apple ipad functions

5 Other Functions owned iPad

Apple became one of the highly regarded company in the world thanks to some of his famous product, call it the iPhone, iPod, MacBook, and iPad.

Of some of Apple products, the iPad becomes a product that will dibicarkan. If some manufacturers have a tablet in its product line, then Apple has the iPad. When Steve Jobs introduced the iPad in 2010 in San Francisco, no one can predict the usefulness of these devices in the next five years.

Some people actually use the iPad into a device that should not be used to communicate and these five functions that are owned iPad.

Used Concert

In 2010 in a concert, a Chinese pianist, Lang Lang playing music using his iPad. Work performed impromptu Lang Lang makes the potential to do this iPad shown worldwide.

Used as a Canvas

British artist David Hockney shocked the art world in 2013 by showing the results of his pop art works created using the iPad. David showed approximately 150 images in the iPad created using the Brushes app.

Used for Magic Trick

Simon Pierro able to amaze the audience of The Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier this year with a magic show that using the iPad to do digital magic.

Making Music Album

Band Gorillaz create an album using the iPad and electronic music applications. Considering this is rarely done by a band.

Used in Space

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield wrap his iPad and is used as a Commander of the International Space Station.