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Blogger Wants To Be Famous? Follow These 5 Steps

Like to write? Try channeled your hobby into a blog. Who knows, you could be a famous blogger later. Now just maybe you often hear fashion blogger, food blogger, or a well-known travel bloggers on social media.

Although it sounds trivial, a job as a blogger was able to bring in money. Well, if you want to become a well-known blogger, following these tips you can try. Come see more.

1. Domain

The blog name is fairly important. Therefore, you should make it interesting blog name for the blog will be the identity and appeal to bring visitors to your blog.

However, you must carefully choose the name. The nickname of the blog’s name is always valid because visitors often find sites that have unique names. The blog name will highlight and reflect the writer.

2. Select Platform

For starters, you are advised to use a free platform like Blogger, Blogspot or WordPress. In addition to free, blogging services are also easy to use for beginners.

You do not have to bother to design your site look for the blog platform provides templates to see the site. In addition, there is a widget feature that you can use to fill in your site menu.

3. Beautify Your Blog

Out there, already hundreds or even thousands of blogs that exist. Then, how to create a blog-you see people? Of course with beautify it as attractive as possible.

However, that does not mean you have to spend a lot of money. Try to use your camera to take interesting photos and extra touch of creativity on the photo. You just have to make the shot as blog template.

4. Regularly Update Blog

Try to update your site as often as possible because Google likes fresh content. That way, visitors can also enjoy every visit your blog.

5. Keep Writing

Lastly, you have to keep writing to maintain the existence of your blog. It may be difficult, but try to have the self motivation. By doing so, you have the will to keep writing.