facebook drone

Facebook Makes Drone spreaders Wi-Fi

Facebook building a solar-powered unmanned aircraft, capable of flying at an altitude of between 18,000 to 27,000 meters. Is named Aquila, these aircraft are used to spread Wi-Fi access to some parts of the world who still lack internet connectivity.

Unmanned aircraft or the extent this is not mere wishful plan. Its products are already finished and is now ready to be tested. According to VP of Engineering Facebook Jay Parikh, Aquila made in the USA and will be tested in the US Area by the end of this year.

It is not entirely a surprise from the social networking company founded by Mark Zuckerberg. Last November, Zuckerberg had said it would set up a team to create a drone.

However, since Zuckerberg argued that, Facebook never really boasted related to the continuation plan of the CEO. Next thing I know now is meant aircraft were ready for testing.

Aircraft carrier Wi-Fi internet access is able to spread to areas with a radius of 80 km from the aircraft’s distance. Aircraft weight of about 400 kg and will first be tested at an altitude of 21,000 to 24,000 meters above sea level.

Currently, only one aircraft has been completed and once used as a prototype. Going forward, Facebook will spawn similar planes to spread Internet access more widely.

In accordance ideals, Zuckerberg wants to connect all people around the world into the realm of cyberspace. Some time ago Facebook has launched Internet.org to some developing countries, including Indonesia.

Facebook predicts there are 2.5 million people in the world who has not felt internet access. These people who will be embraced Facebook to inter-connected with the rest of the world community.