Enterprise Still Interested In iOS

IOS still be excellent for the enterprise segment, despite Apple’s software has decreased from a total of activation during the second quarter of 2014.


According to a report from Good Technology, iOS market share in the enterprise segment fell by 5%. But it still makes iOS dominate the market with a percentage of 62%.

Stalking behind, of course rival Apple, the Android. The number of activations of Android-based devices in the enterprise segment has reached 32%, the number was not too significant compared to the previous move.

Meanwhile, Windows Phone still survive for five quarters with a percentage figure of no more than 1%. While the BlackBerry Enterprise Service there is no movement at all. So that was quoted by The Next Web, Wednesday (08/13/2014).

When traced further, more activation iOS platform is an iPhone with a percentage of 50% while the iPad is only 16%.

While Android, smartphone activation reached 40% with an increase of 4% compared with the previous quarter.