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Five Best Android Applications Web Browser

The need for fast web browser is mandatory that exist in our smartphones, not to mention smartphones with Android operating system. As is known, a variety of web browser applications competing to provide services offer the best features for its users.

Web Browser needed once by smartphone Android in browsing the internet world. So what are the web browser application which is roughly the best choice of the smartphone users with Android operating system. Here’s his review:

1. UC Browser, UC Browser is known advantages is situated on the features of a download manager similar to IDM and browsing too fast. The browser is also lighter and has the speed to download.

2. Firefox Browser For Android, the browser that is familiar because it is widely used by the PC, synchronization features available with PC browsers and many add on extras. There is a feature that can save as PDF allows users to save web pages in PDF format.

3. Opera Browser for Android and Opera Mini, the browser application that is already known and its use is not heavy and light. These applications are often used for free.

4. Chrome browser, the Android browser is the best because it has been installed by more than 18 million users of Android. Many full features that can give us ease to browsing the internet world, for example swipe navigation, unlimited tabs, solid and stable, integrity with Google services.

5. Dolphin Browser for Android, android browser this allows us to be able to flash, as it comes with android browser flash player. Another advantage is that it can download more than 300 titles of papers and Internet access is also fast.