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Food Processing Techniques throughout the Centuries

Mankind’s ability to process food has been at the heart of the growth of civilization. Without learning how to process food, cook it, preserve it, dry it, or extract nutrients, civilization would have never been able to grow to the point that it is now. Ancient empires, such as those that dominated Rome and China, were only able to maintain their dominance because of their ability to manipulate the food that was grown.

One of the earliest examples of mankind’s ability to process their food was fire kissing food. Food that has been cooked is easier to digest and in many cases it is more nutritious than eating food raw. As humans were able to draw more nutrients from their food, their brain and body function improved drastically.

A huge step in mankind’s ability to process food started when mankind began to bake bread. Researchers have seen that millenniums ago, early Europeans took the starches from ferns, cattails, and other grains and pounded them into flour, mixed them with water, and created bread.

One of the reasons why bread’s creation was so essential to mankind’s development was because it was portable, rich in nutrients, and could last a long time without spoiling.

As mankind processed bread, they began to look for more efficient ways of growing the crops that produced bread. This led to advances in farming and agriculture, which in turn affected growth in society.

Beer is another example of mankind’s ability to process grains. The earliest evidence of beer creation dates back to 3500 BC in Iran. It is thought to that the ancient Sumerians may have used up to 40 percent of their grain to produce beer. Interestingly, modern-day beer brewers, with the assistance of archaeologists, have been able to re-create some of the early beers that were popular in places like ancient Egypt, ancient China, and the Middle East.

The ability to process food has led to the creation of things like wine, cheese, tortillas, Olive oil, noodles, chocolate, sugar, and a whole host of other staples that have revolutionized the way people eat.

Today, modern companies are using devices like an industrial blender to process and create food that is sold around the world. Modern food processing techniques have made it possible to enrich the diets of millions and save many more from hunger and starvation.

Fire Kissed Cantaloupe and Mango Salad