Chip Blu-ray Can Spread Malware to Computer

Some of the latest vulnerabilities found in hardware and software. Hardware and software that plays Blu-ray chip it can be used as a means of spying by the National Security Agency (NSA) in the United States.

Stephen Tomkinson from NCC Group, a security consultancy based in the UK, manipulate chip Blu-ray disc player that detects type. He tested Blu-ray on the type of compact disc player and take one of two ways exploits to spread to the computer.

It was revealed in his research at conferences Securi-Tay at Abertay University, Scotland. One of the problems found mention PowerDVD, an application made by a Taiwanese company, Cyberlink DVD playback on a Windows computer.

These applications often appears as a pre-installed on computers from manufacturers like HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba and Asus. Chip Blu-ray support rich content, such as dynamic menus and games are embedded (embedded).

These features are created using a Blu-ray Disc Java (BD-J), a variation of Java for embedded systems. BD-J uses ‘xlets’ or a small application to support user interface.

System on ‘xlets’ allows to access the computer’s operating system and file system for obvious reasons. However, Tomkinson find defects in PowerDVD which allows ‘xlets’ can run and launch a malicious program.

Distribute the software or hazardous media have been used in the past to attack specific targets. Last month, Kaspersky Lab write Equation group, attackers alleged that the NSA uses an ingenious way to spread malware.

What Happens If The World Without Steve Jobs?

Steve Jobs, they are familiar with the world of technology must be familiar with this name. Yes, he was a key figure behind the success of Apple.

Now, even though Jobs has been gone since four years ago, the name of Jobs can not be forgotten. Even Jobs is still often appear in various media headlines technology, though he had died in 2011 ago.

So much strong is the effect of Jobs? Yes, the Apple founder’s charm is difficult to compare. As a result, when the party concerned has died, his name was called everywhere. It is also to make people curious, what the world would be like if without Steve Jobs?

Apple will not exist! Yes, that’s the most likely to occur when Jobs was never born into the world. Indeed, history records that Apple was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. But that does not mean to downplay Wozniak, Jobs’s role should be recognized more dominant in the emergence of Apple.

This can be seen in the movie ‘Jobs’, played by Ashton Kutcher, Jobs was so excited to convince Wozniak and his genius in order to establish his own company.

Just imagine, if at that time Jobs Wozniak did not know – or vice versa – that surely there would be no Apple which also means there will never be a Macintosh, iMac, iTunes, iPhone or iPad.

In the music and film industries, Jobs also has a role that is not less important. Namely through the iTunes service that is capable of revolutionizing the music industry today. Digital music brought by the iPod and his friends successfully get rid of the CD in the music business.

Jobs also one of the founders of Pixar. This is a company that was acquired Disney animation. Jobs also has held the seat of Directors Pixar. Disney and Pixar collaboration is then spawned the popular animated films such as Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo Cars up.

Much more true in the world of technology contributes Jobs that can not be mentioned one by one. Unfortunately, Jobs is now facing the Creator. If still alive, a figure identical to the blue jeans and sneakers was supposed to be today even 60 years old. Happy birthday, Jobs!

Hounds The Last Hope

I travel a lot for my work. When I go abroad, I don’t like staying out. I rather prefer to spend my time in the confines of my hotel. After having a good dinner, time comes for a good session of online gaming. I like playing online games as it is possible to keep in touch with friends. I prefer squad games. Fighting online is really exciting. Without injuring anybody, I get a certain dose of adrenalin.

hounds last hope

I prefer longer sessions. That’s why my favorite is Hounds last hope. You can continue the game while the members of your team leave and new ones join the game. I strongly recommend this game. Being under attack of zombies is thrilling. You can feel the increase in your blood pressure. You have one choice. You have to be strong and even stronger than your teammates as you have to prove yourself in the squad. You have to experience it personally to understand what I mean.

Facebook Add Special Features ecommerce

For Facebook users who use social networking to sell, will be facilitated by the presence of new features. There is a special feature to sell and buy goods.

Applicable for For Sale Groups Facebook members, they can select, features ‘Sell’ when creating a post. Each member can add a description of the goods sold, including price and location of delivery of goods.

