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Google Maps Will Not Need Internet Connection

The usefulness of Google Maps often hit the internet connection off and disconnected, especially in developing countries. To overcome these problems, Google plans to add the ability to work offline for Google Maps application.

This was announced by Vice President of Engineering and Product Management of Google Jen Fitzpatrick in the conference Google I / O that takes place in the US.

Offline maps has actually been added to Google Maps since 2012. This feature allows choose and store certain areas on Google Maps and see it without the need for a data connection. But not much can be done with the offline map.

This is to be developed by Google. Later, Google said that it would be able to work offline maps like the user is in the online condition, including how to start navigation turn-by-turn directions as well as information and rating sites.

Components of GPS (Global Positioning System) in the phone itself can run independently without depending on internet connection, so the user’s position on a map can always be determined when it is no data connection.

Unfortunately, Google did not say when exactly the offline features of Google Maps can be put into use. Only mentioned that the implementation would begin “this year”.

Besides Maps, offline feature is also available in the YouTube video sharing service. Chrome browser is also planned to have a special feature that will analyze the speed of the network and to optimize that internet browsing can be done more quickly.

Google deliberately adjust its services to be able to work with limited internet connection, with the aim of further embrace the users of services in developing countries.