Tips to Enhance Your Vaping Experience

Gone are the days when traditional cigarettes were the only option for smokers. People are becoming more health-conscious and the public laws concerning smoking are cracking down. If you have to have your cigarette fix and you want to avoid the worst of the consequences for your habit, vaping is an excellent substitute. Vaping, or the use of electronic cigarettes, is on the rise. It allows greater versatility. You can choose from a wide variety of flavors when it comes to the liquid that is inhaled. You can even modify the amount of nicotine that is contained in every cartridge. If you are trying to wean your way off of cigarettes, you can eventually switch to vapor cartridges that contain no nicotine. Before you make the switch or get started, learn some important tips about vaping.

You Need the Right Equipment

You’re going to need essential hardware for your vaping experience. A temperature control box mod allows you to give your vaping experience the edge. You no longer need to rely on voltage to get your atomizer coil at the ideal temperature. You’ll also want a wall adapter and a charger for a readily available way to connect to a power supply. Unlike a typical cigarette that needs a match or a lighter, you’re using electricity each time you vape. Batteries, atomizer coils, and clearomizers are other essential items. Finally, you need to delve into e-liquids to find your preferences. You have many more options than you would with traditional cigarettes. Be prepared to experiment in order to find your favorites. You may discover that you will opt for certain flavors in the morning and others at night, rather than one cigarette that is your old standby.

Expect Trial and Error

Until you become accustomed to the vapor experience, you’ll have no idea how long you can make a cartridge stretch. The more you like to smoke, the more cartridges you will need. This may not be a problem if you have a store that is in a convenient location. If you are going to be ordering online, you will want to stock up. You’ll find that there are many starter kits available that include the essentials. If you are going to experience e-cigarettes for yourself, be sure to have everything you need and a selection of liquids to make the most out of vaping.

4 Ethics that must be considered facebook users

Although most of you must have been using social media Facebook in the long term, it does not mean you have to forgo some of the ‘rules’ unwritten related to how to behave in using the most popular social media.

You are not alone in Facebook. There are friends, whether it be friends, coworkers, or even sisters and relatives perched on your Facebook friends list.

Therefore, all that you upload, be it status, comments, ideas, photos, videos or anything else, can reflect who you are.

It is essential adopt ethical manners when using social media, not to mention Facebook.

Tiptechblog will summarize four ethics that must be considered Facebook users in order not to provoke emotions and negative sentiment from other users. consider the following review.

1. Show off excessive intimacy

It is legitimate for you and your partner upload status, photos or even videos on Facebook. But remember, life does not belong to you and your partner.

Do not overuse your Facebook account too frequently showed how lovingly you as a couple. If you still want a relationship with a partner in social media, it would be nice if you choose instant messaging application because it is more secure and personal.

2. Invite games

Not all Facebook users like and even to understand about playing games. Therefore, you should first sort out who your friends who like to play games and then send the invitation broadcast the games you want to play.

3. Excessive Campaign

Social media like Facebook actually could be a powerful campaign tool. However, Facebook does not merely contain a political issue.

As a user, you should know the place and the rules. If you want to campaign for something or voicing support for political parties, should be done directly in the real world without having to fling it on social media.

4. Too many children to upload photos

This ethic is still not realized the majority of Facebook users, especially young mothers who just gave birth. Upload photos of children to social media is fine, but you do not need to capture every second baby activity into your social media, is not it?

In addition, you also have to respect the privacy of your family members. Too often spit photos of the kids or other family members would expose the identity of your family and be misused by irresponsible parties.

Keyboard magic of Google slid on iOS devices

Google has just released an application that is ready to decorate your iOS device’s keyboard. Keyboard called “Gboard” was released on Thursday, May 12, 2016 and exclusively for the iPhone and iPad.

Gboard designed to integrate search technology owned by Google on iOS devices directly via the keyboard.

According to the development team Gboard, the keyboard has become an important part of the mobile operating system. She can be accessed from a variety of applications and can collect the personal data of its users.

Therefore, hadirlah keyboard ‘magic’ that allows users iOS knock (tap) the Google icon and bring up the Google search page in iOS keyboard.

