7 Cool New Features Google Maps

Map applications via smartphones made by Google’s increasingly sophisticated course, a number of new features now present in Google Maps that gives a new color to the user’s smartphone.

Google is indeed to improve the intelligence services digital map hers. By providing regularly updated and added many new features.

1. Google Maps v9.22: Change the name of the place and Flag Stickers

Now you can change the label or the name of his favorite places and can provide a wide range of stickers. So you have plenty of options to mark every place, in accordance with the wishes. How select the location that you are going to, for example office. Select the option button (three dots) are located on the top right, and then label the name of the place. Only after that can replace an icon with your choice stickers.

By marking the favorite places frequented on a regular basis, such as an office or a place to hang out. Make it easy for you to find a place to just use stickers.

2. Seeing Taxi Rates

In addition to displaying information about transportation to the destination, traffic density, and the best route to reach the destination. Now Google has also added information Uber taxi fare to reach a certain goal. The advantage of this feature is that you come to know how much should be prepared when choosing Uber as transportation.

3. Google Maps v9.20: Add photos to reviews

If you wish to add reviews to places such as restaurants or attractions via Google Maps. Now you can include photos to illustrate these locations. Google will even pair the photos you’ve taken on site for review automatically.

4. Enhanced Audio Navigation

Voice guidance setting options were also improved Google. Now you can still hear the voice guidance even if you’re doing a phone and dialed via the Bluetooth headset.

5. The addition of Timeline

Timeline is a feature enhancement features of Location History. This feature allows you to see which sites you visit. When you’re doing a guided trip with Google Maps, when you stop to rest. Now you can make a short break you got into the timeline.

6. Google Maps 9:19: Driving Mode

Google added a feature called Driving Mode in Google Maps. This feature searches the locations you’ve ever visited and recorded in your Google account. Data from these searches will be used to predict the location of which will be designated by the user. So Google Maps can provide advice on the best place for you to enjoy the weekend.

7. Offline Mode

Although the majority of services will be enjoyed with optimal online, but there are still so many areas that can not be reached by internet signal. Google also makes sure Google Maps can be enjoyed offline. The ability to store maps with support for offline use of indices to be used for the purposes of navigation and search has indeed been announced since the event the developer conference I / O last year.

Basically, you are required to download the map data on a particular area, such as the city of Jakarta. The offline map function is also only had a main course, as do a search of a site but can not show you a picture of the location or user reviews. Similarly, the ability to navigate, with information about the level of the average density of traffic in real-time.