Creator Need for Speed: Rivals Fired

Electronic Arts (EA) apparently is conducting a massive saving. The proof, the studio that just spawned variants instead closure of Need for Speed.


Need for Speed: Rivals developed by Ghost Game, one of the studio under the EA in the UK. The developer has just taken over the development of the NFS series of hand Criterion Games.

Initially, Ghost Game is asked EA to continue to develop the NFS series, but without much reason the studio is actually closed. Though his work has just been released. Most employees will be sent home.

For potential employees, EA offered another position in Visceral, which is a studio that has been developing Dead Space. The studio reportedly being made another shooting game, titled Havana, so are in need of other resources.

No mention exactly how many employees were discharged EA, but due to the layoff NFS series seems to be absent in 2014. .

Exciting Play Games Use Google Glass

Google Glass is made not for any serious work. Because in reality, this smart glasses can be made to have fun, play one of them.

As performed by the developers of Google, they showed how Google Glass can be used to play games. Through a short video on YouTube, look how exciting mini-games to play.

Yes, although just a simple game, but how to play the game of Google Glass was not serious. Because, like Augmented Reality-based games there are to play a two-way interaction.

The official video uploaded by developers Google. One goal for the game developers also enliven the experience of using these smart glasses.

The game shown is not the first made, but dedicated to the Google Glass This is the first time.

Google expects in the future there will be other games made specifically for smart glasses. Because Google will not only serve as a tool for work, but also able to play the game.