aiko robot

Aiko, Beautiful Robot Receptionist

Japan is known as a country that is obsessed with robots. Diverse robots they have created. Latest and the talk is Aiko Chihira.

Aiko is a human-like robot (humanoid) Toshiba claim that is made with a very pretty face. Dressed in a traditional kimono, Aiko is currently a receptionist at a department store in Tokyo.

Aiko has a height of 165cm, he should have been 32 years old. Tokuda admitted creating Aiko quite difficult. Because he had to design a human-like appearance, but does not make anyone look scared, including small children. “Typing is made of 80% humanlike results are still daunting. So we experiment a minimum of 90% or more, then be perfect,” he said.

Aiko robot is powered by 43 motors that movement, such as bending and flashing, very smooth. To be more humanlike, Aiko entire body is made of silicon.

So how pengjung response when viewed Aiko? Despite the presence of robots are used in this Sakura country, but many visitors said he was surprised when he saw the figure of a human-like robot, one of which is Masayuki Yamamoto.