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Five Fun Tech Products You Won’t Believe You Can Actually Buy

Whether you create a budget every week and stick to that budget, or you make a few purchases every day, you probably still make some fun buys every now and then. Fun buys are products and items that you might not necessarily need but things you still want to pick up. The next time you have a little cash to burn, check out some fun tech products you can actually buy right now.

Smartphone Spy Lens

Have you always wished that you could take pictures like a real spy? Thanks to the smartphone spy lens, now you can. This lens works with the existing camera on your phone and plugs right into the side. It’s so small that no one will even know you’re taking pictures.

Hologram Kits

If you grew up in the 1970s and 1980s, you might wonder where all the holograms are that movies and television shows featured back then. Not only did a hologram feature heavily in Star Wars, but there was even the Jem and the Holograms cartoon for kids. With the new hologram kits now on the market, you can introduce your own kids to the fun and excitement of those figures as you build your own.

Earth Testing Kits

Did you know that you can buy earth resistivity meters online? There are the same meters that professionals use when testing the soil and doing other tests in the field. You can use one to test the density or composition of the dirt in your own backyard. Other kits let you teach kids more about science and the environment through simple projects.

Lightsaber Keychain

Star Wars fans of all ages will love the lightsaber keychains now available that mimic the look of those used by major characters like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. A simple button on the side turns this ordinary keychain into a tiny lightsaber that is just the right size for duels with friends.

Hand-Held Breathalyzer

The next time you find yourself out on the town, you’ll want a hand-held breathalyzer by your side. This little device gives you an accurate blood alcohol concentration reading when you breathe into a small hole on the front.

Whether looking for technology products for yourself or shopping for your tech loving friends, pick up some of the hottest products and fun tech toys.