intel 14 nm

Create Processor Mobile Intel 14 nm

Intel did not want to put the brakes on innovation in mobile processor segment. The chip manufacturer is preparing a more sophisticated new processor with 14 nm manufacturing process.

intel 14 nm

With manufacturing processes are increasingly meeting, meaning that the performance offered also going higher. But even more frugal power consumption and the heat released is also lower.

As revealed by Harry K. Nugraha Channel Sales Director, Intel Indonesia in his presentation at the Intel Mobility Show 2014 event at Belly Clan, 14 nm Intel mobile processors will have two variants named Cherry Trail and Broxton.

Cherry Trail in the category of ‘performance’ which was allegedly prepared to go in the middle segment. While Broxton prepared to target the upscale segment by Intel given category Hero Devices.

The second advantage of these variants compared to the previous version is a quad-core technology that will be offered. Well, thanks to Hyper-Threading feature possessed, the OS will recognize it as an octa-core processors.

In addition, Intel also intends to immerse support the brand-new mobile technology LTE-Advanced in Cherry Trail and Broxton. To enable this, Intel also is pursuing certification in order to legalize the fastest implementation of mobile technology in both variants of the brand-new Intel Atom.

“Both mobile 14 nm processors (Cherry Trail and Broxton-ed.) Is planned to be launched in mid-2015,” added Harry.