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China Launches Smart TV Cheap

Hisense has recently released a number of new devices, including the one of which is a Smart TV. Interestingly, the 55-inch smart TV is priced quite cheap.

Hisense H6, so the TV, carrying the Android Jelly Bean. Wide screen 1080p capacity with a number of high-end functions supported a variety of applications from Google Play.

smart tv

This TV supports WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, a number of HDMI inputs HDMI output even to work as a passthrough device.

Although the plant and the company is in China, Hisense products that one is in fact targeting the US market. Hisense even formed a partnership with retailer Walmart to distribute the smart TV and, it is important to mention this, a new player on the coupons market is offering Walmart coupons and deals at its own Walmart dedicated page so these products could be bought cheaper than you imagine.

“We are proud to bring Android TV to the North American market through H6 Hisense. We also want to be able to cooperate with other partners to enhance the viewing experience to consumers everywhere,” said Jonathan Frank, Vice President of Marketing at Hisense USA.

Hisense Smart TV function in H6 brings Vudu HD Movies, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Chrome, YouTube, Google Play, Google Voice Search, and PrimeTime application to consumer living rooms.

The presence v4 Media Streaming TV Android, HDMI-In / Out, WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth and USB, make sure consumers are not going to run out of content to watch.

What is surprising is arguably cheap price tag. With all the features of Smart TV, Hisense H6 valued $ 700 or approximately USD 8 million. When compared with Smart TV on the market today, the price can be tens of millions.

The company is better known by his cell phone product is likely to be seriously expanded. In addition to aggressively penetrate in a number of areas in the US, Hisense also targeting Europe, Australia, South Africa, Middle East and Asia.

In a number of countries in Southeast Asia Hisense name began to be known. Not least in Indonesia alone, Hisense known as a manufacturer that makes the phone bundling any one telecom operator.