EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 8.8 – Reliable recovery tool!

Our lives have undergone drastic changes ever since the computer was invented. In a time before that, we had to rely on photographs to preserve memory, letters to recollect conversation and smiles to remember people. But with the advent of computers and internet and subsequent storage devices, everything underwent massive changes. Today, our lives are tucked away in storage devices and memories measured in terabytes.

So, what if we come face to face with a situation where the remote possibility of losing all this data stares at us? Unfathomable, right? Well, you are not alone if you feel that way. And you have every right to. However, with the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 8.8, you can put those concerns to rest, finally. This tool doesn’t promise that you will never lose data. On the contrary, this is what you will need for rejuvenation; to bring back your data from the dead. Yes, a reliable recovery software.

There are more than a hundred possible reasons why you may suffer data loss. After all, these storage devices are only physical parts together and wired sequentially. The possibility of it malfunctioning or an external stimulus causing it to black out is very real and hence is something one should be prepared for. One should know how to recover files from hard drive that have been lost due to any reason.

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 8.8 allows you to recover any of your lost data; be it photos, videos, emails, folders, lost partition from your hard drive, smartphone or any other storage device. Most of us think backup systems can adequately cover such contingencies and hence do not require a data recovery software. But practically, is it possible to perform backup across all your devices and that too frequently? Even with automatic backup scheduling softwares, do you have enough space to do this backup regularly? These are troubling questions and exactly the ones EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 8.8 is trying to answer. Once you have this recovery software free download, backups do not count for much.

This software has been designed with the end user in mind. And in most cases, users might not be so tech savvy and hence they require a simple user interface that gets the job done with minimum hassles. The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 8.8 can be your best companion in this regard owing to its simple design and highly optimized features. Let us find out how one can recover their lost data using this software.

  1. You may begin by installing this recovery tool on to your laptop or desktop computer
  2. This tool allows you two options to scan for files. One does a basic scan and identifies the lost files while the other can scan in lost partitions and deleted drives.
  3. The tool will complete the scan depending on the size of the partition or the hard drive. If it is taking too long, you can pause it and resume it in a later time. Once the scan is complete, you can recover the selected files and save it to a safe location.

By following these 3 simple steps, you can successfully recover lost data using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 8.8.