Games Xbox Live will Can Play Using Browser

Microsoft is reportedly currently carrying out a test to play in the browser. Game among them the test was not an ordinary game, but games for the Xbox game console. Even Microsoft is currently being touted already set up a game title that was in the works.


Regarding the quality of the game was not lowered by the Microsoft. A source from Neowin revealed that Xbox games are played using the browser runs at a speed of 60FPS. In addition, there will be other features that will be added to Microsoft’s Xbox game in the browser.

The presence of Xbox games in this browser was going to further strengthen the position of Microsoft in the cloud business. Moreover, they have the Azure service. On the other hand, business competitiveness in the Xbox gaming console device not so good. Until now, Microsoft still can not compete directly with products from Sony, the PlayStation.

Even so, of course, there are many problems that can be a stumbling block this embodiment. One is the licensing issue. Moreover, the presence of Xbox games to the browser can certainly reduce the income of the game’s publisher. But whatever it is, it will be able to provide its own revolution to the world of gaming.

Xiaomi Unveils Bluetooth Game Controller for Gaming

Xiaomi mobile phone does not only produce, but they also have POWERBANK products, tablets, TVs MI and MI Box, and just added variants of their products with Bluetooth game controller similar to the controller Xbox and Playstation.


This gamepad has a D-Pad, two analog sticks, buttons Y, X, A and B, the button on the back as well as Android-specific buttons. This controller can be used with smartphones, tablets, TV box from Xiaomi but seems also can be used by devices other than artificial Xiaomi Android.

The device will go on sale September 25 at the Bamboo Curtain country, but unfortunately not yet unknown price.

Nvidia Releases 64 Bit Processor ala Android PC

Nvidia finally joined the 64-bit version of the release of a new processor Tegra K1. Interestingly, not just armed with the support of 64-bit computing, this processor is also claimed to be able to offer PC-style performance.

tegra nvidia

Carrying password Denver, this embedded processor technology called Dynamic Code Optimization in it. So before relying main RAM, Tegra K1 can save the first command to be executed in the cache memory is 128 MB which has.

“Dynamic Code Optimization optimizes frequently used applications at runtime are solid. This was possible thanks to 128 MB of main memory cache has. Once stored in the main memory cache, the processor can quickly take the required instructions each time you want to execute applications often used, “said Nvidia as quoted from Phone Arena, Wednesday (13/08/2014).

Thanks to these technologies, Denver was then claimed Nvidia will be able to provide high performance style PC for users, especially on Android-based devices that do require a fairly large resource.

Nvidia called Tegra K1 expect much at 64 bits. In addition to the way the PC-style offers high performance, also super low consumption as well as mobile processors.

With so processors can be applied to a wide range of Android devices, ranging from games to run heavyweight to applications ‘heavy’ based enterprise.

Enterprise Still Interested In iOS

IOS still be excellent for the enterprise segment, despite Apple’s software has decreased from a total of activation during the second quarter of 2014.


According to a report from Good Technology, iOS market share in the enterprise segment fell by 5%. But it still makes iOS dominate the market with a percentage of 62%.

Stalking behind, of course rival Apple, the Android. The number of activations of Android-based devices in the enterprise segment has reached 32%, the number was not too significant compared to the previous move.

Meanwhile, Windows Phone still survive for five quarters with a percentage figure of no more than 1%. While the BlackBerry Enterprise Service there is no movement at all. So that was quoted by The Next Web, Wednesday (08/13/2014).

When traced further, more activation iOS platform is an iPhone with a percentage of 50% while the iPad is only 16%.

While Android, smartphone activation reached 40% with an increase of 4% compared with the previous quarter.

Samsung Opens Mobile Metal Galaxy Alpha

After a busy discussed in various media, Samsung finally officially launched the Galaxy Alpha, cell phone made from metal.

According to Samsung, the phone will be available in the market in early September 2014. The Galaxy Alpha is available in five colors: black, white, gold, silver, and blue, depending on the state the mobile phone market.

