Facebook has just Acquisition Startup Face Recognition

Video and pictures to Facebook almost certainly still be the main focus, considering the consumption of two such content continues to increase. One of the strategic steps Facebook is acquiring several startups or startups.

The latest, Facebook announced it has acquired a startup with an unspecified value. Startup named FacioMatrics developed an algorithm based on machine learning that allows smartphones to recognize faces in real-time, through the camera.

FacioMetrics team is expected to bring more fun effects to your photos and videos on Facebook. Not only that, Facebook user experience will certainly be better in the future.

Thus, after this agreement, all applications created FacioMetrics has been removed from the App Store and Google Play Store. For information, FacioMetrics founded in 2015 and is made to respond to the increased demand analysis system faces. Actually, this is not the first time Facebook acquires startup in similar fields. In March 2016, the company has acquired the live application filters and face swap ‘modifiers face’, Masqurade (MSQRD).

In addition through the acquisition, Facebook also continues to present the latest features for video and image sharing service hers.

Although the feature rolled out is still limited, Facebook now allows users to broadcast live Live with artistic filters belonging to Prisma application.

Acquisitions and the presence of brand-new features, according to analysts, is Facebook’s strategy to continue to compete with Snapchat, especially, after Zuckerberg failed to buy the company. Unlimited Facebook, currently some services of its subsidiaries, such as Instagram, also often equated with Snapchat.

Top Reasons Why Vine Closed

When Vine slide in 2013, the popularity of these services quickly skyrocket. Unfortunately, the heyday of Vine did not last long, following the decision of the owner, Twitter, on October 27 for closing the short video sharing service.

Various reaction appeared after Twitter announced his decision. One of them comes from the service management technologies that offer influencer end-to-end, Markerly.

In data released, Markerly convinced that the cessation of the top users or “Save Vine” posting content to trigger the closure of the service. Top user categories, namely that having followers as much as 15 thousand or more.

Markerly revealed that more than half or 52 percent of the top-Vine stop posting their work began earlier this year. There are as many as 9725 Vine users who have more than 15 thousand followers.

The slump was not too surprising. Because, when it appeared a number of services are deemed more optimal for users or influencers (those who have an influence), like Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube.

Snapchat and Instagram through, they can share a short video, while YouTube used if you want to share content with a longer duration of time.

According Markerly, platforms like Snapchat and YouTube make the influencers can produce video work with a longer duration and better quality. Thus, they can be more alluring target of a brand that wants to be desired.

Twitter continues to add features to send messages in Direct Message

Direct Message (DM) on Twitter again got new capabilities. The presence of these features makes the experience of texting on the microblogging site was becoming rich.

This time, Twitter launched a feature that lets users know who sent the message has arrived at the destination. There is a blue check mark next to the message that indicates a read.

This feature is only available to users of mobile apps on Android and iOS. However, this feature will also be present on the Twitter website.

Users can also set if do not want a message sent to her own views.

To turn it off, users can through Twitter security page. But keep in mind this feature is two-way. So when a user to turn it off, he also could not tell if someone else has read the message or not.

In addition to these features, Twitter also presents another feature that makes texting via Direct Message increasingly similar chat application in general.

Through DM, users can now find out if someone is typing a message, similar to the existing capabilities in WhatsApp.

Not only that, the link sent via DM can also be displayed preview. This view is similar to the link that is usually given through a regular tweet. Later these features will be rolled out gradually to users of Twitter worldwide.

For information, Twitter is being intensively reforming the Direct Message feature. Since last year, a growing presence of brand-new features to enrich the experience of using the messaging service.

Previously, the company is now led by Jack Dorsey that adds to the character limit of 140 characters prior messages to 10 thousand characters. Users also possible to send emoji, GIF, and videos directly from the Direct Message.

A week released, Pokemon Go downloaded 10 million users in Android

New week released in several countries, gaming (games) Pokemon Go has been very popular. After Pokemon Go out of its beta status, is now reported to have games downloaded by 10 million users of Android based on data from Google Play.

This figure is growing as the global launch of Pokemon Go in various other countries in the world.

However, this figure is not meant games Pokemon Go is played actively by 10 million people through its Android devices. That number represents the total number of applications downloaded and published by Google.

