web fraud protection

Anticipation of cyber attacks via the Web Fraud Protection

F5 Networks, Inc., announced the availability of Web Fraud Protection services in the Asia Pacific region by presenting F5 WebSafe and MobileSafe. Both of these services can be accessed by various companies in the financial sector, e-retail, and various other industrial sectors.

Web Fraud Protection Solution is a manifestation of F5’s commitment to provide protection against the application in a hybrid world, which can help the players in the industry to secure the most important asset in the company. This service offers easy to apply with immediate effect, the ability to develop anti-fraud profiles and configure quickly.

In addition to improving security, this solution also lets companies keep the user experience in using the application. Because the users are not directly involved in the process of improving security. By doing so, they are not plagued by various additional activities that could adversely affect their experience and level of satisfaction in using the application.

Emmanuel Bonnaisse, Senior Vice President for Asia Pacific, F5 Networks said, “We at F5 aware that security has grown to be a major focus in many companies, even the needs are also becoming increasingly complex. Availability WebSafe and MobileSafe in the Asia Pacific region, offering visibility and control for the company to be able to ensure the security of their information and corporate data. “

Websafe, which is part of the services Web Fraud Protection solutions, enables enterprise users to protect their online services of various kinds of malware attacks and web-based online fraud that specifically targets the users of web site applications.

Such services are able to recognize the various techniques of web fraud, attempt to pass on user traffic to a particular site, and various patterns other malware, thus providing the ability for companies to detect threats that exist, providing warnings and protection to their users against various types of malware, phishing, fraud that targets end-users, in order to reduce identity theft, transaction fraud and account takeover action.