Keyboard magic of Google slid on iOS devices

Google has just released an application that is ready to decorate your iOS device’s keyboard. Keyboard called “Gboard” was released on Thursday, May 12, 2016 and exclusively for the iPhone and iPad.

Gboard designed to integrate search technology owned by Google on iOS devices directly via the keyboard.

According to the development team Gboard, the keyboard has become an important part of the mobile operating system. She can be accessed from a variety of applications and can collect the personal data of its users.

Therefore, hadirlah keyboard ‘magic’ that allows users iOS knock (tap) the Google icon and bring up the Google search page in iOS keyboard.

One of the main features introduced is the presence of the Search feature on the keyboard. For example, when you want to send the address to the speaker, you no longer need to copy-paste the address of a Google search page.

Just tap the Google icon, search pages instantly appear on your keyboard.

In addition, another feature is the search emoji and GIF, as well as the ability to ‘flow typing’ prediction algorithm that delivers more accurate and faster.

Apple itself had the opportunity Gboard cooperation with third-party developers in 2014. But in the end, they develop these applications individually and the fact that many iOS users using non-iOS keyboard.

Want to safely transact online in Smartphone? Try this app

Security threats to mobile devices is increasing and hackers are also increasingly keen to find ways to hijack digital devices, in order to get a Bitcoin or to trick the owner of the device to provide information about personal identity as well as their bank accounts.

Although the mobile operating system provides application developers with significant security features, hackers could exploit still installed base of Android and iOS devices, using a wide variety of vectors to put malware infection.

Without the security software on the mobile device (smartphone or tablet), users are vulnerable to this threat. Therefore, Kaspersky Lab and WISeKey, a cyber security company from Switzerland, launched a cyber-edition application resilience, WISeID Kaspersky Lab Security.

This application is claimed integrate the best technologies from both cyber security company and offer communication channels and online transactions more secure and reliable by the owner of the mobile device.

WISeID application Kaspersky Lab Security cyber-resilience edition of securing personal data owners of mobile devices, such as usernames and passwords, credit card numbers and PIN access in an agenda for personal data.

This application is also able to create a reliable identity when conducting online activities, while the data itself remains protected in the cloud-based vault can be secured.

In the Kaspersky Lab Security WISeID also embedded Kaspersky Mobile Security SDK, which is a robust and proven solution to protect mobile devices from security threats.

The inclusion in this app SDK solution provides advanced security features, such as web and network protection, protection and threat detection devices in the smartphone, as well as an effective layered security for self-defense.

Another advantage that can be obtained is the application creates strong passwords, storing passwords in an encrypted vault, and synchronize data securely between computers and devices on multiple platforms, as well as the use of cloud storage secured.

Safes can only be opened by Master Password and / or a set pattern, with additional protection provided through facial recognition authentication. WISeID itself can be accessed online.

Tips on Choosing a Gadget by Zodiac

In an age of fast-paced as it is now, of course, all those gadgets need to support daily activities. It is undeniable that the gadgets can make your life easier and more interesting.

But of course, choose the gadget should not be indiscriminate. You must determine whether the gadget will take home useful or not? And most important should be in accordance with the contents of the bag.

Confused gadget you want to buy what suits you? Perhaps, astrology can determine the most appropriate gadget based on your astrological sign!


Someone with Aries zodiac known to be very ambitious so they need a device that could manage all its activities. The best gadget is the iPhone that will help them do more things at once.


Taurus born with a personal love cooking. The device is ideal for those blender, juicer and mixer. They also love children, so the ice cream machine also could be an option.


Gemini is always moving, very communicative, and artistic. The tablet device can help them to develop its artistic talent or music related gadget is very important to them.


They love the convenience and likes to clean the house. Vacuum cleaner can help them to keep the house clean. Cancer also likes to watch television programs, making the device suitable for their TV.


Leo likes to be the center of attention. They need gadgets that will make them stand out, such as complementary gadget for the car or the latest devices for cooling wine.


A person with the zodiac Virgo are generally very practical, which is very like the cleanliness and the hobby of reading books. Therefore, the perfect gadget for them is a PDF reader, portable reader that can be carried wherever they go.


Libra is very artistic and loves everything related to art. A digital photo frame would be the ideal gadget for them. Tables with digital pen is also suitable for them to create an image in Photoshop.


Scorpio likes gadgets related to surveillance. They like the small gadgets, such as portable cameras and mini tape recorder, which can be stored in a pocket and meeting their needs to quietly survey the existing activities in the vicinity.


They loved the activities of travel. So, GPS devices, pedometer or digital compass is their dream gadget.


Not only Cancer and Virgo, Capricorn also likes to clean house. So, they like gadgets to help them clean the house efficiently. If you want to give a gift to Capricorn, give them an aromatherapy device.


Aquarius likes the sounds futuristic. Computer pen latest release allows them to draw, write or make any graffiti on a tablet and then transcribed directly to the mainframe.


A person with the zodiac Pisces like a natural thing, so it is ideal for those gadgets are portable electric grill. This device allows them to barbecues late in the room.

Claimed Safe, Fingerprint Technology Turns Vulnerable Hacker

Almost all flagship smartphone is equipped with advanced features fingerprint scanner. The vendor claims that the biometric sensor improves the user experience and security of mobile devices. But is it true?

