The Best Apps for Concert Lovers

Concert apps can make heading to events a more enjoyable experience in almost any part of the show from beforehand, to during the show, to afterwards. Whether you want to find tickets, take photos, or tailgate, here are a few of the best apps to help you get the most out of the time you spend with your friends and your favorite bands.


The “go-to” app for almost everyone looking to find concerts near you, Bandsintown helps find concerts nearby based on your listening preferences. It looks at your iTunes library, your favorite Pandora stations, your Spotify plays, Facebook likes, and much more. Then, it generates a list of artists you might want to see live. The results are presented in the form of a “Concert Cloud,” letting you browse through the bands who will be coming through town soon. You can also adjust how far you’re willing to drive in order to see a show. Bandsintown is so popular and well respected that Business Insider named it one of their “Worlds Greatest Apps” in 2014, and it has almost every act and venue you can imagine. If you’re looking to get your tickets for an Ed Sheeran concert, or just about any other genre, you’ve found the place.


Parking can be a pain at concerts. ParkWhiz lets you find parking and pay for it before you get there. It connects to some 2,000 parking facilities across the US and lets you comparison shop so you can choose the best location with the best price. It’s also updated real time, so you see what’s available in the moment.

Once your parking space has been paid for, your parking spot is guaranteed. You get an electronic parking pass that gets you into the chosen garage. Bonus: the app will tell you about amenities like handicap accessibility, outside/inside parking, valet parking, RV lots, and more.

Tailgater Mobile

A tailgate manager on your mobile, this app lets you pick a time and location, invite your friends, compete with others who are tailgating, and even helps you meet up with other fans going to the concert. Tailgater Mobile acts as a one-stop place to organize your pre-concert activities; it’s particularly useful if you need to coordinate many people. The app lets you assign items that each attendee should bring and provides you with a map of where everyone should meet.


When the concert is going, Shazam will let you look up song lyrics, discographies, artist bios, and even more to help you brush up the act. If you’ve forgotten the words in your favorite song, there’s no need to be embarrassed — just pull up Shazam. It recognizes the music which is playing nearby, giving you the artist, title, and album. It’s particularly useful when an opening act comes on that you’ve never heard before — it documents all the information needed to look them up later in iTunes.


It’s fast becoming one of the most popular photo apps, and it gives you plenty of ways to edit and process photos with more sophistication than the basic Instagram filters or iPhone tools.

Twitter Prepares Video Autoplay Features

Twitter is preparing to launch a new video feature. The microblogging site reportedly testing video autoplay feature which will be graced by page Home user account.

Twitter’s new service today can be enjoyed by a number of users in the United States (US). With this new service, video on Twitter could play automatically when viewed by the users.

The users who have access to this new feature is iOS device owners. They claimed to see Twitter have video autoplay feature since the beginning of this week.

Twitter is the latest step is suppose to compete with Google and Facebook. Both rivals that include companies that dominate the realm of online video.

Video autoplay itself is rated as one of the ways to simplify the user’s attention. The reason, a company or brand that posted a video ad in Twitter, no longer have to rely on the user to click on their videos.

Reports on the latest strategy Twitter has graced many reports in the realm of cyberspace. However, the company led by Dick Costolo it has yet to provide confirmation.

Watch It Can Track Lost Smartphones

Android Device Manager is a feature of Google to help users track the whereabouts of a lost smartphone or tablet. Now, this feature has been rolled into the Android OS Wear so that if the user loses the phone, they will be able to find it with the help of smart watches.

Android Wear features can be used to call the missing cell phone if a user loses their smartphone at a nearby place. However, if the loss of a smartphone in a place far away or left in the means of transportation, such as trains do not expect it will work.

If the user likes the sound activation to do is say the words “Okay, Google. Start. Find my phone” to your wrist. In addition, users can also access the touch and choose the option Find my phone from the Start menu.

Google claims Android Device Manager has successfully helped more than 30 million people to find their lost devices. With the passing of Android Device Manager on Android-based devices Wear, it is expected that users do not bother anymore to find a lost smartphone or tablet.

Tips for Choosing a Translation Services on the Internet

If you want to seek the services of a translator on the internet, there are so many options available. Ease of sharing and accessing information on the Internet encourages translators to offer their expertise online. Only with internet access, domain, and websites; translator can sell services on the internet. The virtual world is a world that is so widely and freely where everyone can access or provide any information. However, this phenomenon could be an obstacle for the client to choose the services of a translator who is really competent, you can choose the services of a qualified translator and has been certified as Morningside translations, so you do not need to worry. We recommend you read some interesting tips that you can apply to vote interpreter services on the internet.

1. The quality should not be compromised.

You may not submit your important documents to a translator who is not competent because you can lose big. The quality of interpreter services is determined from its expertise in translating text accurately without adding or subtracting any information. In addition, the text should also be easy to understand and not feel like subtitles. To Obtain the services of really good quality, you should choose a translator who is really competent. To get the quality assurance, you can apply three easy steps
the following:

Check portfolio translator. You can determine the quality of a translation of the portfolio. This document includes educational background and experience of the translator.

Examples of translation. A translator who is really serious offer services on the Internet should include samples of translation. This method could allow a client to assess the capability and competence of the translator.

