Used Apple Pay Start October 20

Last September surprisingly Apple announced the release of Apple Pay, an electronic payment system of the first Apple. Pay the scheduled launch of Apple finally revealed along with the latest release of Apple’s iPad. In his presentation, CEO of Apple, Tim Cook announced the schedule for the launch of Apple Pay will be held on October 20, 2014.


Cook confirm if the electronic payment system has been working with the three major credit card companies, such as American Express, MasterCard, and Visa. Not only that, Apple has already partnered with several retail companies and 500 banks.

However, as quoted from the pages of The Verge, Apple’s new Pay can be used through the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The system works is by combining a finger sensor Touch IDs with embedded NFC in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

In use, the user Apple iPhone 6 Pay close enough to the sensor that is in store for later confirm payment via Touch ID.

‘Google Much Safer than Apple’

Apple CEO Tim Cook quipped that Google ignores the privacy of its users. Even as the user makes advertising goals. Google boss feels the heat hard to hear it and immediately refuted criticism of Cook.

Eric Schmidt

Eric Schmidt, Google’s former CEO who now occupies the position of chairman, stated that Google does not do things as alleged by Cook. Even Google’s Eric claims service is much more secure than Apple. No one told to him about Google’s policies correctly, it’s a pity.

“At Google, we have always been a leader in security and encryption. Our system is much safer and encrypted than others, including Apple. They are trying to catch up, which is a good thing,” said Eric.

Cook himself wanted to emphasize that Apple user data, such as cloud storage service, handled safely. He asserted that the user data will not be used Apple to sell to advertisers. He also insinuated competitors like Google.

“Internet users are starting to realize that when an online service is free, you are not actually the consumers. You are the product itself,” Cook wrote in an open letter. The letter was intended to allow consumers believe Apple service remains safe despite the scandalous nude photos leaked via iCloud.

What Challenges of Cloud Computing in the Future?

Trends in cloud computing systems continue to gain in popularity place. Having introduced the last few years, cloud computing is unstoppable also face challenges in the future.

cloud computing

Many things must be prepared in the company before deciding to make cloud computing-based system. Start of infrastructure, network, to
various devices that will be used by the user.

Along with the cloud computing era, the IT world was enlivened with the trend of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and mobile work space. With the development of technology that does not stop, let alone who will be the challenge of cloud computing?

Challenges exist on whether we are able to create a cloud that can be accessed easily in any form. So the challenge is on ease of inaccessibility.

Added Krishna, cloud computing should also be able to help companies more fuel-efficient because by providing a cloud-based system will reduce the cost of managing infrastructure.

The days where IT companies only focused on managing the infrastructure because it does not reduce the cost. Let them focus on cloud services to its users.

Hackers Attack Israel Millions Site

The hackers condemned the Israeli attack on Gaza. As a form of retaliation, millions of cyber attacks were launched against Israeli sites Evils.


Post simmering situation in Gaza, appears #OpSaveGaza campaign promoted by anti-Israel hackers on the Internet.

The campaign is not only driven through chirp on Twitter but also realized through a real attack to the headquarters of the Zionist site online.

“Greatest ever campaign against ‘Israhell,’ to expose Reviews their terrorist activity to the world,” wrote the hacker.

Isaac Ben-Israel, head of the Tel Aviv University’s Yuval Neeman Workshop for Science, Technology & Security, said in recent days that cyber attacks targeting Israel has grown 900%.

“If there are usually 100 thousand attacks every day, now we received about 1 million attacks. Originally from various Arab and Muslim countries,” he said as quoted by the Times of Israel.

On average attacks targeting government Web site. “But we do not know related to computer hacking attacks home or company (business activists),” he continued.

Demi invite other hackers, anti-Israel hacker manifesto also post them on Facebook, Twitter or Israeli sites that have faces made. The goal is to show the world about the atrocities and crimes against humanity that have been carried out by Israel on Palestinian land.

“Israhell never Existed its only Palestine”. “It’s our home. If you are a hacker, Activist, a Human Right Organization Israel then hack websites and expose to the world Reviews their crimes, show to the world how much blood is on their hands, the blood of innocent children and women, “reads the message of the anti-Israeli hackers .

Kaspersky Virus Detection New Android & iOS

Kaspersky Lab released a new research report that maps the massive international infrastructure that is used to control the implant malware ‘Remote Control System’ (RCS), and identify unknown mobile Trojan that can attack Android and iOS.


