Simple Steps To Finding The Ideal Mobile Equipment Company

These days, many people find themselves in need of high quality mobile equipment. If this is the case for you, finding the ideal company from which to purchase your products is important. To ensure that you can realize this objective, make sure that you’re seeking a mobile equipment company that possesses the following traits:

1. A Wide Range Of Products.

One of the first things you should look for in a mobile equipment company is the ability to offer a wide range of products. The best companies will be able to offer items like wireless network equipment, weather radios, stereos, iPad accessories, cameras, digital voice recorders, and much more. As you start your search for the ideal company, keep the professionals of Wholesale Cable Supply in mind. In addition to offering the aforementioned goods, the professionals of this company provide clients with absolutely amazing audio accessories, miscellaneous home office products, wholesale cables, portable DVD players, and turntables.

2. Excellent Online Reviews.

In addition to seeking a company that offers a wide range of products, you should locate a mobile equipment company that has excellent online reviews. In our contemporary world, more and more consumers go online to write detailed reports about the quality of services and products they receive from specific mobile equipment businesses. Since this is so, it’s a good idea for you to do your research and determine whether the company you’re interested in consistently attains predominantly positive online reviews. If so, you can be fairly confident that you’ll obtain excellent, expedient services from the company’s professionals.

3. A Customer-Oriented Outlook.

One final attribute you should look for in a mobile equipment company is a customer-centered outlook. When you’re ready to start shopping for all your equipment needs, you want to know that you’re putting yourself in the hands of a team of professionals who will recognize and respond to your distinct needs. This is what being oriented to the customer is all about. Unfortunately, there are many company professionals whose primary purpose is not to meet the customer’s needs, but rather to meet or exceed sales goals and other business-related objectives. Shopping with these types of companies is not in your best interest. To ensure that you get the products you want, do some research to determine which mobile equipment businesses maintain the most customer-oriented outlook.


If you’re ready to start shopping for your mobile equipment products, know that obtaining them from the ideal company is important. To ensure that you can, make sure that the mobile equipment company offers a wide range of products, has excellent online reviews, and maintains a customer-centered outlook. Good luck!

Google Translate Now Directly from the Camera and not Need Internet

While in a foreign country and do not understand the words on the signpost or a restaurant menu, travelers are usually asked to locals or to use a language translation software.

The difficulty comes when the local residents do not understand English, or internet connection is not available to access online translator.

Now do not be confused again faced such conditions for the application of translators, Google Translate has been able to work without the need of an Internet connection. The trick was very easy. Users do not even need to type.

Simply open the latest version of Google Translate in Android or iOS, tap the camera icon, and then point the camera at the text you want translated, and the text will change from the original language to the target language directly in the camera’s viewfinder display phones.

This can be realized thanks to a special feature called “Word Lens” which began in January and is integrated into Google Translate.

“We are aware that users require translator tool when they are away from the computer, or when they are not connected to the internet, for example, when traveling or ordering food in a restaurant,” says Product Manager, Google Translate Julie Catteau.

Mobile users need to download the package online the desired language before you can use Word Lens offline. Total of 27 languages ​​are now supported by Google Translate translation Word Lens.

Others include French, German, Thailand, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, and Italy. Word Lens itself is a technology that Google acquired through the acquisition of the company Quest Visual in May 2014.

Tips Saving Using Data Services

Data service is now a requirement when communicating. Moreover, supported by the smartphone, where the application requires more data packets.

However, sometimes users often complain of wasteful data services using the data, but the user does not use it too often, especially in the post-paid data package. Therefore, users should impose limits and alerts to monitor data usage.

Here are tips to reduce data usage on Android and iOS, as reported by YahooTech.

Set Data Alert and Limits

On iPhone devices running on top of iOS 7, you can check data usage by going to Settings> Cellular, and look down Cellular Data Usage. The thing to remember is to reset the tracker at the beginning of each month.

As for Android devices, on Android devices running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or Android, you can check data usage and provide alerts by going to the Settings and under Wireless & Networks in Data Usage tap, and then set the mobile set limits.

Use WiFi

To reduce your smartphone data usage, it is advisable to switch to a WiFi network connection, so it can make savings on mobile data use. The trick was simple, just by pressing WiFi in the settings menu, and activate the WiFi connection.

Limit Background Data

One cause wasteful batteries can occur because the background synchronization, such as FaceBook requested update. To fix this, users can just reduce the frequency push notification, or set the application to update manually.

Changing Browser

How to reduce the other data that is to only use the mobile version of a website. Not only that, users also should avoid deleting internet cache. By keeping the cache, users do not need to download images from websites that are frequented every time you visit it.

Three Features Amazing in Smartphone

Smartphone is now equipped with various advanced and useful features inherent in it. Call it a camera, navigation devices, instant messaging, and many others. The more time passes, the technology evolved and the smartphone will have many more amazing features in it.

Here are three amazing features that may be present in a smartphone in the near future.


Spectrometer is an instrument that is often used for teaching physics, chemistry, and are also used for research in biology. Spectrometer is used to analyze a chemical objects.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) found a way to incorporate technology into smartphones spectrometer. In a smartphone, the spectrometer can give users an easy and accurate way to detect skin condition, track the vital signs of a person or identifying environmental pollutants. It can also give users a way to find out what is in food or medicines they are.

