Researchers have seen that millenniums ago, early Europeans took the starches from ferns, cattails, and other grains and pounded them into flour, mixed them with water, and created bread.

One of the reasons why bread’s creation was so essential to mankind’s development was because it was portable, rich in nutrients, and could last a long time without spoiling.

As mankind processed bread, they began to look for more efficient ways of growing the crops that produced bread. This led to advances in farming and agriculture, which in turn affected growth in society.

Beer is another example of mankind’s ability to process grains. The earliest evidence of beer creation dates back to 3500 BC in Iran. It is thought to that the ancient Sumerians may have used up to 40 percent of their grain to produce beer. Interestingly, modern-day beer brewers, with the assistance of archaeologists, have been able to re-create some of the early beers that were popular in places like ancient Egypt, ancient China, and the Middle East.

The ability to process food has led to the creation of things like wine, cheese, tortillas, Olive oil, noodles, chocolate, sugar, and a whole host of other staples that have revolutionized the way people eat.

Today, modern companies are using devices like an industrial blender to process and create food that is sold around the world. Modern food processing techniques have made it possible to enrich the diets of millions and save many more from hunger and starvation.

Notes Update, Want to Compete Facebook Platform Blog

Notes feature in Facebook now appear to be different. Facebook gives new design touches on this feature, allowing facebookers more fun to share like experiences in a blog entry.

Notes was introduced on August 22, 2006. Since its inception, the Notes was promoted as a blogging system, although in contrast to his form blogging platform for real.

As it grows, Facebook added a variety of functions including tags and embedded images. Facebook also allows users to import content from sites like LiveJournal blog, Blogger, Xanga and others. But then this features removed a year ago.

facebook notes

Facebook Notes failed to attract users even can not compete with the blog site. Most of them were happy to write more like poured directly on their blog. Even wrote on Facebook Notes, they usually use to lead readers to their blogs which is located in WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and others.

With the latest update, Facebook gives a new twist on Notes. Users can embed a larger photo, text format with a header, adds quote, even add a bulleted list.

Photos added to the caption text can also be given, and the user can adjust the image size to fit the text. Anyway, this time up to do more for the Notes, making it much like a blog.

Changes in the Notes can be found from today. If you have not found any changes to the Notes, be patient. This update was released in stages to be available to all users.

5 Methods Widely Used Hacker and How to Avoid It

The Internet is an integral part of everyday life. We used among others to search for information, shop or make a payment.

However, there are also some people who want to drain the pockets of many people in the world in a way that is not suspicious. A businessman based in Mumbai, for example, cheated after a hacker infiltrated into account his e-mail earlier this month.

To avoid a similar fate, know the method most widely used by hackers along with tips on how to avoid it.

1. E-mail Fraud

All netizens would use e-mail for purposes of employment or personal use. It also makes it one of the easiest methods to contact someone and persuade with a particular approach.

E-mail scams are most common among others tells people who win the lottery. “A wealthy prince wants to invest money through you, or the legacy of a stranger.”

E-mail of this kind that come from people you do not know should you suspect. Then, there is also an e-mail with an attachment that can install spyware or viruses when you open the attachment.

A simple way to keep it safe from fraudulent e-mail is to not download attachments or send detailed information about you to the unknown senders.

2. Application / Website Fake

You could have been trapped by hackers because visiting a fraudulent website or by installing a fake application on a smartphone or other device.

Often, the bank’s website duplicated as closely as possible to the original and fake web sites that ask you to enter your ID and password. If you do, then the creator of the fake web sites will use the ID and password to access your account.

The easiest way to detect the authenticity of the website is to look at the address bar in your browser. Check if the website address beginning with ‘https:’. The prefix ‘https:’ This indicates that the website uses a security certificate and all the bank’s website using it.

As in the case of an application, you need to check the name of the developer usually there under the name of the application in the app store and read reviews on each banking application details carefully before installing this application.

Remember, the banking application that may be downloaded is an application that comes from official app stores.

3. Ad Trap

If you see an advertisement of a product is priced much cheaper than the normal price, then there is a possibility that it is a trap ads.

Indeed, online shopping offers a number of discounts, but if discounts are offered seemed unnatural, you should suspect. A number of people who advertise this kind and typically ask for a down payment should not you care about.

