Facebook warns users to not post links YouTube

Facebook seems to want to compete with YouTube. Not only provides social networking services, Facebook is now interested as a provider of video platform.

If previous Facebook let users share the YouTube video link, the company is now led by Mark Zuckerberg was giving a warning to the user.

Facebook directly encourage users to upload videos directly into their platform. Thus, Facebook users can keep track of how many other users watch videos uploaded by users.

The social networking giant also claims, many users prefer if the video is directly uploaded to Facebook, is not uploaded to YouTube. However, the choice remains in the hands of users, if you want to upload the video to YouTube or Facebook.

The information circulated previously revealed, Facebook is predicted to threaten YouTube if they managed to establish cooperation with the largest record label company. If so, YouTube could lose the access of the most popular content segments.

Earlier this year, Facebook announced that they provide a video upload feature ’embed’ to other websites. The company also saw the development of video content for augmented reality technology.

The data also revealed that streaming video is growing significantly in the mobile platform. Approximately 65 percent accessed the Facebook video comes from mobile devices, while 50 percent of the access to watch YouTube videos on mobile platforms.

Following Someone On Social Media For Information’s Sake

When people are following a successful businessman on social media, they are going to learn a great deal about the work that these people do. Social media feeds of someone like Sid Vaikunta is going to allow people to learn a great deal about how they are can manage their own lives. Patterning a life after someone who is already successful is much easier than trying and failing over and over. In fact, it is possible for people to use the schedules they see on social media to make decisions about how they will manage their own lives.

The Major Events

The major events that successful business people attend are events that regular people can attend, as well. This is a wonderful way for people to learn what they can do to make their lives more successful, and they must make sure that they do the things that their idols are doing. The schedules that these people keep are going to allow other to learn from them. Watching what the icons of business are doing is helpful to people who are not icons yet.

The Wisdom

When people post wisdom to their social media feeds, they are going to give many people the chance to learn what they must know to succeed. The small snippets of wisdom that are posted to social media are going to help people make wiser decisions in the future. Also, there are many times when people are looking for wisdom that will help them to get through life.

The Contacts

When people are contacting these icons of business on social media, they are going to get directly connected to these people in ways that were not possible before. In fact, these people are going to be able to learn from these icons of business directly. Asking them questions directly and even getting to work with them personally is something that once was a pipe dream for other people in the business world. This is something that makes life easier for students who are studying business, and it is going to provide information that is going to change lives.

There are many people who are looking for ways to learn what they can do with their own lives and careers, and they must follow these social media feeds so that they can learn on the go every day of the year.

Six Reasons Why You Need to Integrate E-Commerce into Your Business

Currently, many businesses are incorporating e-commerce platforms into their business systems. With the current technological advancement of the Internet and Smartphone, it has become easier to integrate functional solutions that will work for many companies. Many businesses that haven’t already made this shift probably don’t know the benefits of e-commerce for businesses.

The following information is meant to be an eye-opener for many who still don’t know the benefits of e-commerce for business. Here is why you need an e-commerce platform in your business.

1. Increase in sales

Reliable statistics shows there is a tremendous rise in online sales for the past few years. Specialists estimate that the revenue generated by businesses that incorporate an e-commerce platform into their trading can increase by up to 250 percent. The reason is that most people prefer the convenience and ease of access associated with e-commerce systems. This primarily applies to systems with the ability to process credit card payments and other top online payment systems such as PayPal.

2. Increase in customer base

Ecommerce provides great convenience when it comes to payments. It, therefore, attracts more customers and impulse buyers. Given these online payment systems can accept different modes of payment, it enables small businesses to get customers from different backgrounds.

3. Open 24/7

Most brick and mortar businesses find it difficult to provide their services around the clock due to overheads associated with staff and utility payments. But e-commerce makes it possible for businesses to remain open and accessible 24 hours a day without an increase in expenses. Thus, transactions can be made without your supervision, and if the company deals in digital goods, the operations are fully automated.

4. Instant transaction processing

E-commerce allows operations to be carried out instantaneously. This eradicates the hassles associated with other modes of payment that may require you to wait for several days before you get paid. E-commerce transactions occur in seconds, and the business can get paid immediately, or if need be, access your money in your bank account.

5. Increased business reach

A purely offline business may encounter many challenges accessing clients over a wide geographical area because it involves setting up numerous outlets. But e-commerce has made it possible for small businesses to reach a global audience. The Internet has no barriers in its reach. Therefore, using e-commerce platforms, customers can pay for goods and services from any location worldwide.

