Hacker also admit if Windows Phone is the most secure OS

Microsoft’s OS was never claimed by Microsoft itself if the OS they are the safest. In fact, the hackers also acknowledges that.

White hat hackers, Steve Lord said that if Windows Phone is the most secure OS over 15 years of experience. It is put forward when asked Whatmobile.net matter which OS is most vulnerable infiltrated.

“All have advantages and disadvantages. Currently Windows Phone is the hardest. Blackberry also has a long history focused on security. If you have physical access to the device, I find Android is the target of the easiest. Then the iPhone, then the old Blackberry. However, if attacked through the network, Android so soft targets, “he quoted from Wmpoeruser.com.

Security systems for older Windows Phone device is also recognized by Steve Lord. He recommended if older Windows Phone device is also not an easy thing to be attacked. He even recommends two sets of parents who belong to the safest namely BB10 Blackberry and Windows Phone devices running OS Windows 8 or later.

Although current devices with Windows Phone OS is not very popular, but you can consider the security side to have and choose a device.

Get Attractive Iphone Accessories to Make Phone Look Cool

In this fast running competition, everyone has the smart phone in their hands. These cellular are more advanced than the regular mobile phones and they are also capable of sending data that includes the text massages, email, playing movies and the SMS as well. The smart phone shave become quite popular in these days due to the various facilities they offer to the customers. These phones enable to capture the pictures and videos as well. There are several accessories that are available in the market for your phone. These accessories can make your phone look cool and improve the functionalities as well.

Iphone is one of the popular types of phone that is available in the market in these days. These phones have been gaining importance due to the latest type of Windows operating system and other special apps. There are many online sites that offer cool accessories for the iphone model. These accessories help the customers to make proper use of the phone with the added facilities. They are available in various designs and they are fast growing in the market. You can find some more cool accessories here. Gearbest.com is one of the leading sites that offer trendy accessories for your iphone. Some of the popular types of accessories are covers, phone cases, screen guards, datacables, data cable fans, USB portable chargers and many more.

Before purchasing the iphone accessories online, you should check the brand and compatibility factor. In the recent days, most of the accessories are compatible with the major phone brands like Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Xperia, and LG and so on. You should check the warranty and the rating of the accessories. The price also makes a difference. You will get the same accessory in various sites in various price rates. You should select the best one from the reliable online store.

One of the latest types of accessory is flexible detachable USB power consumption Silence Fan. You can see the price of this accessory from gearbest. It is compatible with all the portable USB supported devices. There is also free shipment available from gearbest.com.

Microsoft 10 Mobile Will be Equipped With The Best Google Apps

The news circulating about the unfavorable relationship between Microsoft and Google has long circulated. However, bank on the fact that ultimately refuted by the news that the technology giant was reportedly harmonious relationships in the field of application. Google has scheduled to support Windows 10 Mobile to deliver the best Google applications for Microsoft’s new mobile OS’s.

According to the plan, both Lumia smartphones from Microsoft will be crammed with popular applications owned by Google. As we know, long led by the new CEO, Microsoft is working hard to bring good applications for the Android operating system. Either might as reciprocity, Google is preparing a plan that belongs to Google applications can be run on Windows 10 Mobile.

Reportedly, a popular complication such as YouTube, Hangout, Google Voice, and other applications will appear in the Windows Store. Microsoft itself is also rumored to have signed a contract with the Android device vendors such as Samsung, Sony and Asus to be willing unity brings cross-platform applications.

As reported by Phone Arena, news about Microsoft is lately spreads, especially with plans to bring two of their flagship smartphone the Lumia 950 and XL 950 will be present to bring the OS Windows 10 Mobile. Whether true or not the application will Google be present at the latest Lumia, which obviously we have to wait until Microsoft held a launch event and reveal further details.

Future Charge Mobile Phones Can Using Portobello Mushrooms

You a fan of mushrooms food? Surely you know that this one kind of mushroom, portobello mushroom. Yes, it is indeed very delicious mushrooms to be eaten with chilli. This fungus is also often used by vegetarians to replace a portion of the meat when cooking barbecue.

However, did you know that portobello could be a `tool` to charge the phone battery in the future?

Is a scientist working at the University of California Riverside, Brennan Campbell, who initiated the concept of `this baterai` fungus. He revealed that the positive pole (anode) contained in lithium ion batteries in mobile phones today are made of graphite, a material which is very expensive to be reproduced and risk creating toxic waste.

Therefore, Campbell tried to find natural resources that can be used to charge the battery. In the end, he found portobello mushrooms are considered as food biodegradable (recyclable).

Molecular structure in fungi is considered solidly to save energy. In addition, this fungus layer has pores that `pas` to transfer energy efficiently.

Explained further, the graphite material contained in the lithium ion battery is in fact more easily damaged because of the damage caused by electricity. Meanwhile, the content of potassium as well as the concentration of salt content in the portobello mushroom layer capable of increasing the energy capacity that is stable, so it is safe when the overcharge (charging process within a period of excessive).

With material like this, mobile phones in the future will be more secure when in-charge. No longer need to fear if the phone is in-charge within hours, it will not create mold and broken cell phone.