4. Key Logger

Key logger software is installed to record the buttons you press on the keyboard (keystroke). A fraudster can find your login details for various websites, simply by accessing the entire log of your keystroke.

Internet cafes together is an easy target for the installation of key loggers to obtain important information from unsuspecting users.

Basically there is no way to detect whether there is a keylogger that runs on a computer or laptop, so if you have to use a public computer, avoid typing your username and password on the keyboard.

Instead, use a virtual keyboard. Most banks have websites. However, you can also use the virtual keyboard in Windows and use it to type in a username and password.

As for Windows 8 users can search the virtual keyboard in the Start menu, while the older Windows users can access it in the Start menu> All programs> Accessories> Ease of Access> On-screen keyboard.

5. Credit Card Details in Mobile

There are many ads that are sent by the bank to avoid this problem. But, none of the banks would call and ask for your credit card details via a phone call.

Each call claiming to be from a bank and ask for bank details so needs to be watched. In this case, you may not share information about your credit card or internet banking with anyone over the phone, even if the caller knows a little about you.

Windows 10 Can Download Large Files Up to 6GB? This proof

The launch of a new operating system is Windows 10 from Microsoft indeed reap much success. In addition to bringing a better updates and service upgrades for free, making more and more users of Windows 10 are now the number of users touch the figure of millions of users around the world. But there is something that may not be realized by users of Windows 10.

When you activate the auto download feature on your Windows 10 operating system, the Windows device 10 will download a file of 3,5GB up to 6GB. Windows 10 to download a file of the unnoticed and may not be realized by the user, of course this can take a lot of data if users of Windows 10 using the internet data is limited.

As reported by the Trustedreviews, saying that such incident was first reported by the website Theinquirer, which revealed that one of the users of Windows 10 has a direct, in which the Windows 10 owned by 3,5GB download files up to 6GB in a hidden folder that beranama ‘ $ Windows. ~ BT ‘.

“I think Microsoft says that this is an ‘upgrade’ optional. If this is an optional upgrade that choice, why it is encouraged for so many computers where it is not desired by the user, and why the upgrade was trying to install on your Windows 10 repeatedly while boot-up? “Said one of the users of Windows 10 who experience this event.

Add from the user, unwanted downloads can meet the storage space on your Windows 10, especially for users who have a slow Internet connection can take a week to complete the download process before the end of this problem was realized by the user. Not only menguduh jumbo-sized files, every time Windows 10 is turned on, the system will try to install the update.

To respond to this, Microsoft said “We assist device that can be upgraded to Windows 10 and help provide the files required by the device when it has been upgraded to Windows 10. The” Microsoft also added, the system will install the file when all files have been ready.

Windows 10 users may want automatic updates to small changes in the software of Windows 10, but Microsoft should not assume that all customers want a new software version that can take the storage space on their perangakat.

How to Get Lots of ‘Love’ on Instagram

Has little followers on Instagram does not mean can not get ‘love’ that much. And vice versa, has thousands of followers does not necessarily received overwhelming sign of love. Just need a little special tricks that photos were posted liked.

Here’s how to easily get a lot like the photos uploaded on Instagram. First, create themed photo landscape.

Instagram has become typical users like landscape photographs, for example scenery. Compared human interest photo, still life and street photos are more likely to be a little bit like.

We also do not need to add the hashtag that much. Because it is not so affect the amount like that will be achieved.

Tip two is pay attention to the composition of the photograph. Create a unique composition. Examples of photographing food, how the composition looks unsightly. So that tempt people to see it.

You can also increase the number of followers without having to buy. Quite easy, just often follow a weekly theme created by the Instgram.

With frequent weekly theme instagram, the possibility to display in Instagram’s account will be even greater. If so, Instragram will see the profile of ours, if consistent and unsightly can be a predicate Suggested User. When so Suggested Users can add thousands followe Instagram.

You should also regularly uploading photos. should post 1-2 photos per day. In addition, because Instagram is global, there is no harm to write photo captions in English.

Do not forget, he was invited to participate frequent photo competition. He said it could encourage the spirit of making the work more interesting. Especially if it managed to become champion, might you be a windfall to get a prize or adventure are invited to various places of interest.