The proof, capacitive scanner older models is hard to recognize fingerprints were wet, and in most cases often do not work on the first attempt.

So, if your hands sweat during the summer or after exercise, your smartphone will most likely not work because it does not recognize your fingerprint.

Kaspersky Lab says that the scars, scratches, and other skin defects also lowers the quality of the scan. In addition, there are still many sensors that can not distinguish between a genuine finger by finger prints, and this is a very big gap in terms of security.

Some of these issues may be resolved when Qualcomm launches ultrasonic sensor, which uses ultrasound to scan a 3D image of a finger.

The sensor will not be fooled by the printout of the finger. In addition, the new ultrasonic sensor will still work even if your fingers are dirty or wet. Yet another threat is still there.

The new technology is always vulnerable because of relatively new. Not enough just to bring the latest innovations, new technology should be implemented in a safe manner because not all vendors are able to do that.

And even if they were able to overcome these problems, they certainly would not do for one version. For additional information, in August 2015, a new way to steal a fingerprint found remotely and on a large scale.

In addition, most smartphones have a sensor that is not encrypted, allowing malware to get a direct image of a fingerprint scanner. Interestingly, Apple’s smartphone is quite safe, since they encrypt the fingerprint data from the scanner.

Some vendors there also are using ARM TrustZone technology to protect the data on their devices. This technology works with fingerprint images that are in the “world” special virtual, which can not be accessed by the main OS.

As a result, important data (such as fingerprints) can not be leaked and used by third party applications. Unfortunately, depending on the model of implementation, this technology can also be flawed.

This year, the researchers show how easy it is to steal a fingerprint from a distance, even without face-to-face contact. Hackers can do so simply by photographing the finger of the victim.

SLR camera with a good zoom lens or even a magazine photo printed in high resolution is sufficient. For information, the same method can also be used to fabricate the iris.

Drone It Can Be Replacement Fireworks

The sound of fireworks that used to decorate the sky at certain days seem to be past. That’s because the unmanned aircraft or drones will replace fireworks.

Chief Executive of Intel had predicted drones will replace fireworks someday.

Speaking at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 in Las Vegas, said Brian Krzanich, Intel could redefine the practice of firework or fireworks.

“I see the future, where fireworks and all the risks of smoke and dirt is something to be passed, and they were replaced with a show that has infinite creativity and potential supported drone,” he said.

To prove this, Intel set a Guinness World Record for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drones) are the most widely aired simultaneously.

3D light show powered by a 100 drone launched into the air, and are aligned to the live performance of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. Drones were controlled by four people who were on the ground.

“Once you say drones, people immediately think it is dangerous, but it really is not, they can be wonderful,” said Horst Hoertner, senior director of Ars FutureLab, which builds Drone 100 with Intel.

Martin Morth, chief pilot, said, “This is not always the drone sees you, sometimes drone was looking at you.”

What Type of Case Do You Need for Your Phone?

Choosing a new smartphone case might seem like something you can do in a few minutes. When you visit your cell phone provider’s store though, you’ll likely find that there are now more options than ever before. Some people simply choose a case that has a design they like and one that fits their phone, but not all cases are exactly the same. That is why you need to give some thought to the best type of case and ask yourself a few questions regarding the level of protection that you need.

Are You Accident Prone?

Are you a little bit of a klutz? Maybe you often find yourself tripping over your own two feet, dropping things on the floor or just trying to walk a straight line. You’re definitely not alone. So many people are accident prone that manufacturers now offer durable cases designed to prevent damage in a wide range of accidents. Gel grip cases have a soft and flexible design that wraps around your phone lets you hold it comfortably in your hands. During accidents, the case will completely protect your phone.

Do You Spend a Lot of Time Working Out?

When you spend a lot of time running, jogging or working out in the gym, you need a cell phone case designed for use during physical activity. Whether you wear a simple pair of yoga pants or a pair of basketball shorts, you know that you don’t have a lot of space to hold your phone. New wearable cases fit around your arm or leg and have a pocket on the front that holds your phone in place. These cases let you respond to text messages, take phone calls and even listen to music as you exercise.

How Much Do You Carry with You?

One of the best cases designed for busy professionals is a wallet case. This type of product combines the benefits of a wallet with a cell phone case. Made from leather, fabric and other materials, the cases have a pocket inside for holding your phone, interior pockets for cash or credit cards and a zipper that keeps the wallet closed. Some even have a handle for carrying on your hand or on your wrist. New smartphone cases offer the protection that you need but still come in fun designs that shoppers love.

The Bartender Robot Controlled by Smartphone

The bartenders are ready for the arrival of a new rival. Do not be surprised, because the new competitor is a robot named Somabar.

Somabar is a robot bartender is on display at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2016.

Actually, Somabar is a kind of automatic cocktail maker that can be controlled via smartphone. Interestingly, the company Somabar said this at the event Kickstarter: “cocktail is easy, but it makes it difficult.”

Revealed, this robot has six “Pods”, consisting of a alcohol and mixers, and three-Pods on each side. To make the drink, the user should do so via a smartphone application so that the machine can work to make a cocktail in seconds.

When finished mixed, drinks will be poured like a soda machine. Then, this robot will wash machine itself with water. That way, no more scars previously mixed cocktail concoctions.

In a demonstration at CES, the use Somabar claimed to be very easy as the push button only. This robot is sold at a price range of US $ 429.