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Facebook Releases Tools User Prevent Suicide

Social media is currently being used to shed the feeling of depression, stressful life experienced by users. Even pressure that causes many people to hurt themselves to suicide.

Social media Facebook seems to take this seriously by launching a new feature that is said to prevent a user to commit suicide.

Now the feature has been launched in Australia, before the United States was the first country to receive this new feature. To bring this feature, Facebook cooperate with the initiation of local mental health Forefront, Now Matters Now, and the National Suicide Lifeline Preventation.

This feature works on what is posted by the user and other users can report it to Facebook and urged to call the emergency services. For this feature, Facebook has a team that works all the time to review these reports.

Even Facebook is also providing mental health experts to provide advice to terms with the feelings of the user. Hopefully with this new tool, Facebook can reduce the number of suicide victims in Australia.