Heart, Heart Shaped Mobile Unique

Bored with mobile form a so-so alone? Maybe phone called Heart this can be glimpsed. Because unlike most phones that carries a candy bar design, Heart had a heart-shaped design.

Heart released by the Japanese company named Ymobile. So do not be surprised, Japan is known for eccentric stuff.


Also do not also expect a matter of style smartphone capabilities. Never surf, SMS only this phone can not do. The reason is because the Heart is designed to run on the Personal Handyphone System in Japan, which just handed a low-cost voice call service.

Of Heart does not target consumer gadget freak, but consumers are more accentuate the fashion. Target Marketing is a young women who want to look stylish.

So the phone that has the name of this 401AB Heart has the top and bottom that can be separated. When you wish to function as a mobile phone, the two parts are connected vertically so that would make a shape like a regular cell phone.

Meanwhile, when the two parts are connected horizontally, the user will get a heart shape. Which the user can make forms such as accessories such as necklaces.

Interestingly, Heart also have a form that is no less unique charger. This mobile power supply design is also heart-shaped.

Internet Users to Reach 9.5 Billion by 2019

Internet users is expected to grow approximately 9.5 billion by 2019 globally next. The study released by the research institute named IGR.

Research quoted from Phonearena, the penetration rate of mobile connected globally will reach over 100 percent, exactly 125 percent in 2019. This figure increased by approximately 96.4 percent were calculated from the ago.

internet users

The fantastic figures, according to research can be achieved because the use of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and connected the car continues to grow.

In addition, some users are also expected to have more than one device. That’s what causes the growth rate is so high. This study also see there will be a massive migration of smart phone users towards 4G LTE network in the coming years.

According to the IGR, next to a 2G connection will be abandoned due to start is considered old. While 3G is going to fester and take a large market share globally in the next five years

The report also added that 4G connections will increase in 2019. Last year, only 6 percent of the connection data at 4G LTE network.

These data also noted, in some countries the mobile device is the main communication tool. The only way to connect to the internet is via a smartphone.

Importance of Monitoring Your Business Website Activity Status

For those who are familiar with the website as a marketing tool business and product certainly know that the website can be working day and night 24 hours a day. Serving tens, hundreds of thousands of visitors from various locations.

But if the website is actually working nonstop? sure? or lest the website more often sleep or “killed” doesn’t work all the time, because it turns out more often down the server computer (disconnect / error). Can be up to 5 times a day down at rush hour, a time when many potential visitors are surfing and visiting the website.

To answer these questions and prove the course can be done with diligent open its own website, but unfortunately this is not a fun job for many people, it is not practical, and can interfere with work productivity, especially for those who are busy with other activities.

Another way to supervise, monitor website activity status, server or connection to the website down, then you can use the services of a host tracker monitoring and you will be the first to know if the site you’re experiencing down from alert sent through a variety of services, such as SMS, email, Gtalk, Voice calls, and Skype.

monitoring site

With a host tracker monitoring, website server connection conditions will be monitored on a regular basis, you can check website availability . And if there is a disorder that results in the website can not be accessed, then the owner, manager or administrator of the website will get notified by a message. Host Tracker is a website monitoring service that has been listed among the best website monitoring services. They are available all the time, site or server is checked from locations around the world with a certain time interval. In addition you can also get the full features of your site uptime monitoring, They also collect Uptime statistics, and will send a report Uptime, so you can expose data to customers and partners your business in detail and precise .

Here Features Host Tracker:

- Instantly down alerts (SMS, Email, Gtalk, Voice call, Skype);
– HTTP / HTTPS, PING, SMTP, SNMP, TCP port tests;
– Database monitoring;
– Response time monitoring;
– Checks keywords on the page;
– Distributed Monitoring (34 locations);
– Detailed stats and reports;
– Instant check the website;
– Monitoring period – every 1-60 minutes.

