Cyanogen Refused on the acquisition by Google

Favored by many Android users who like crack, Cyanogen appeared to have noticed by Google, which is creator Android. In fact, the Internet giant is said to have made an offer to buy Cyanogen.

Cyanogen is known thanks to the custom CyanogenMod Android-based OS that has been greatly loved by the fans of Android. CyanogenMod now in its 11th version was claimed to have been downloaded more than 10 million times since it was first launched.


The tip of his success, Cyanogen has inaugurated himself as an official company. The Oppo be the first mobile phone manufacturer who worked with him over the phone buried CyanogenMod on N1.

Later, Google called the middle trying to acquire Cyanogen. Information circulating said Google wants is behind CyanogenMod team entered in the Android development team.

Cyanogen called flatly refused the offer of Google. Unfortunately, the reason is still unknown so far.

Though Cyanogen reportedly is looking for cooperation partners who are willing to disburse investment of USD 1 billion. It may be the reason Cyanogen rejected Google’s offer is the value of the acquisition is still not appropriate. Who knows?