5 Things to watch out for before buying a new phone

Having a new phone that has been equipped with the latest features and technology is the desire of many people. Only, there are some considerations that must be considered first.

The number of phones released in the adjacent time would make many confused parties to make choices.

Instead of getting a mobile phone as needed, buyers sometimes get stuck with too expensive a price for a feature that ‘austerity’. Before reaching in, there are some things like quoting Phones Review that could be your consideration.

1. Resilience

The quality of mobile phone material can be a consideration before you buy it. Make sure you buy a mobile from a familiar brand.

In addition, you can also search penilain from reviews about the phone being targeted. Objective assessment can help you determine how well a phone is holding.

2. Screen Size

The dimensions of the screen can be fitted in the grip can be one consideration before buying a mobile phone. When choosing a phone with a big screen, make sure you are comfortable using it.

If the phone is about to be used to work to capture photos and videos, you’ll want to choose a phone with a screen and high resolution.

3. Performance

Performance is no longer just a figment for the latest generation of smart phones. Multitasking requires that the phone has a fast processor that accommodates the needs of playing games, featuring documents and large-capacity media.

Processor speed also affects operating system and interface.

4. Camera

Camera features have become an integral part of a smart phone today. If you like capturing moments to upload via Instagram, the camera should be your primary consideration.

Conversely, if just for the needs of swafoto, you can also find which phone can accommodate it. For information, the size of the camera resolution does not guarantee the best picture quality is best.

5. Battery life

Long-lasting batteries can help you use them as long as you need them. A good quality mobile battery should last for a full day.

Tips on Caring for the camera and lens to not moldy

To have the camera you can always be counted on to produce quality photos, not just the camera that need to be treated. The camera lens that you have also not forgotten.

Yes, the lens is the ‘eye’ of the camera who was instrumental in capturing the clarity, color, and image detail. Then how to take care of the camera and lens to last a long time and not moldy?

Here are simple steps that you can do.

Store in a Decent

Tropical country which means to have a fairly high humidity (above 70 percent). That figure will rise during the rainy season.

High humidity can damage electronic components as well as a camera sensor, so the fungus can grow and thrive in the optical lens. Even so, the level of humidity that is too low is not good because it can interfere with the mechanical system of the camera.

Precisely, the movement of mechanical components at risk the camera can not move smoothly (drag).

Ideally, the level of moisture in the lens and the camera is 40-50 percent Relative Humidity (RH). For more details, read the manual and your camera lens. Then, find the rules of ideal operating range, and check the recommended humidity ranges.

So, where should the camera and lens are stored? It helps you buy the cleaning cabinet so that it can control the level of humidity.

Dry cabinet is a special cabinet designed to hold electronic items. You can buy it at a camera store, with prices ranging from $100.

However, if you do not have sufficient funds, can use an airtight box and put a few bags of silica gel in it.

Keep away from Wet Conditions

Keep your camera and lens from the water due to wet conditions can cause moisture in the camera and make the components inside damaged. Unless the camera and lens you have the ability to waterproof or weather sealed.

You must always keep the lens clean. When cleaning the lens, it is recommended not to directly spraying cleaning fluid into the lens. Spray the first to the microfiber cloth, then wipe the lens gently.

If you are doing a photo shoot near the sea activity, wipe the camera with a microfiber cloth slightly moistened to remove residual salt stick in the camera.

Because the content of salt in the ocean is corrosive to the metal components in the camera and the lens, so the potential to produce rust.

Loose-Swap Lenses By Caution

One of the main advantages of digital SLR cameras compared to compact cameras is the lens that can be detached and replace. However there are some things that must be considered during the process of replacement of the lens, especially if you do it outdoors.

Dust or dirt can get into the camera and sticking to the sensor, thus making shots seemed to have stains.

When removing exchange-lens, camera strap hanging on the neck, then position the camera facing down. Then attach the front lens cap (front lens cap) to be replaced, while pressing the lock button lens. Then rotate the lens up the slack, but do not completely detached from the camera.

Further grab new lenses that will be installed, remove the rear lens cap (rear lens cap) and place it within easy reach, while holding the lens with one hand.

Remove the old lens using the other hand, attach a new lens quickly and then rotate it until it locks. Remember, after replacing the lens, turn on the camera sensor cleaning feature to reduce the risk of dust spots.

Drone Flying Tips For The Beginner

Unmanned aircraft (drone) increasingly popular. Fly drone certainly can not be arbitrary. For the beginner (newbie) who want to use this tool, it helps to know the procedure first.

Here are some quick tips that are beneficial for those who are new to using drones. For beginners should read the manual many times until you understand the entire contents of the manual.

Reading the manual is mandatory if you want your property safe drones. Because every drone specifications and standard operating procedures are different. Each drone also has a fairly sophisticated sensors that also must be understood how it works.

So the drone owner must know what the limits of a drone that flew the drone when we are not pushing it beyond the limit, we must always put safety aspects in flying drones.

For those who want to fly drones for the first time, here are some things to do:

1. Do not fly drones alone. As much as possible find friends who are already experienced drone pilots fly drones.

2. Check the tools we have physically, both propellers, motors work, the battery has been entered correctly or not, and others.

3. Make sure that when we fly drones no interference potential in the field, such as interference electromagnetic waves, radio waves, and the situation in the neighborhood.

‘Kawaii’ Special Cameras from Casio selfie

Any camera, especially in almost all smartphones, can be used to selfie. However Casio feel there should be a special camera that is dedicated to doing it.

More recently, Casio released the camera with a unique shape. Casio Exilim MR1 or call Kawaii selfie, has a tag of more expensive, USD 330. Maybe Casio should think again about the price if you want to lure more consumers.

Kawaii selfie use 14 megapixel camera sensor. There is a fairly large glass in the center of the camera. It will help users filled out before selfie, straighten hair or looking for the best facial angle.

kawaii cameras

If you wish to use the camera for other purposes, is ready to be disappointed. By default the aperture set at f / 5.0, it is difficult to capture the action show or photo with good low light.

On the other hand, because it is specially designed selfie, this camera is bundled with software that allows users to edit and enhance the images they selfie like skin smoothing effect or brighten the face.

Unfortunately, this also can not be called as the advantages wow. Because as we know, now many smartphone apps for editing photos look more cling selfie.

Kawaii selfie equipped with a built-in WiFi, video recording and playback capabilities, as well as support microSDXC card. The battery capacity is very small which is 700mAh. The capacity of this battery, enough to take 230 photos or play Full HD video is about 35 minutes.