One of the main features introduced is the presence of the Search feature on the keyboard. For example, when you want to send the address to the speaker, you no longer need to copy-paste the address of a Google search page.

Just tap the Google icon, search pages instantly appear on your keyboard.

In addition, another feature is the search emoji and GIF, as well as the ability to ‘flow typing’ prediction algorithm that delivers more accurate and faster.

Apple itself had the opportunity Gboard cooperation with third-party developers in 2014. But in the end, they develop these applications individually and the fact that many iOS users using non-iOS keyboard.

Want to work at Apple? Check the list of interview questions here

Who doesn’t have a desire to work in companies such as Apple? As one of the prestigious companies in the world, don’t be surprised if the selection of work at Apple isn’t easy.

Just like other technology companies, Apple interviewers often ask technical matters pertaining to the workplace ago. However, there are also the questions posed confusing like a puzzle.

Curious as to what was the question? Here are some questions that are often asked for admission Apple.

1. We have a cup of hot coffee and cold milk from the refrigerator, the room temperature is between these two bodies. When will we have to mix the milk to hot coffee to get the best combination of cold? (At the beginning, in the middle or at the end). This question is usually intended for candidates positions of product design.

2. What is the weight of the Empire State Building? This statement is submitted for candidate solutions consultant.

3. How do you explain the RAM to children 5 years old? Statement for the candidate genius of Apple.

4. How does the wings of the aircraft? Questions for the candidates Lead System Engineer.

5. Give me five ways to measure how many liters of gasoline were found in a car? Questions for the candidates Hardware Engineer.

6. If you have two eggs and you want to know, from what floor you can drop an egg without shattering, how do you do it? Software Engineer for a candidate statement.

7. How you can specify the price of this pencil? Questions for the candidates Global Supply Manager.

8. Describe an interesting problem and how would you solve it? Software Engineer for a candidate statement.

9. How do you explain the function of the router / modem to children 8 years old? Questions for the candidates Home Advisor.

10. How many children are born each day? Questions for the candidates Global Supply Manager.

11. How do you test your favorite application? Questions for the candidates Software QA Engineer.

12. There are three boxes each containing apples, oranges, and one contains both boxes again. However, it has been labeled the third box does not match what is in it. Open one box, without looking into the box, take one of the fruits. By looking at the fruit, how do you fix the existing labels on the box so that in accordance with its content? Questions for the candidates Software QA engineer.

13. Whether you are an intelligent person? Questions for the candidates Build Engineer.

14. Are you a creative person? Give one thing you think is the result of your creative thinking. Questions for the candidates Software Engineering.

15. Which is more important, whether the fix customer problems or create a product that has a high user experience? Statement for Home Advisor Apple.

Three Technology Tips That Can Keep Your Business Growing

If you’re serious about moving your business forward, now is the time to access the power of technology. There are several technology strategies which can ensure that your company remains in a state of ongoing expansion. Here are three of them:

1. Invest In Technologically Advanced Equipment.

This strategy is important because it optimizes your daily operations. When you use the latest and greatest equipment on the block, you are able to complete tasks quickly and correctly. Doing so will help you attain a bigger bottom line by allowing you to focus more energy on other revenue-generating projects and procedures. In the event that you’re in need of new isolation dampers or new louver designs, you can obtain them from technologically advanced companies such as American Warming and Ventilating.

2. Hire A Digital Marketing Firm.

In addition to investing in technologically advanced equipment, make sure that you hire a digital marketing firm. The individuals from these firms can implement diverse, dynamic technology strategies to get your brand growing in the online world. Some of these strategies include search engine optimization, web design and development, social media optimization, and online reputation management.

3. Start Using The Cloud.

The cloud may be the single most important technology feature that contemporary business owners can use to optimize their company’s productivity. In the past, the documents used to complete projects were oftentimes passed back and forth between multiple e-mails, meaning that numerous different forms of the document went into circulation. This reality complicated the ability of employees to access and update documents in an orderly, systematic manner. But the cloud changed all of that. Now, all employees can access the most up to date copy of a document from one central location. This precludes the confusion created by multiple distinct copies of the same document. The cloud is also useful because the documents saved there can be accessed from any location that features Internet access, thereby enabling staff members to work from home if necessary.


