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Google closes URL shortening service

The age of URL shortening service can only last no more than a decade. The reason, Google reportedly immediately close this service gradually, until 2019.

Through a post on his official blog, the closure of will begin on April 13, 2018. Google also recommends that users no longer take advantage of this service after a specified date.

Instead, Google is preparing a new service called Firebase Dynamic Links (FDL). This service is claimed to have more diverse and smarter features than

“Starting April 13, 2018, users will not be able to create a new short link via service,” wrote Michael Hermanto, Software Engineer Firebase, Google’s official blog, Monday (2/4/2018).

“If you want to create a new short link, we recommend you use Firebase Dynamic Links or use popular services such as and as alternatives,” Hermanto added.

However, it does not mean that links previously created via are no longer accessible.

Michael asserted, links that have been made or are currently still a short link from will remain accessible and manageable until 2019. Only, Google still recommends that users immediately switch to a newer FDL service.

“After March 30, 2019, all links will continue to be redirected to the intended link destination. Your created short links will not be migrated to the Firebase service but you will be able to export your link information from the console,” says Michael. is a URL shortening service launched since 2009 ago. At that time Google’s goal of launching this service is to simplify the process of sharing links, as well as measuring traffic by users. then became a service that is arguably very popular, because its features are complete. In fact until now, there are some services similar to, ie and

However, is considered the best URL shortening service, because in addition to complete, this service is also easy to use by application developers.