einstein predictions

100 Years Ago Einstein Predictions Proven

Not long ago, a major discovery has been made in the field of physics. Einstein predicted gravitational waves 100 years ago proved. Findings ripples in space and time it was captured by the researchers using the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO).

But on the other hand, a new question arises, whether the findings have a direct impact to human life? Practically, there may be no direct connection between the discovery of gravitational waves with human life. However, the invention can not be denied is obviously unlock new knowledge about the universe for human beings.

Then, from there will arise the question of knowledge of what works revealed through the discovery.

1. A New View of the Universe

One of the most obvious of these findings is the man to take a new view of looking at the universe. Through these findings, aerospace events can be documented using instruments classy.

It definitely opens a window of information for people who still have little knowledge about the universe. In addition, this LIGO instruments are able to provide the scientific community a way to find out and get a better explanation of gravitational waves.

In fact, a popular physicist Brian Greene said the findings open up the opportunity to observe the universe in a different way, no longer basing the search on the light, but gravity.

2. Unified Black Hole

Prior to this study, there has never been real evidence regarding the process of merging black holes can produce larger events. However, by using the instrument of LIGO, the elusive phenomenon was captured.

Because, with minimal light, black holes are very difficult to observe using light and X-ray telescopes with LIGO However, the researchers managed to find 29 to 36 black holes with a mass greater than the sun in the Milky Way.

Therefore, the existence of this instrument clearly can support the work of scientists to observe celestial objects and activities. In fact, it is not impossible, when a supernova event occurs, the instrument can be recorded using LIGO.

3. Arch Space-Time

Einstein’s relativity theory has been tested by several scientists since it was first proposed in 1916. However, some of these concepts are very difficult to understand and observe. One is the concept of space-time curvature.

One of the founders LIGO and experts in the curvature of space-time, Kip Thorne said the findings have successfully created a storm in the fabric of space time. The storm of this finding piecemeal provide an opportunity for the scientific community to be able to observe events that are very hard to catch.