GPS Truly Accurate

GPS features may already commonly found in a smartphone, but the GPS technology developed by the University of Texas is claimed to be different. GPS technology makes it possible to identify the position accurately to within centimeters by using the sensor’s antenna is located in the smartphone.

This GPS technology will be synchronized with the camera on a smartphone so as to map the environment in 3-D format, as well as the increasing sophistication of virtual reality technology. Specifications geolocation in GPS also makes the motorist will not collide with other vehicles on the road.

Gas Sensor

The latest wireless sensor is developed MIT capable of detecting harmful gases, such as ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, cyclohexanone, and other harmful gases. The gas detection sensor will make the smartphone is able to read and measure chemical explosives or dangerous environmental pollutants. Chemical readings of the smartphone can be combined with geolocation data to track and map out dangerous areas.

A Hacker Change Android OS on Asus Zenfone 2 With Windows 7

A member of the XDA-Developers, Yua Ca Van, claiming to successfully install the Windows 7 operating system on smart phones Asus Zenfone 2. As proof, Yua Ca Van record it in a video that was uploaded in the forum.

As quoted from page XDA-Developers Yua Ca Van admitted he was able to change the operating system on Asus Zenfone 2. If previously existing OS on the phone is Android, Yua Ca Van has been replaced with the Windows OS.

In a posting on the XDA-Developers forum, the account claims that he has successfully changed the Android operating system in Zenfone 2 into a Windows-based OS.

In fact, in the post that accompanied the video also reveals the steps to install Windows 7 on Asus Zenfone two devices based on Android. The same can be done to replace the Android OS into Windows 7 and 8.

Yua Ca Van recognize that in replacing the operating system, the user must first open smartphone bootloader and partition the Micro SD memory. Additionally, running a terminal command suite can then install the new Windows system as usual.

Transferring data from PC to Android Wireless Data

What way you want to move a journey when the data from the computer to the Android smartphone? Some of you, perhaps, some use Dropbox. However, there is actually an easier way than that, namely by using artificial Push bullet Portal application.

To move the data from the computer to the Android smartphone is actually very easy. You only need to use the data cable to connect the two devices.

However, the USB cable is often left behind at home or tucked at the bottom of the bag. So you can be lazy enough to use a cable.

Another way is to use a cloud application, sort of Dropbox. You just insert the files you want to the application and Dropbox will automatically upload them to the server.

However, there is a problem if we use Dropxbox, sometimes the data packets used can be too big. Well, the portal application could be the answer to this problem.

How it works is very simple portal. Portal moving data from computer to Android smartphone with WiFi local network utilizing the same. And so, you have no need anymore for internet data transfer.

Actually, the developer does not present the technology is completely new. You can only move data from the computer to the Android smartphone without the need to use the Portal. However, there are some configuration steps on the computer that sometimes make these activities become difficult.

Portal makes the transfer of the data to be like magic. You only need to drag the data you want to move to a portal site and miraculously, the data is moved to an Android phone in an instant.

Approximately, how to use a portal like this. First, you must open a portal website that can be found in Then, from the existing Portal application on the smartphone, scan the QR code on the site’s pages.

Once the scan is complete, the computer and the phone will automatically connect to each other directly in a local WiFi network. You can directly transfer data, after the process is completed.

Data transfer from the computer to the Android smartphone can take place very quickly. The transfer of image data by 2 MB can take less than five seconds.

The developer’s own claim, Portal would remain stable despite the need to transfer hundreds of data at once. Once the data transfer is complete, you coud see the data in the Portal folder on the device.

There is one drawback that Nextren found in this application. Perhaps, since before, you are already aware that Nextren many write, the data transfer from the computer to the smartphone. Yes, it turns out this is only true data transfer from PC to mobile phones only, not vice-versa.

Moreover, he only available on Android alone, not on the iOS platform.

So, when you have to use the Portal? When you’re connected Android devices on the same WiFi with a computer and want to quickly move data between them.

Application Portal you can get in the Google Play Store without any charge or free.

Sony A7R Mark II, “mirrorless” 42 MP Anti-Shake

Sony re-introduce the type of mirrorless cameras with full-frame sensor, this time named A7R Mark II is the successor of the previous model, A7R.

A7R Mark II offers a number of improvements such as increased sensor resolution of 36 megapixels to 42 megapixels. There is also the feature “damper wobble” or 5-axis image stabilizer that is integrated in the body A7R Mark II, as well as on his brother, the A7 Mark II.

Full-frame sensor belongs A7R Mark II is the first in the world with technology Back-Side Illumination (BSI). Sony claims that the BSI allows the sensor A7R Mark II has a high resolution and high sensitivity to light as well, with levels reaching 102,400 ISO.

Sector performance also came under the spotlight with the phase-detect AF point as many as 399 pieces are embedded directly into the image capturing sensor.

This component is called improve the response speed of autofocus by 40 percent compared to the predecessor models.

Other features include shutter with a life span of 500,000 times the snap, Wi-Fi connectivity and NFC, silent shooting, electronic viewfinder with magnification 0,78X, magnesium shell, as well as the recording of 4K video in various formats such as Super 35 and full-frame.

A7R Mark II capabilities must be redeemed at a high price. This camera plan would be priced 3,200 dollars and go on sale in August.