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4 Ethics that must be considered facebook users

Although most of you must have been using social media Facebook in the long term, it does not mean you have to forgo some of the ‘rules’ unwritten related to how to behave in using the most popular social media.

You are not alone in Facebook. There are friends, whether it be friends, coworkers, or even sisters and relatives perched on your Facebook friends list.

Therefore, all that you upload, be it status, comments, ideas, photos, videos or anything else, can reflect who you are.

It is essential adopt ethical manners when using social media, not to mention Facebook.

Tiptechblog will summarize four ethics that must be considered Facebook users in order not to provoke emotions and negative sentiment from other users. consider the following review.

1. Show off excessive intimacy

It is legitimate for you and your partner upload status, photos or even videos on Facebook. But remember, life does not belong to you and your partner.

Do not overuse your Facebook account too frequently showed how lovingly you as a couple. If you still want a relationship with a partner in social media, it would be nice if you choose instant messaging application because it is more secure and personal.

2. Invite games

Not all Facebook users like and even to understand about playing games. Therefore, you should first sort out who your friends who like to play games and then send the invitation broadcast the games you want to play.

3. Excessive Campaign

Social media like Facebook actually could be a powerful campaign tool. However, Facebook does not merely contain a political issue.

As a user, you should know the place and the rules. If you want to campaign for something or voicing support for political parties, should be done directly in the real world without having to fling it on social media.

4. Too many children to upload photos

This ethic is still not realized the majority of Facebook users, especially young mothers who just gave birth. Upload photos of children to social media is fine, but you do not need to capture every second baby activity into your social media, is not it?

In addition, you also have to respect the privacy of your family members. Too often spit photos of the kids or other family members would expose the identity of your family and be misused by irresponsible parties.