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Digital maps Nokia So Mainstay ‘Google of China’

“Here” chosen to be the mainstay of digital maps for Baidu, the giant search engines and browsers from China. She led Nokia’s maps service helps ‘Google of China’ is providing services become more global maps.

With this agreement, Baidu maps desktop version, iOS and Android will use Here for geographic data outside the territory of China, the first starting with Taiwan. Countries and other regions will follow gradually.

baidu here nokia

“Baidu became the first Chinese company that offers location-based services for its citizens to travel abroad,” Nokia said as quoted Tech Crunch.

In addition to improving services for Chinese-speaking users, Baidu also is looking for ways to expand its market outside China. More recently, Baidu expand its services to the market than China, including Thailand and Brazil.

Before holding Here, Baidu uses Navinfo based in Beijing as a global map service providers, as well as for China’s own territory.

Earlier this year, rival Baidu, Tencent acquired Navinfo. This step seems to be a part of an effort to compete with Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has AutoNavi navigation services.

While Nokia, the harder expand the availability Here in almost all platforms. Here Maps now penetrated the Android and iOS versions are scheduled to be released early 2015.

With the acquisition of the mobile phone business division by Microsoft, Nokia is now the focus of work on the remaining business units and telecommunications network infrastructure services are represented by Nokia Solution Networks, digital maps Nokia Here, as well as technology development and patent licensing shaded by Advanced Technologies.