In terms of offal, Galaxy Alpha powered by octa-core Exynos processor with 4 cores speed of 1.8 GHz, and the remaining four core speed of 1.3 GHz. The screen uses Super AMOLED panel of 4.7 inches with a resolution of 720p.

2 GB RAM with 32 GB of storage, 12-megapixel rear camera, and a 1,860 mAh battery. The operating system Android 4.4.4 Kitkat with TouchWiz personalization. Its features include Ultra-Power Saving Mode, S Health, fingerprint scanner, and the Private Mode.

Samsung also posted a teaser video of the Galaxy Alpha is on YouTube. Here’s the video.

What Challenges of Cloud Computing in the Future?

Trends in cloud computing systems continue to gain in popularity place. Having introduced the last few years, cloud computing is unstoppable also face challenges in the future.

cloud computing

Many things must be prepared in the company before deciding to make cloud computing-based system. Start of infrastructure, network, to
various devices that will be used by the user.

Along with the cloud computing era, the IT world was enlivened with the trend of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and mobile work space. With the development of technology that does not stop, let alone who will be the challenge of cloud computing?

Challenges exist on whether we are able to create a cloud that can be accessed easily in any form. So the challenge is on ease of inaccessibility.

Added Krishna, cloud computing should also be able to help companies more fuel-efficient because by providing a cloud-based system will reduce the cost of managing infrastructure.

The days where IT companies only focused on managing the infrastructure because it does not reduce the cost. Let them focus on cloud services to its users.

Story of the Birth and Triumph Walkman

iPod may be the most popular digital music player. But before Apple’s music devices exploded, first there is a Walkman that many referred to as one of the most legendary gadgets. What does the story of his birth?

walkman sony

Here’s the story in a nutshell. Masaru Ibuka was one of the founders of Sony. It was around 1978, Ibuka air travel often use to many places. Understandably, he was the boss of the companies that have a lot of interests.

Well, Masaru Ibuka’s like to listen to classic songs. Sometimes during a boring trip on the plane, he wanted to listen to music as entertainment, but in a practical way.

Sony when it has grown so large electronic companies so that they have the resources to build such a device. Home from traveling, Ibuka asked Norio Ohga, division manager in a tape recorder to fulfill his wish.

The plan is, Sony will create a small audio device. The size is more or less like the Sony Pressman, a tape recorder Sony products that have been produced and sold in 1977.

Indirect Success

Technician Sony also tinker with Pressman. Hard work pays off, they successfully produce devices like Pressman who has the ability to play music in stereo.

Ibuka and immediately liked the prototype exhibited at Akio Morita, founder of Sony the other. “Try this. Stereo cassette player that can be heard when walking the interesting idea is not it ?,” he said.

Morita tried it and he agreed, even convinced the world would love such a device. He immediately instructed a team of technicians Sony made a commercial version. The aim is mainly to satisfy young people who want to listen to music all day.

Morita gave an ultimatum, the device must be fast and the price is quite affordable so that the demand in the market. Sony menyanggupinya technician team. So in just 4 months, the first version of the portable music player was already finished.

But if the right name for him? Ibuka propose Walkman, but some people doubt whether it is a proper name. In fact, in the US, the device was named Soundabout. But in the end, the Walkman name was selected.

Sony produces about 30 thousand units of the first version of the Walkman TPS-L2, released in Japan in 1979. ‘Ancestors’ Walkman requires two AA batteries as a power source and when it sold $ 150, or $ 500 in today’s dollars.

Unfortunately, the first Walkman was not immediately sold. Perhaps because many people do not know its capabilities. Thus, employees of Sony took to the streets to demonstrate Walkman and potential customers can try it yourself. The strategy worked. Approaching August, Walkman supplies began to run out.

Such was the beginning of a story about a big success Walkman finally released in a variety of models and sold hundreds of millions of units worldwide.

It may be noted that the portable audio device actually existed before the birth of the Walkman. The first portable music player in the world was mentioned already present in 1954, the Regency TR-1. TR-1 can play the sound from the radio and is considered the first in which the people could hear the music in mobile.