2. On Time

Time is money. This slogan applies to all businesses. Choose a translator who wants to keep its promise to finish your documents before the deadline. You certainly do not want your important documents completed after the deadline that has been agreed in advance. Maybe you will feel very annoyed when the translator answer when you ask unfinished translation of your documents. Quality of service will not be maximized if not completed on time. However, you also need to provide a reasonable deadline when providing translation jobs to translators. A translator can translate the document of 10-15 pages per day. That number could be even greater if he worked full time. If you do not want to lose valuable time, please use these simple tips to choose the services of a translator

Discuss your project deadline before the deal. You certainly do not want your important documents late finish. Before you pay your service provider, you should discuss the appropriate deadline for both parties. Deadlines should not be too short because the translator will work in a hurry. Ask your service provider how much the average number of pages that can be translated every day. Make sure your document translated by a full-time translator that time is allocated in full to be a translator without imposing another job.

3. Warranty Revision

Not all translators can translate your documents perfectly without any mistakes. To ensure the quality of translation services, you should choose a service provider wants to provide revisions after the document was handed back to you. Thus, the translator would still be liable even if he had paid for his services. There are several ways to make sure you get a revised translation by the translator:

Check website translation services provider. Whether in writing any warranty revision website? If the website has included the revision of the translation from the beginning, you can certainly feel calmer because there is a guarantee of quality translation of your documents.

Does the revised free or paid? Services of a good translator would certainly provide free revisions since the revision was also already included in the price of translation services requested previously.

4. Ease of Communication

Good online translator can always be reached easily by the client. Check the service provider’s site translator. Professional translation services will display the phone number, a contact form, live chat and email. So as to provide quick service, and easy for customers.

5. Price

Price is the final consideration for choosing a translator. Why? Interpreter services are professional services and you can not sacrifice quality in order to get low prices. Each interpreter has its own price benchmark that usually has not negotiable.

Cloud Storage – Advantages of Digital Storage Technology

Digital data storage media is now entering a new era. If we know only know the first data storage media such as hard disk in a computer or a portable flash disk so that it can be taken anywhere, now the development of technology has to offer online data storage medium known as Cloud Storage.

Unlike offline media that require special devices, now with the technology we are now able to more easily access the digital data is only armed with a device that has been equipped with internet access. Advantages of Cloud Storage is certainly more.

In addition to the data that we keep awake security, we also do not need to worry if suddenly there was a problem in our electronic devices. All the important data you have any remain safe in the Cloud Storage. In this article I will show you about the advantages of cloud storage technology. You also can read a more complete cloud storage reviews in

Advantages Of Cloud Storage Technology

By adopting the use of the Internet as a media storage, cloud storage technology has a lot of advantages when compared to storage media hardware such as a CD, a hard disk, portable disk or other storage media. In general there are three advantages of cloud storage technology.

1. The first is about the scalability, the intention is to use Cloud Storage can be tailored to the needs of the user itself. With the addition of hardware, a cloud storage service providers can increase the capacity of its data. And for those users would be a better choice, and effectively by adjusting the Cloud Storage capacity is needed.

2. The second is in terms of accessibility, the intention is to ease when you want to use the service. With the technology of Cloud Storage, you can easily download, opening or editing the data that has been stored anytime and anywhere as long as your device is connected to the Internet. This becomes very important choice for Cloud Storage service users, especially for companies who need to access the necessary data more easily and quickly.

3. The third advantage of cloud storage technology is a security issue. This has become one of the most important factors for users would expect the data stored in Cloud Storage can be maintained security. Not only that by storing digital data on Cloud Storage will reduce the risk of data loss in case of a problem on our electronic devices.

Until now, cloud storage technology is still being developed in terms of a variety of services. Some cloud storage providers that specialize in certain types of files such as music or Cloud Storage Cloud Storage for images also getting a lot of pop. The development of digital data storage technology also will never stop and will increasingly sophisticated.

Smartphone Applications for Learning About Breast

In the digital era is now making way to learn and get information becomes easier, for example through the application. The good news, for the women are now able to learn about the sensitive organs, one breast, through smartphone applications.

Examples of unique applications in PlayStore was named ” Know Your Breasts’. Applications that present interesting information about the Eve of the sex organs.

According to the information quoted from the opponent Google Play, this app presents information breast anatomy, composition of the breast, breast development, breast changes and breast maturity.

Then in the page table of contents also presented a number of topics surrounding the aging of the breast, breast development stages, size, appearance, and change from time to time the influence of hormones on the breast. Then there are also other interesting themes.

This application has been downloaded more than a thousand times in the Play Store. This application developed by My App and has been updated to version 2.0.

Users who want to download it should provide space for 15.54 MB. Similarly, as quoted from the official Google Play Store

Tips Accelerating Performance Android Phone

Ability or performance owned smartphone is not always good. Along its use, it will decrease the ability smartphone or slowed.

The slow performance can be seen when the phone is used to perform simple tasks, such as making the transition between applications. Usually this is often experienced by owners of Android-based phones are widely used in the world.

Therefore, Tiptechblog provide a simple way to help speed up your Android mobile device.

Disabling Applications Not Used

Your device has an internal memory limitations and the limitations of space, it will make slow performance. If the phone is filled with photos, music, and applications then it is advisable to empty the capacity by means of uninstalling unused applications or move files to cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Clear Application Cache

The data cache can be formed over time in your application, and this affects the performance of the device. Deleting the cache can be done manually through the application menu or by using a free application available on Google Play Store that can automate the process. Some popular cache eraser application can be found in the Google Play Store as Cache Cleaner and Clean Master.

Limit Widgets and Live Wallpapers

Many people have the benefit widget for Android devices. They stated widget can help to find information quickly without having to open the application. Whereas the use of widgets can drain battery life and slow down the device.

Other features that contribute to slowing down the performance of the device is to use the live wallpaper as a background.

Software Update

It’s important for you to update your device for the latest firmware usually bring security and bug fixes. This serves to improve the overall stability of the device.