Etos, Smart Cars with Helipad Mini

When he heard the term smart car, had in mind is a vehicle that is equipped with many advanced features. Lately, there are many car manufacturers are releasing smart car variants. But this one certainly has advantages over the others.

As reported by Popular Science, automotive companies from Switzerland named Rinspeed releasing new variants. Named Ethos, 2-door sports car has a myriad of advanced features and latest.

Ethos is designed based on a question, “Can a person control drone while he was driving a car?” The question was finally answered by Rinspeed with the release made by this smart.

With the features of self-driving, of course it can be done easily. However ethos also has something else, namely a drone landing. Additionally, you certainly want a free hand moves when controlling the drone of the car and the steering wheel is not blocked.

It is then accommodated by Rinspeed. Just by pressing a button, the steering will be entered into the dashboard, and the cabin will feel lbih relieved. Of course, just like other smart car, some extra wide screen sized monitor is present to monitor the condition of the car and also controlled drones.