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Change documents in Google Docs with Voice Command

Google announced a new feature for the Google Docs. Google Docs users can now organize and modify a document using voice commands.

This feature is a continuation of the transcript of the voice feature which Google released in September 2015. Previously, the feature allows users to dictate basic texts.

Users also while it is still in need of the keyboard when it will include a list of points or to copy-paste in a document.

If you are a user who is interested in using this feature in Google Docs, click here to find out what commands are available.

In addition, Google also announced that the dictation feature is support for those who use English dialect.

For example, Indian-accented English, Spanish with a Mexican accent, and others. As such, this new feature allows users to speak as natural as possible, but still be detected by Google Docs.

The company is headquartered in Menlo Park, California, it is being developed a technology based on sound. That is, Google is trying to simplify everyone with any accent in order to communicate with the computer.