If you want your business to become as successful as possible, now is the time to get the company optimization process underway. You can get things going and growing right now by utilizing technologically advanced equipment, hiring a digital firm, and making use of the cloud. In so doing, you’ll likely find that your company starts growing like never before.

This startup list have valuations exceed $1 Billion

Built a business empire is not easy. Even so, among the thousands of companies in the world, there must be a business that is considered to be the most successful.

Based on the research results of the World Economic Forum published a page We Forum, there are 174 private companies that experienced hypergrowth.

Because of high growth, it is mentioned that the company’s non-government managed to double its revenues to double in less than two years.

The research shows that in recent years, the number of companies that have experienced hyper growth continues to increase. The reason is because there is the digital transformation of the economy, easily accessible capital, as well as the emergence of new global markets such as the Asian middle class.

Of the 10 private companies are experiencing very rapid growth, apparently eight of which are technology startups that have valuations of at least US $ 1 billion.

1. Uber

Uber has a value of US $ 62 billion valuation. Companies from the United States San Francisco is making a vehicle reservation application that connects passengers with the rental vehicle.

Now, Uber has operations in 415 cities around the world, including in Indonesia. Even recently, the company made by Travis Kalanick presents a motorcycle taxi service named UberMotor in Indonesia.

2. Xiaomi

Private companies from China Xiaomi has a value of US $ 46 billion valuation. Founded in 2010, the company engaged in the hardware is crowned the private company with the second fastest growth in the world.

With high growth, Xiaomi has more than 5,000 employees from China, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Philippines, and Indonesia.

3. Airbnb

Founded in 2008 in San Francisco, holiday accommodation rental application providers throughout the world now has a value of US $ 25.5 billion valuation.

4. Palantir Technologies

Companies engaged in the field of big data origin security Silicon Valley now has a value of US $ 20.5 billion valuation. Established in 2004, now Palantir Tech has nine offices within and outside the United States

5. Didi Kuaidi

The company provides ride sharing application backed by Tencent and Alibaba. Now renamed so Didi Chuxing, China-based company, has a valuation of US $ 16 billion.

6. Snapchat

Snapchat is a photo messaging application company founded in 2011 Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown while still a student at Stanford University. Now, valuations Snapchat has reached US $ 16 billion.

7. China Internet Plus

China-based company was founded in 2003 and is engaged in the software. China Internet Plus now has a value of US $ 15 valuation miliarn.

8. Flipkart

Engaged in retail, India-based company founded in 2007 now has a value of US $ 15 billion valuation.

9. Space X

US-based company engaged in the aerospace and founded in 2002 has a value of US $ 12 billion valuation.

10. Pinterest

As an application virtual pinboard, Pinterest allows users to upload an image and put it in a category. Now, the company formed in 2010 in the United States have had a value of US $ 11 billion valuation.

Application microsoft translator can translate any text in the image

Microsoft released an update for Microsoft Translator app for Android. Now the translator application that allows users to translate the article in the photo.

“With the features in the photo interpreter Translator app on Android, users no longer need to type the words in the photos, the book menu and flyer to translate,” Microsoft said.

Features interpreter previous word in this picture is already present on the device Translator app on iOS in February. Through the presence of this feature, the translator belongs to Microsoft more competitive with Google Translate.

Even so, the features translator text on this image will be used to translate the Chinese character (hanzi) simple, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese , Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.

Now various language packages are also available for offline translation, but it relies on artificial intelligence Microsoft, Deep Mind.

The app update also enables Android devices and Android Marshmallow N to translate the text in any application without having to switch applications.

“If you find a phrase foreign languages need translation, highlight, and go to ‘Other Option’ located at point three after the Cut, Copy, and Share. Then, select the ‘Translator’ and you can transliterate into more than 50 languages,” said Microsoft teams.