Transferring data from PC to Android Wireless Data

What way you want to move a journey when the data from the computer to the Android smartphone? Some of you, perhaps, some use Dropbox. However, there is actually an easier way than that, namely by using artificial Push bullet Portal application.

To move the data from the computer to the Android smartphone is actually very easy. You only need to use the data cable to connect the two devices.

However, the USB cable is often left behind at home or tucked at the bottom of the bag. So you can be lazy enough to use a cable.

Another way is to use a cloud application, sort of Dropbox. You just insert the files you want to the application and Dropbox will automatically upload them to the server.

However, there is a problem if we use Dropxbox, sometimes the data packets used can be too big. Well, the portal application could be the answer to this problem.

How it works is very simple portal. Portal moving data from computer to Android smartphone with WiFi local network utilizing the same. And so, you have no need anymore for internet data transfer.

Actually, the developer does not present the technology is completely new. You can only move data from the computer to the Android smartphone without the need to use the Portal. However, there are some configuration steps on the computer that sometimes make these activities become difficult.

Portal makes the transfer of the data to be like magic. You only need to drag the data you want to move to a portal site and miraculously, the data is moved to an Android phone in an instant.

Approximately, how to use a portal like this. First, you must open a portal website that can be found in Then, from the existing Portal application on the smartphone, scan the QR code on the site’s pages.

Once the scan is complete, the computer and the phone will automatically connect to each other directly in a local WiFi network. You can directly transfer data, after the process is completed.

Data transfer from the computer to the Android smartphone can take place very quickly. The transfer of image data by 2 MB can take less than five seconds.

The developer’s own claim, Portal would remain stable despite the need to transfer hundreds of data at once. Once the data transfer is complete, you coud see the data in the Portal folder on the device.

There is one drawback that Nextren found in this application. Perhaps, since before, you are already aware that Nextren many write, the data transfer from the computer to the smartphone. Yes, it turns out this is only true data transfer from PC to mobile phones only, not vice-versa.

Moreover, he only available on Android alone, not on the iOS platform.

So, when you have to use the Portal? When you’re connected Android devices on the same WiFi with a computer and want to quickly move data between them.

Application Portal you can get in the Google Play Store without any charge or free.

How to Capture the Screen on a Mac

Undoubtedly you’ve heard that it is possible to capture the screen of your Mac and turn it into a video. If you’re interested in doing that, then the first thing you’ll need is the right software – one that is capable of recording your screen.

Out of these, the Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac is undoubtedly going to feature prominently.

To begin with, as its name implies this is software that has been designed specifically for Macs, so you won’t have any issues with compatibility. But more than that however, the fact is that the Movavi Screen Capture Studio is a powerful screen capture tool that emphasizes user friendliness – so you won’t end up tying yourself in knots trying to use it.

All that you need to do to capture your screen with this software is:

  1. Select the area or region that you’d like to capture – it could be a particular part of the screen, a window, or even the entire screen
  2. Choose the audio source – whether it is a microphone or the system audio
  3. Start recording

See? All it takes is those three simple steps and you’ll already be able to record your screen. Of course, that’s just the basics of what the Movavi Screen Capture Studio is capable of, and you’ll find that there are numerous other features that you can take advantage of as well.

The other key feature of the Movavi Screen Capture Studio is its ability to save videos quickly and hassle free. Normally when you go to save your videos you’ll be confronted by a huge array of different file formats that probably make little or no sense unless you have a technical background in video. With Movavi, there are numerous presets and all you need to do is choose the one that suits you best – based on how you intend to use the video.

So now you know how to screen capture on a Mac. It really is exceedingly simple – and with the right software, it can be done ever so quickly too!

Apple Patented Technology Touch Panel with a Gesture

With the latest technology Apple touchscreen come in the form of Force Touch, Apple reported another patented technology, the touch panel with a gesture.

If Force Touch, allows users to press the menu or function by pressing the screen, but the patents are found Apple Insider, Apple seems to be doing the opposite idea Force Touch technology.