Through facebook information, like e-commerce site, the seller can also inform the availability of the goods sold by marking their posts ‘Available’ or ‘Sold’.

Through her blog, Facebook tells a number of examples of communities that use For Sale Groups with routine. For example, Lisa Duncan-Thayer of Florida. He formed the group Made By Mama Buy / Sell / Trade to sell knitted items and provide a place for local artisans to sell their handicrafts.

Currently there are more than 4,500 members in Pinellas County, Florida, and the group claimed to have helped many women change their hobby into a business.

In addition there is also a professional guitarist Kadu Carvalho. Men from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is shaping up Group, which aims to help musicians in Brazil buy and sell their musical instruments.

Within 3 years, the group has collected more than 34,000 members. This group not only helps Kadu to buy and sell musical instruments, but also bears his name and also public awareness of his brand, Swell.

With the additional features of Buy and Sell, will hopefully make it easier for users who use Facebook For Sale Groups. This feature will be enjoyed in the coming months globally on iOS devices, Android and the web. But Facebook has not been mentioned in detail the time of release.

Imitate Snapchat, Facebook Status Can Lost

Facebook is experimenting with a new feature on its mobile services. This feature allows users to adjust the appearance of the post for the specified time. Facebook is tested on a small scale on Facebook for iOS that allows users to delete posts according desired time.

Screenshot This feature was reported by a number of websites and blogs technology. the images did appear to be any function that offers the option expired time, ranging from one hour to seven days.

screenshot facebook expired

Not yet known whether this feature will be released officially or Facebook just to test it. The function of the message can be lost by itself reminiscent of Snapchat.

It may be that, Facebook will formalize and expand the availability of this feature to the Facebook mobile on all platforms. A number of messenger service in there that immerse this function.

BlackBerry Messenger for example, some time ago released an update that adds privacy features. This feature is called Timed Message allows messages disappear after they are sent to the destination.

Obama Request USD 14 billion on Combating Internet Crimes

Barack Obama has a high attention to the US cyber security. Just look at the budget that the US President’s prepared for their cyber security, translucent USD 14 billion.

The proposed budget proposal Obama in US government funding for cyber security in 2016. This huge budget needed in order to protect the network, both government and private Evils of cyber threats.


Since cases of hacking that happened to one company in the country, the United States tightened security in cyberspace. So the impact on the budget provided by the US government.

The budget will be used to deploy the ability to detect and prevent attacks. The US government even greater data sharing with the private sector and other countries to strengthen themselves in the face of virtual Evils, both from within and outside the country.

The funds will be used towards programs and specific projects, such as the Einstein intrusion detection systems, monitoring government computer networks, and six centers cyberops to run cyber activity in the United States.

“This budget provides the resources that we need to defend the nation from cyber attacks,” Obama wrote in the 2016 budget proposal, which was released Monday.

“There are no foreign nation and hackers who are able to shut down the network, stealing trade secrets, or invade the privacy of citizens of the United States,” he said.

Twitter Add Features Video and Group Messaging

Twitter not to be outdone with Facebook and Instagram. The microblogging service now allows users to create, edit and share video directly. In addition, there is also a Group Messaging.

Previous video function on Twitter is only available to advertisers, Twitter account public figures and influencers. They can upload the video lasted 10 minutes in order to get an analysis of the follower.

twitter quote

Twitter is currently offering to all Twitter users in the mobile. Added a new video function is different from the Vine, video sharing six seconds Twitter acquired in 2012.

Vine is very focused on short duration. There are so many cameras tool for the creator. Twitter for video features, more emphasis quickly and instantly share 30-second video.

Twitter does not integrate Vine to Twitter video application. But they could post the same video both Vine and Twitter accounts in the application Vine.

Just like in the Vine, to make videos Twitter, the user must select the video camera function, then hold the record button during recording and release it when it is finished.

For now, Twitter is the new video can be enjoyed by the majority of Twitter users in iOS. Twitter has promised to expand the availability, including to other platorm like Android.

In addition to the video features, as already mentioned earlier, Twitter users are now also able to send private messages to the more than 20 people at a time, with Group Messaging.