Duer, a Virtual Assistant from Baidu

Companies from China are popular with search engines, Baidu, apparently does not want to miss with other companies that offer virtual assistant services, such as Apple’s Siri, Google Now Google, and Cortana from Microsoft.

On the mat Baidu World Conference in Beijing recently, Baidu officially introduced virtual assistant by the name of “Duer” which is short for “Du Secretary”. Duer services will be put into the search engine Baidu’s application on Android.

Duer comes with the ability to access the services of other applications, even for users in China Duer capable asked to order food.

Baidu is also developing a system that Duer able to control devices in the home and make it connect with medical devices as well as some services from the service provider.

Baidu slowly seems to begin to challenge from several US technology companies. In fact, Baidu reportedly is developing a car without a driver by the automotive manufacturers BMW at the end of the year.

This car was developed based on the technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI) of Baidu, machine learning, and mapping technologies.