Apple patent that creates a touch panel, which allows users to interact with the cast hand or fingerprint on the screen. Apple patents circulating in the virtual domain is not the first time.

Some time ago, Apple also came up with a similar idea even though the technology is still listed in the patent. Currently unknown what will be done Apple for patents that, but it seems Apple trying new ways to interact with their devices.

Apple patents essential, given in 2013, Apple acquired PrimeSense, the same company responsible for the initial technology used Microsoft Kinect sensor.

Top 4 Hosting Tips for Beginners

Finding a web hosting plan for the first time can be troublesome because you might not know which plan perfectly meets your needs and which provider is worth to choose. These days, hosting services come in many different plans in which each plan may offers different features and may cost differently. The huge number of hosting providers may also make you confused because each provider claims as the best provider. Unless you have sufficient knowledge about web hosting services, you might be unable to choose the most suitable hosting plan.

However, you do not need to worry. Even though you are trying to buy a hosting plan for the first time, you can find the most suitable plan. What you need to do is to consider the followings top 4 hosting tips.

1. Make a check list of your needs

It should be clearly understood that a different site usually has different needs. For example, the needs of an ecommerce site are different from the needs of a personal blog. An ecommerce site needs bigger bandwidth, bigger disk space, and more dedicated support than a personal blog. The check list should be made in details to make sure that nothing will be left behind. Important things that should be included in the check list is bandwidth, uptime and downtime, disk space, software, server type, technical support, payment plans, domains and sub domains, and price.

2. Find a reputable web hosting company

The quality of a web hosting company surely determines the quality of their services. This means that only top quality companies can give top quality services. Based on this fact, choosing a reputable company enables you to get reliable hosting services. To find the right company to hire, you must compare the reputation of multiple companies. For this purpose, you may read customer testimonies, ask recommendation from friends, or read reviews from experts. You had better compare companies’ reputation side by side thoroughly to find a company with the best reputation.

3. Compare hosting plans

Once you have found reputable hosting companies that are worth to choose, you should compare their hosting plans. In this case, you are advised to compare hosting features, hosting price, and other specifications. It is true that each company has different hosting plans and prices their services differently. If you compare hosting plans, you will know which company is able to provide the much needed hosting services at the best deal.

4. Check support quality

Even though you never expect to have a problem with the hosting services, you need to anticipate some unexpected situations. For this purpose, you need to know whether you will be able to get the much needed support easily. Good quality technical support enables you to solve any problem related to web hosting services in no time. As if you run an ecommerce website, you should get twenty four hours a day and seven days a week support. This kind of support enables your website to be always available and accessible even though the traffics are high.

10 Important Points For A Initiator Technology

There are many considerations to be made by an originator of technology before starting to run the business. The incubation period is a mature technology could make potential Initiator brewing concepts and ideas well before it is ready to compete with a number of other technologies Initiator .

Based on the need to finalize the ideas and concepts of technology, as the originator of the technology we have to look for the following points:

1. Added Value and Power of Networking

Something that has added value and tasted better than similar products of course so the underlying strength of the development of a technology product. The strength of the value added will be supported by the availability of the network (networking) which helps us to connect with a lot of opportunities out there.

2. Collaboration with Other Technologies Initiator

There is no harm in cooperation with other initiators of other technologies to perfect the ideas that we want to achieve. Collaborative working environment that will support us to be more creative in translating concepts we prepared earlier.

3. Strong Funding System

As well as any ideas that we have and we want to achieve, it will not be realized properly without the support of a strong financial system. Consideration should also be our priority when we will select a business partner for some time to come.

4. Ability to Attract Investors Business

Good business is certainly able to invite interested investors while executing the demo. Make sure we have a complete insight in order to attract investors and profitable cooperation.

5. Keep Learning New Things

When starting a startup, we certainly have not had a lot of knowledge and information about the areas that we run. But with the passage of the startup, do lots of new things while making it as a learning process is the best way to develop into a great startup.

6. When the Customer Will Invest

Subscriber who already believe in the reliability of the startup we can decide to invest. Nothing is better than the customers who invest because they understand the advantages that we offer. Examples hospitals that work together with insurance services company and provider of medical devices could be a distinct advantage to develop more robust business strategy again.

