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Apple Patented Technology Touch Panel with a Gesture

With the latest technology Apple touchscreen come in the form of Force Touch, Apple reported another patented technology, the touch panel with a gesture.

If Force Touch, allows users to press the menu or function by pressing the screen, but the patents are found Apple Insider, Apple seems to be doing the opposite idea Force Touch technology.

Apple patent that creates a touch panel, which allows users to interact with the cast hand or fingerprint on the screen. Apple patents circulating in the virtual domain is not the first time.

Some time ago, Apple also came up with a similar idea even though the technology is still listed in the patent. Currently unknown what will be done Apple for patents that, but it seems Apple trying new ways to interact with their devices.

Apple patents essential, given in 2013, Apple acquired PrimeSense, the same company responsible for the initial technology used Microsoft Kinect sensor.