Voyo Mini PC, Colorful Tiny Computers with Windows 8.1 and Intel Bay Trail

A computer manufacturer from China named Voyo has just launched a very interesting product. The product is a mini PC that they refer to as Voyo Mini PC. Interesting side of this new product is the exterior design is available with the option of bright colors.


This computer has a dimension of 127 x 127 x 12.7 millimeters. In it, there Z3735F Intel Atom processor coupled with 2GB of RAM and 64GB of storage capacity. There is also a microSD slot that supports up to 128GB of memory.

Voyo Mini PC It comes with the Windows 8.1 operating system. And to the problem of connectivity, the device is equipped with an HDMI output, three USB ports full size 2.0, a microUSB port and audio jacks. In addition, there is a WiFi feature but unfortunately there’s no Ethernet jack.

Additionally, these tiny computers are available in five colors, namely blue, yellow, pink, white and green. Regarding the price, this computer can be obtained in the online store with the official China AliExpress in numbers ranging from 130 USD to 160 USD.

Beauty Marissa Mayer Finally Success Shake Google

Marissa Mayer is not only beautiful, but also brilliant. The proof he managed to make Yahoo shake Google to experience the most drastic decline in the market share of the first time since 2008.

yahoo mayer

Since being appointed CEO of Yahoo in mid-2012, Mayer breakthrough finally reap two years later. Yahoo successfully brought scored the highest market share increase since 2009.

In the same period of Yahoo, too, noted an increase from 7.4% to 10.4%. This increase is due to the successful cooperation with Mozilla.

Since Yahoo as the default search in Firefox browser service effective as of December 2014 and then, Google’s market share began to shake. Naturally, the article Google is the default search service in Mozilla since 2004.

From the data collected by StatCounter revealed that Google’s market share in the United States fell from 79.3% in December 2013 to 75.2% in December 2014. The lowest point since 2008.

Google also seems to have anticipated this problem long ago. That’s why the company fib Sergey Brin and Larry Page is so heavily promoting his own Chrome browser.

And efforts had been fruitless. Currently the number of users of the Firefox browser in the land of Uncle Sam eventually lose much when compared to Chrome. But still, the action together Mayer Yahoo has forced Google suffered its biggest decline.

In 2 Minutes, This battery is fully charged

How long do you take to fully charge the battery smartphone? 30 minutes or 1 hour? Do not be surprised, if in the future download battery charger only takes a few minutes.


Not impossible since nanotech startup named StoreDot develop ultra fast battery that is capable of fully recharged in just two minutes.

According to CEO Doron StoreDot Myersdorf, the company makes a completely different approach when making the battery.

The point is this, rather than trying to increase the capacity of the battery itself, they redesigned the internal structure of the battery so it can fill up quickly.

“We still need a lot of research, but by no means difficult to be realized, We think the opposite of most battery companies, which are all thinking about providing a bit of energy and raising capacity,” he said.

If indeed materialize and can be released to the market, he doubted the price will be low. Therefore, predicted to be only USD 50 for a removable battery.

How to Identify FBI Hacker Sony Pictures

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has finally opened up about how they could know that hacking computer networks Sony Pictures came from North Korea.

James B. Comey is, the director of the FBI who unveil it at the International Conference on Cyber Security in New York, USA.


According to Comey, the thing that makes the FBI believe that North Korea is behind all of this is due to the Guardian of Peace (GOP) – the hacker – was negligent in hide their locations while performing hacking.

Instead of transferring these attacks through a fake server, the GOP even send it directly via an IP address from the North.

“We know who hacked Sony. That North Korea. I’m very confident of their involvement in this attack,” Comey said, as reported by BuzzFeed, Thursday (08/01/2015).

But according to other sources, the GOP quickly realized his mistake. In the next attack them directly powering the software to cover its original location.

To complicate identification, GOP divert attacks through a series of IP addresses in various countries, such as Bolivia, Singapore, Poland, and Italy.

This is the answer to the FBI on doubts expressed by many cyber security expert on FBI charges against North Korea.