Campbell also has revealed what kind of fungus battery concept that he initiated. Initially, the coating microstructure will didehidrasikan portabello mushrooms at a temperature of 500 degrees Celsius, after which the layer will be transformed into carbon nanoribbons. Afterwards, it will enter the carbon nanoribbons pyrolysis process (described thermochemical) at a temperature of 1100 degrees Celsius and will turn into a porous layer of carbon nanoribbons.

This process is still in the stage further, but if it is true portabello mushrooms could serve as a power source charging the phone battery, preferably mushroom farmers must be prepared to work harder for the future.

Eko, Stethoscopes that Can Record Heart Rate via Smartphone

Stethoscopes, (from the Greek: stethos = chest; skopeein = chest), it is medical devices are always brought a doctor to examine a patient. This tool is widely used to listen to heart sounds and breathing, although it is also used to listen to intestines and blood flow in the arteries.

Now there are sophisticated Stethoscopes that can be linked with smart phones to record the patient’s heartbeat.

John Chorba, a cardiologist at the University of California, San Francisco recently showed off a Stethoscopes whose shape is similar to Stethoscopes commonly used by doctors.

“Basically, this is indeed a regular Stethoscopes. However, there are additional tools are attached to this Stethoscopes,” said Chroba to ABC7News.com.

Stateskop device that is connected to the so-called Eko, Eko Artificial Devices.

Eko Devices, a company pioneering in the manufacture of medical devices, recently announced that their products were named Eko Core has received approval from the regulatory body to eat and medicine United States or the Food and Drug Administration so that doctors across the country could use when checking out patients.

Eko Devices changing a stethoscope “normal” becomes a smart tool. By connecting Eko Core into a regular Stethoscopes, doctors can get a digital recording of the patient’s heartbeat using a Bluetooth connection.

These recordings can be transferred to a smartphone that has installed Eko applications. CNNMoney.com reported with a tool for US $ 199, doctors can send a voice recording of a patient to a specialist in another place. It is expected the action to the patient can be done more quickly and efficiently.

Recording heart rate can also be uploaded to the cloud so that doctors can analyze and compare one record with another record.

“This tool could do better than the human ear,” Chorboa to WashingtonPost.com.

Jason Bellet of Devices Eko explained that medical records has become a living document to indicate the condition of the patient from the day.

“With this tool, the doctor is able to record so much data and listen again, something that has never been done before,” said Chorba.

Spying on WhatsApp Becomes Easier than Ever

WhatsApp has made quite a name for itself as its being used worldwide. It is a go to instant messaging platform for a lot of people and there doesn’t seem to be anything stopping it from greatness. Due to its rapid growth, it has become a platform for cheaters where they easily and secretly exchange messages. Previously, there was no way to catch them red-handed, but now with the help of WhatsApp spy app, you can investigate the truth. The benefits are not merely restricted to people in relationships. These spy apps also help parents in keeping an eye on who their young ones are interacting with and just what kind of discussions they’re having.

Information at your Fingertips

With the help of a WhatsApp spy app, you will be able to keep tabs on each and every activity being performed. For example, if you are a parent who has installed this spy app on your children’s phone, then you will get to know who they are talking to, what they are talking about, what kind of language they are using, etc. People who are in relationship will also find spy apps to be quite helpful as they will be able to keep check on their partner’s fidelity with ease. You will also be able to see what kind of conversation they are having, who they are talking to, who’s added in their list, etc.

See Conversations

You can easily judge a relationship between two people by the way they are talking to each other. Now people prefer to talk via WhatsApp and spy apps provide you with tools to monitor it. You can see every conversation that has occurred on your targeted WhatsApp number, and even if you are unable to do it on regular basis, all of the conversations will keep on getting archived until you have read them. If you are a parent looking out for your kids, then the spy app will help you see what kind of people they are talking to, what kind of stuff they are talking about, what their intentions are, etc. On the other hand, if you are spying on your partner, then you will be able to know if they are talking to someone else behind your back.

Remote Monitoring

There is no way someone will just give you access to their smartphones, so the only way to spy on them is through remote monitoring. Almost every single monitoring app available nowadays allows you to remotely monitor each and everything happening on your target’s phone without having access to it. However, you will need to get your hands on the target’s phone at least once so that you can install the spy app. After that you can rest easy as all the information you need will provided to you on your own device anywhere and at any time. Remote monitoring makes things a whole lot easier as you are able to monitor WhatsApp activity of the other person without much hassle.

Why Alphabet Selected Being Name of Parent Google?

Google’s founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, founded a new company as the parent of the company Google, which is Alphabet.

What is the reason they choose Alphabet as the name of his new company? Google CEO Larry Page explained that in his post on the Google blog.

“We chose the name because it means a set of alphabet letters that represent a language, one of the most important human innovation,” said Larry Page, who now serves as CEO Alphabet.

In addition, Page also explains, with the Alphabet, the company can create an index letter G as Google Search, one of its subsidiaries. Another reason is also because the Alphabet can be read with Alpha-bet (Alpha is an investment which results in the value of the benchmark).

Page emphasized that Alphabet is not intended as a consumer brand with certain products later. Alphabet, according to Page, must be an independent company and develop its own brand.

Then, what will be done by the Alphabet? Broadly speaking, Page called the Alphabet focus, among others, to work on ambitious projects Google.

In addition, the company also will encourage startups and entrepreneurs to get ahead, make investments that would be considered beneficial, making Google better, and ends improve the lives of many people as they can.