Games Xbox Live will Can Play Using Browser

Microsoft is reportedly currently carrying out a test to play in the browser. Game among them the test was not an ordinary game, but games for the Xbox game console. Even Microsoft is currently being touted already set up a game title that was in the works.


Regarding the quality of the game was not lowered by the Microsoft. A source from Neowin revealed that Xbox games are played using the browser runs at a speed of 60FPS. In addition, there will be other features that will be added to Microsoft’s Xbox game in the browser.

The presence of Xbox games in this browser was going to further strengthen the position of Microsoft in the cloud business. Moreover, they have the Azure service. On the other hand, business competitiveness in the Xbox gaming console device not so good. Until now, Microsoft still can not compete directly with products from Sony, the PlayStation.

Even so, of course, there are many problems that can be a stumbling block this embodiment. One is the licensing issue. Moreover, the presence of Xbox games to the browser can certainly reduce the income of the game’s publisher. But whatever it is, it will be able to provide its own revolution to the world of gaming.