7. Obtain Consistent Results

When it decided to cooperate with the other party, there must be harmony between the acquisition results we obtained with the acquisition by our business partners. Do not get carried instead of mutual cooperation “bypass” and resulted Loosening business relationship has been established.

8. Learning from experience

If a startup run has a resounding success in the past, does not mean that the startup is definitely gain success in the future. A lot of new things that have to re-learn along with the changing times. But can apply to ourselves, it is also be a guide for us to look for business partners on a similar principle.

Because with a lot to learn, an opportunity to develop a startup can open wide with time and experience. It also can be seen from the experience of the originator of the technology that has been successful before us. By reading the biography to the way they work, we could be a little better mimic the positive side of the figure.

9. Must Be Chemistry

Chemistry apparently is not only needed by friends or lovers. Due to the warmth of chemistry is also one of the requirements to establish a technology startup and cooperating with business partners. The relationship is warm and familiar will facilitate the communication process between us with business partners in the field of technology.

10. Solid Forming a Team Work

The success of a startup is not only dependent on the greatness of its founder, but also driven by solid team work. The working team that is able to work together to resolve any startup’s vision is an ideal working team that brings startup towards good change. Do not hesitate to establish good relationships with the working team that we have chosen and prepared carefully.

Never stop learning from the experience and success of others can be things that support our brilliant ideas in running a startup. Because as the originator of the technology, we are required to lead our team in completing any work in order to realize the vision of a higher quality technology products in the future.

Sony A7R Mark II, “mirrorless” 42 MP Anti-Shake

Sony re-introduce the type of mirrorless cameras with full-frame sensor, this time named A7R Mark II is the successor of the previous model, A7R.

A7R Mark II offers a number of improvements such as increased sensor resolution of 36 megapixels to 42 megapixels. There is also the feature “damper wobble” or 5-axis image stabilizer that is integrated in the body A7R Mark II, as well as on his brother, the A7 Mark II.

Full-frame sensor belongs A7R Mark II is the first in the world with technology Back-Side Illumination (BSI). Sony claims that the BSI allows the sensor A7R Mark II has a high resolution and high sensitivity to light as well, with levels reaching 102,400 ISO.

Sector performance also came under the spotlight with the phase-detect AF point as many as 399 pieces are embedded directly into the image capturing sensor.

This component is called improve the response speed of autofocus by 40 percent compared to the predecessor models.

Other features include shutter with a life span of 500,000 times the snap, Wi-Fi connectivity and NFC, silent shooting, electronic viewfinder with magnification 0,78X, magnesium shell, as well as the recording of 4K video in various formats such as Super 35 and full-frame.

A7R Mark II capabilities must be redeemed at a high price. This camera plan would be priced 3,200 dollars and go on sale in August.

Google Maps Will Not Need Internet Connection

The usefulness of Google Maps often hit the internet connection off and disconnected, especially in developing countries. To overcome these problems, Google plans to add the ability to work offline for Google Maps application.

This was announced by Vice President of Engineering and Product Management of Google Jen Fitzpatrick in the conference Google I / O that takes place in the US.

Offline maps has actually been added to Google Maps since 2012. This feature allows choose and store certain areas on Google Maps and see it without the need for a data connection. But not much can be done with the offline map.

This is to be developed by Google. Later, Google said that it would be able to work offline maps like the user is in the online condition, including how to start navigation turn-by-turn directions as well as information and rating sites.

Components of GPS (Global Positioning System) in the phone itself can run independently without depending on internet connection, so the user’s position on a map can always be determined when it is no data connection.

Unfortunately, Google did not say when exactly the offline features of Google Maps can be put into use. Only mentioned that the implementation would begin “this year”.

Besides Maps, offline feature is also available in the YouTube video sharing service. Chrome browser is also planned to have a special feature that will analyze the speed of the network and to optimize that internet browsing can be done more quickly.

Google deliberately adjust its services to be able to work with limited internet connection, with the aim of further embrace the users of services in developing countries.