Apple Pay Soon TAKEN US Bank

Despite the emergence of Apple’s pros and cons coloring Pay, mobile payment system from Apple is slowly beginning to get a place. One bank in the United States (US) immediately use it.


Bank of America in recent weeks started displaying ads Apple Pay. The ad displays how the user to switch to a new payment system that uses mobile devices.

Apple wore Pay by a bank can be a good indication for Apple. As is known, not all happy with the presence of Apple Pay as a means of transactions via the iPhone. Banking industry is one of Apple’s alarming Pay system.

Last month, one of the largest banks in the UK worry if Apple Pay pitch in the country. They fear Apple Pay will collect data of their customers. Bank of America probably will be the first example of the use of Apple Pay by banks.

On the other hand, Apple also benefited by the number of customers of Bank of America great. It will attract a large financial company to implement the use of Apple’s Pay.

Apple Pay itself is quite nice start services. One month after its release, Apple is embracing the 1% market share in the US mobile payment. Some merchants also have started to take advantage of Apple Pay, call it fast food restaurant McDonald. The oil company Chevron will begin serving payment using Pay Apple this January.