Facebook Status of Women Make It Fined $ 12,500

Think before posting! Facebook status too far back long tails. This time, a woman was fined 12,500 Australian dollars after slandering her former husband on Facebook.


This event began in December 2012 when Robyn Greeuw write Facebook status calling her ex-husband was a perpetrator of domestic violence.

“Finally divorced from Miro Dabrowski after 18 years of suffering from domestic violence. Now fight to get custody of a child,” reads the status Greeuw.

Apes, ex-husband to read the status and said that the allegations were not true. Dabrowski was depressed and embarrassed because the status is read by family and many friends.

Dabrowski also felt that such a status would ruin his reputation in Bunbury, where he currently works as a school teacher. He also reported the Greeuw action to the local court.

In the trial court, Greeuw admitted that what he wrote in the state is a truth. But Judge Michael Bowden, who led the trial said that Greeuw not able to show sufficient evidence.

Although Greeuw now remove that status, Judge Bowden still reward with a fine of up to AU $ 12,500 excluding taxes and court costs.