fb feature flashback

Facebook Apologizes Problem Flashback Features

Features Flashback end up did not seem to go as smooth as expected. Features dedicated to the memory of the various moments that occur during the year was in fact not pleasing to some user.

One complaint after discovering Facebook users automatically display features ‘Year in Review’, which led to bad memory with his daughter.

fb feature flashback

The application is compiled photographs of users in 2014 and add captions, ‘It’s been a great year! Thanks for being a part of it ‘.

That’s what turns lead to a web design consultant and author Eric Meyer shocked and saddened when he saw Year in Review on his Facebook account. The reason, Meyer has just lost her daughter due to brain cancer.

For those of us who live in the shadow of the death of our loved ones, spend time in the hospital, divorced, or perhaps losing a job is one of the many crises that may not want to see again in the last year

As a result of this incident the Facebook was cast apology. Jonathan Gheller, Product Manager application Year in Review told the Washington Post when he was in the name of the company apologized if it hurt the user features.

This application is actually very good for most people, but in this case more clearly we bring sorrow to him than happiness