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Facebook Use of Artificial Intelligence for Human Population Map

Facebook plans to make everyone in the world connected to the Internet is still far from expectations. This is because there are some problems that can’t be resolved. One of them is a problem that has not been accurate mapping.

To overcome this, Facebook took the initiative to create their own mapping network. Facebook uses high resolution images from satellites and machines with artificial intelligence to map the human settlements in these photos.

“Our goal is to find ways to develop the technology and understand how to connect every human being on this planet,” said Head of Engineering and Infrastructure Facebook Global Jay Parikh.

Therefore, since last year, Facebook Connectivity Lab is already working with artificial intelligence divisions of Facebook itself, to start mapping the human population. As a first step, Facebook has been mapped in 20 countries with an area of ​​21.6 million square kilometers.

From the initial mapping, Facebook managed to raise about 14.6 billion images from satellite imagery. Then, to determine the human existence of these pictures, Facebook uses a simple machine that is already supported by artificial intelligence.

It is equipped with a special algorithm, the machine can look for images that are considered to have the characteristics of human settlements. And, to do that, Facebook has also trained the machine uses thousands of machines in the data center Facebook.

Later, the data processing is done up is also available in each country. Facebook also plans to use this data to other analysis needs, so it can be used for the purposes of scientists, government, or business.

And to support the plan, Facebook has established cooperation with Columbia University. This is done to allow data to be used in other areas. Therefore, Facebook itself only requires this data for internal purposes as a reference for developing a wider internet connectivity.