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10 Important Points For A Initiator Technology

There are many considerations to be made by an originator of technology before starting to run the business. The incubation period is a mature technology could make potential Initiator brewing concepts and ideas well before it is ready to compete with a number of other technologies Initiator .

Based on the need to finalize the ideas and concepts of technology, as the originator of the technology we have to look for the following points:

1. Added Value and Power of Networking

Something that has added value and tasted better than similar products of course so the underlying strength of the development of a technology product. The strength of the value added will be supported by the availability of the network (networking) which helps us to connect with a lot of opportunities out there.

2. Collaboration with Other Technologies Initiator

There is no harm in cooperation with other initiators of other technologies to perfect the ideas that we want to achieve. Collaborative working environment that will support us to be more creative in translating concepts we prepared earlier.

3. Strong Funding System

As well as any ideas that we have and we want to achieve, it will not be realized properly without the support of a strong financial system. Consideration should also be our priority when we will select a business partner for some time to come.

4. Ability to Attract Investors Business

Good business is certainly able to invite interested investors while executing the demo. Make sure we have a complete insight in order to attract investors and profitable cooperation.

5. Keep Learning New Things

When starting a startup, we certainly have not had a lot of knowledge and information about the areas that we run. But with the passage of the startup, do lots of new things while making it as a learning process is the best way to develop into a great startup.

6. When the Customer Will Invest

Subscriber who already believe in the reliability of the startup we can decide to invest. Nothing is better than the customers who invest because they understand the advantages that we offer. Examples hospitals that work together with insurance services company and provider of medical devices could be a distinct advantage to develop more robust business strategy again.

7. Obtain Consistent Results

When it decided to cooperate with the other party, there must be harmony between the acquisition results we obtained with the acquisition by our business partners. Do not get carried instead of mutual cooperation “bypass” and resulted Loosening business relationship has been established.

8. Learning from experience

If a startup run has a resounding success in the past, does not mean that the startup is definitely gain success in the future. A lot of new things that have to re-learn along with the changing times. But can apply to ourselves, it is also be a guide for us to look for business partners on a similar principle.

Because with a lot to learn, an opportunity to develop a startup can open wide with time and experience. It also can be seen from the experience of the originator of the technology that has been successful before us. By reading the biography to the way they work, we could be a little better mimic the positive side of the figure.

9. Must Be Chemistry

Chemistry apparently is not only needed by friends or lovers. Due to the warmth of chemistry is also one of the requirements to establish a technology startup and cooperating with business partners. The relationship is warm and familiar will facilitate the communication process between us with business partners in the field of technology.

10. Solid Forming a Team Work

The success of a startup is not only dependent on the greatness of its founder, but also driven by solid team work. The working team that is able to work together to resolve any startup’s vision is an ideal working team that brings startup towards good change. Do not hesitate to establish good relationships with the working team that we have chosen and prepared carefully.

Never stop learning from the experience and success of others can be things that support our brilliant ideas in running a startup. Because as the originator of the technology, we are required to lead our team in completing any work in order to realize the vision of a higher quality technology products in the future.