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Beauty Marissa Mayer Finally Success Shake Google

Marissa Mayer is not only beautiful, but also brilliant. The proof he managed to make Yahoo shake Google to experience the most drastic decline in the market share of the first time since 2008.

yahoo mayer

Since being appointed CEO of Yahoo in mid-2012, Mayer breakthrough finally reap two years later. Yahoo successfully brought scored the highest market share increase since 2009.

In the same period of Yahoo, too, noted an increase from 7.4% to 10.4%. This increase is due to the successful cooperation with Mozilla.

Since Yahoo as the default search in Firefox browser service effective as of December 2014 and then, Google’s market share began to shake. Naturally, the article Google is the default search service in Mozilla since 2004.

From the data collected by StatCounter revealed that Google’s market share in the United States fell from 79.3% in December 2013 to 75.2% in December 2014. The lowest point since 2008.

Google also seems to have anticipated this problem long ago. That’s why the company fib Sergey Brin and Larry Page is so heavily promoting his own Chrome browser.

And efforts had been fruitless. Currently the number of users of the Firefox browser in the land of Uncle Sam eventually lose much when compared to Chrome. But still, the action together Mayer Yahoo has forced Google suffered its biggest decline.