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Eko, Stethoscopes that Can Record Heart Rate via Smartphone

Stethoscopes, (from the Greek: stethos = chest; skopeein = chest), it is medical devices are always brought a doctor to examine a patient. This tool is widely used to listen to heart sounds and breathing, although it is also used to listen to intestines and blood flow in the arteries.

Now there are sophisticated Stethoscopes that can be linked with smart phones to record the patient’s heartbeat.

John Chorba, a cardiologist at the University of California, San Francisco recently showed off a Stethoscopes whose shape is similar to Stethoscopes commonly used by doctors.

“Basically, this is indeed a regular Stethoscopes. However, there are additional tools are attached to this Stethoscopes,” said Chroba to

Stateskop device that is connected to the so-called Eko, Eko Artificial Devices.

Eko Devices, a company pioneering in the manufacture of medical devices, recently announced that their products were named Eko Core has received approval from the regulatory body to eat and medicine United States or the Food and Drug Administration so that doctors across the country could use when checking out patients.

Eko Devices changing a stethoscope “normal” becomes a smart tool. By connecting Eko Core into a regular Stethoscopes, doctors can get a digital recording of the patient’s heartbeat using a Bluetooth connection.

These recordings can be transferred to a smartphone that has installed Eko applications. reported with a tool for US $ 199, doctors can send a voice recording of a patient to a specialist in another place. It is expected the action to the patient can be done more quickly and efficiently.

Recording heart rate can also be uploaded to the cloud so that doctors can analyze and compare one record with another record.

“This tool could do better than the human ear,” Chorboa to

Jason Bellet of Devices Eko explained that medical records has become a living document to indicate the condition of the patient from the day.

“With this tool, the doctor is able to record so much data and listen again, something that has never been done before,” said Chorba.