This module is part of what is referred to as spyware tools ‘legal’, namely RCS aka Galileo, which was developed by the Italian company, Hacking Team.

List of victims in the above study, conducted by Kaspersky Lab together with the Citizen Lab, including activists and human rights defenders, journalists and politicians.

Kaspersky Lab has conducted a variety of different security approaches to find a server command and control (C & C) Galileo worldwide.

For the identification process, Kaspersky Lab’s experts rely on specific indicators and data connectivity obtained by reversing engineering (reverse engineering) existing sample.

In a recent analysis, Kaspersky Lab researchers claimed to map the presence of more than 320 RCS C & C servers in more than 40 countries. The majority of these servers located in the United States, Kazakhstan, Ecuador, England and Canada.

Related to these new findings, Sergey Golovanov, Principal Security Researcher, Kaspersky Lab, stating that the existence of this server in a country does not mean they are used by law enforcement in the country.

However, it makes sense for the user to operate the server RCS C & C in the location that they control – because in the place of legal problems between the state and the seizure of servers small risk.

Implants Mobile RCS

Although it has previously been known that the mobile Trojan for iOS and Android from Hacking Team exists, previously no really can identify, or knowing use in the attack.

Kaspersky Lab experts have researched malware RCS for two years. Earlier this year they were able to identify specific sample from the same mobile module with other RCS malware configuration profile in their collection.

In a recent study, a new variant of the sample was also obtained from the victim through KSN network Kaspersky Lab cloud. In addition, Kaspersky Lab’s experts also work closely with Morgan Marquis-Boire of the Citizen Lab, which examines a collection of malware HackingTeam extensively.

Mentioned, the mastermind behind Galileo RCS build dangerous implants specific for obvious target. Once the samples are ready, the attacker sends them to mobile devices victim.

Some of the known vector infection including spearphishing through social engineering, which is often combined with exploitation, including the exploitation of zero-day, and local infection via the USB cable when the mobile device synchronization.

Robin Li, China’s Richest People ‘Kill’ Google

Robin Li seen as a figure of calm. But make no mistake, he is not a citizen of China mostly. The 45-year-old man is the richest man in the Bamboo Curtain country, with total assets in the range of $ 12.2 billion in December 2013, according to research from Forbes.

robin li

Robin wealth thanks to the company he founded an online search engine, Baidu. Baidu to date sturdy become the largest search engine in China with a market share in the range of 64%. They succeed ‘kill’ Google in China, the market share is very low.

Indeed skyrocketing Baidu is not separated from the Chinese government policies that often block Google so that companies from the United States is very limited movement. But still rising Baidu also thanks to its quality, so that the Chinese people choose it as the main search engine.

Men who married and has 4 children were obviously proud of the achievement. Moreover, since 2007, Baidu became the first Chinese company entered the NASDAQ 100 index, one of the stock market index of the most respected.

Despite tremendous success, Li apparently still a big ambition. He had expressed his intention to become a global company, not just a champion alone.

“When the Chinese market stopped growing faster than any other country in the world, we will see out. The reason we focus here is China is the fastest growing markets we can access,” he said.

Opera Browser Specials Create iPhone

One of the products that may be quite famous Opera is Opera Mini, but now the Norwegian software manufacturer has a new product designed specifically for the iPhone.

opera for iphone

Opera Coast, thus the name of the latest Opera browser. Previous software is already available for the iPad, but for this third generation Opera also released specifically for the iPhone.

In contrast to most other browsers, Opera Coast offers a unique internet surfing experience. Differ in terms of the user interface, the display is designed to be easy to navigate with the thumb.

When tested, Opera Coast is different than most other browsers for mobile phones. For the ‘back’ for example, users simply just slide to the right to access it. Then to do a refresh, bookmark, can also be done with a few touches.

Then display Opera Coast also made simple with just one button ‘home’ at the bottom, and the ‘history’ at the bottom right.

“History in Opera Coast can also be used as bookmarks, and this function is more interesting because of all the sites displayed complete with pictures,” said Agnes Agastia Communications Manager Opera Software

So far unique browser is claimed to be accepted well by iPad users, and that was what finally made the Opera to bring anyway for iPhone users.

But it is not just shrink zoom course, there are things that are deliberately optimized to fit the iPhone.

Interested tasted it? Opera Coast can now be downloaded through the Apple App Store for free.