While those who install Pokemon Go raw format of the application Android application package (apk) and play it actively not included in the count above.

Up to now, there is uncertainty about how the number of active players. That is, only the developer that could answer that question.

If you notice, of course, 10 million downloads within seven days of the launch, a figure which is quite fantastic.

4 Ethics that must be considered facebook users

Although most of you must have been using social media Facebook in the long term, it does not mean you have to forgo some of the ‘rules’ unwritten related to how to behave in using the most popular social media.

You are not alone in Facebook. There are friends, whether it be friends, coworkers, or even sisters and relatives perched on your Facebook friends list.

Therefore, all that you upload, be it status, comments, ideas, photos, videos or anything else, can reflect who you are.

It is essential adopt ethical manners when using social media, not to mention Facebook.

Tiptechblog will summarize four ethics that must be considered Facebook users in order not to provoke emotions and negative sentiment from other users. consider the following review.

1. Show off excessive intimacy

It is legitimate for you and your partner upload status, photos or even videos on Facebook. But remember, life does not belong to you and your partner.

Do not overuse your Facebook account too frequently showed how lovingly you as a couple. If you still want a relationship with a partner in social media, it would be nice if you choose instant messaging application because it is more secure and personal.

2. Invite games

Not all Facebook users like and even to understand about playing games. Therefore, you should first sort out who your friends who like to play games and then send the invitation broadcast the games you want to play.

3. Excessive Campaign

Social media like Facebook actually could be a powerful campaign tool. However, Facebook does not merely contain a political issue.

As a user, you should know the place and the rules. If you want to campaign for something or voicing support for political parties, should be done directly in the real world without having to fling it on social media.

4. Too many children to upload photos

This ethic is still not realized the majority of Facebook users, especially young mothers who just gave birth. Upload photos of children to social media is fine, but you do not need to capture every second baby activity into your social media, is not it?

In addition, you also have to respect the privacy of your family members. Too often spit photos of the kids or other family members would expose the identity of your family and be misused by irresponsible parties.

Apple Launches @AppleSupport account on Twitter

Technology companies, Apple, launching a Twitter account @AppleSupport to help answer a number of questions consumers.

The account will explain to consumers associated with a variety of Apple products in 140 characters. Remarkably, on the first day @AppleSupport account appeared already followed by 100,000 Twitter users. While the number of booms have touched the figure 2,141 nudge.

Companies led by Tim Cook unveiled the account last Thursday, March 3, 2016. Through a variety of her upload, Apple hopes to provide services as well as tutorials to address issues experienced by customers.

“We are here to provide tips and tricks as well as support information when you need it. If you have any questions, we’re here to answer it,” wrote Apple Support in uploads his tweet.

Some consumers also directly use the services of this Apple Support. They asked about how to troubleshoot the battery, removing scratches on the device, and others.

Meanwhile, not a few consumers who cast their grievances through the Apple Support’s Twitter account. Based on information from PCMag.com home page, the account has answered more than 400 questions in the first three hours since the account was created.

Instagram New Features Can Calculate Attendance Video

Similar to Facebook and YouTube, you can now see how many times a video uploaded on Instagram watched by others. Photo and video sharing service that already has 400 million users it has just released a new feature in which to bring the number of video views that can later be viewed under the video upload.

Users can be pulled-tap the number of video views to see the number of people who love each video. Through an official blog Instagram uploads, mentioned this feature will be introduced in to the users in a few weeks.

In the blog uploads, Instagram will also identify counting the number of views as the best way to measure the tendency of users.

“We often hear from the community, they want to better understand how users are connected through video,” Instagram wrote in the blog.

Meanwhile, reported by The Verge, it is mentioned that the number of people watching video on Instagram increased to 40 percent today. Even so, a feature that can calculate the number of views it will not be so useful to the individual user.

For the developers of popular applications, this feature can be used to see how their content is favored over Vine and YouTube.

The feature is also useful for advertisers interested in serving ads. Calculations can be done if someone watched the video at least 3 seconds, similar to Facebook.

At present, the company led by Kevin Systrom are testing the feature on some of its users. Furthermore, Instagram will begin to introduce these features for all users.