6. Easy collection of recurrent payments

If your business involves repetitive billing, it is convenient to transact using an e-commerce platform. You can design your system so that when clients make purchases, they can choose to be re-billed after a certain duration. This creates a hassle-free interaction between you and your customers. And as long as the customer continues to use your services, his or her credit card will be charged at regular intervals, making it possible to predict your income and eventually make informed decisions regarding your business.

The advent of e-commerce has revolutionalized the way business is carried out. You can access your clients at any time globally just by a few clicks of the mouse. Your business can also remain open 24/7, thus making profits even while you sleep. If you need e-commerce or business web design services, you can consult reputable providers such as Web.com.

Twitter, Social Networking with ugliness Highest Level

Social media does not always have a positive impact, abuse of social networking sites are believed to provide many vices for users or others. For example Twitter, 88 percent had a negative impact compared to other social media sites.

A research body in the new study states that misuse of social media sites Twitter was also recognized by the company and other executives in the company.

According to Twitter’s general counsel, Vijaya Gadde that Twitter does provide a guarantee to all its consumer and voice to voice opinions freely in his own account.

Unfortunately, users of the site using the right excessively. However, the company also disclosed has provided a feature to block the user, but it is also a common thing to do is to stop disturbing the user to follow.

The company hopes that this will help them provide a safer environment for users, and hopes to reduce the impact of cyberbullying. Moreover, the company noted in the study is that 88 percent of social sites containing cyberbullying.

Applications Waze Presents Child Abduction Alert Features

Internet-based map navigation application, Waze now present a new feature that is claimed to help users save a child is missing or abducted. Features introduced with the name of the AMBER Alert, will inform the details of the details of the position where someone in a stationary that will be scanned every 10 minutes.

AMBER Alert reportedly made by a law enforcement agency within the United States, as a response action taken to provide information and warnings for each of its members in the field.

Applications will reportedly work with displays detailed information, such as the child’s photo, name, age, description of the child, as well as the position of the child last seen. Details of other information displayed reportedly also include the color of clothing, as well as details of seriap vehicle believed to be involved.

Waze will display the alarm notification to the other users on the news of the missing child, and reportedly will appear on the user application close to the residence or position of use when the application is active or in use.

However, to get around to the kidnappers, Waze app will display user details after the vehicle is in stationary applications and paused for ten seconds. Only unfortunately, this feature can only be felt or working in the United States alone, there has been no clear information whether this feature will also be present in other areas.

Facebook Add Special Features ecommerce

For Facebook users who use social networking to sell, will be facilitated by the presence of new features. There is a special feature to sell and buy goods.

Applicable for For Sale Groups Facebook members, they can select, features ‘Sell’ when creating a post. Each member can add a description of the goods sold, including price and location of delivery of goods.

Through facebook information, like e-commerce site, the seller can also inform the availability of the goods sold by marking their posts ‘Available’ or ‘Sold’.

Through her blog, Facebook tells a number of examples of communities that use For Sale Groups with routine. For example, Lisa Duncan-Thayer of Florida. He formed the group Made By Mama Buy / Sell / Trade to sell knitted items and provide a place for local artisans to sell their handicrafts.

Currently there are more than 4,500 members in Pinellas County, Florida, and the group claimed to have helped many women change their hobby into a business.

In addition there is also a professional guitarist Kadu Carvalho. Men from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is shaping up Group, which aims to help musicians in Brazil buy and sell their musical instruments.

Within 3 years, the group has collected more than 34,000 members. This group not only helps Kadu to buy and sell musical instruments, but also bears his name and also public awareness of his brand, Swell.

With the additional features of Buy and Sell, will hopefully make it easier for users who use Facebook For Sale Groups. This feature will be enjoyed in the coming months globally on iOS devices, Android and the web. But Facebook has not been mentioned in detail the time of release.

Imitate Snapchat, Facebook Status Can Lost

Facebook is experimenting with a new feature on its mobile services. This feature allows users to adjust the appearance of the post for the specified time. Facebook is tested on a small scale on Facebook for iOS that allows users to delete posts according desired time.

Screenshot This feature was reported by a number of websites and blogs technology. the images did appear to be any function that offers the option expired time, ranging from one hour to seven days.

screenshot facebook expired

Not yet known whether this feature will be released officially or Facebook just to test it. The function of the message can be lost by itself reminiscent of Snapchat.

It may be that, Facebook will formalize and expand the availability of this feature to the Facebook mobile on all platforms. A number of messenger service in there that immerse this function.

BlackBerry Messenger for example, some time ago released an update that adds privacy features. This feature is called Timed Message allows messages disappear after they are sent to the destination.