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Applications Waze Presents Child Abduction Alert Features

Internet-based map navigation application, Waze now present a new feature that is claimed to help users save a child is missing or abducted. Features introduced with the name of the AMBER Alert, will inform the details of the details of the position where someone in a stationary that will be scanned every 10 minutes.

AMBER Alert reportedly made by a law enforcement agency within the United States, as a response action taken to provide information and warnings for each of its members in the field.

Applications will reportedly work with displays detailed information, such as the child’s photo, name, age, description of the child, as well as the position of the child last seen. Details of other information displayed reportedly also include the color of clothing, as well as details of seriap vehicle believed to be involved.

Waze will display the alarm notification to the other users on the news of the missing child, and reportedly will appear on the user application close to the residence or position of use when the application is active or in use.

However, to get around to the kidnappers, Waze app will display user details after the vehicle is in stationary applications and paused for ten seconds. Only unfortunately, this feature can only be felt or working in the United States alone, there has been no clear information whether this feature will also be present in other areas.