Get to know your monitor screen types and how to care

Computer is an electronic device that is mostly owned by you. The electronic goods purchased for long-term use. Therefore, you should also take good care.

Fundamentally, computer monitors are divided into two types. The first type is the older models such as television bygone era, and the second is the latest in flat model.

The following explanation of your computer screen and how to care for her.

Type Screen Monitor

1. Monitor CRT

Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) television has a shape similar to a bygone era. This model emits electrons onto a phosphorescent screen to produce an image. CRT is often used as a generic term for a computer monitor.

CRT monitors are sometimes portrayed by the advertiser as the “Flat screen” monitor. But that does not mean a flat-screen CRT is called. For most monitors, CRT section has been removed and is no longer sold on a new type of computer.

2. Flat Panel Monitor

Monitor the flat model is the latest evolution owned computers. There are many amazing technological developments all the time, but the basic idea is almost the same. Not only for computers, but the newfangled panel monitor is also used on television.

Care for Your Monitor

1. Avoid Eating and Drinking

Do not eat or drink in front of your computer. Monitor react quickly to liquid or food crumbs. This can cause rapid deterioration of your screen.

2. Do not Suppress Display

Do not do this much less of your computer screen newfangled flat panel. The computer screen is not made of glass, but plastic and you could ruin it.

In the CRT models, maybe you will not damage the screen is made of glass, but your hands will leave a stain that sucks.

3. Keep Magnet from Monitor

No secret that the magnet will damage electronic items. We recommend that you keep any magnetic shape of all of your electronics.

4. Use Tissue

If your screen is dirty, clean it using a soft surface, such as towels or wipes. Do not use liquid cleaners or wet.