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Google Translate Now Directly from the Camera and not Need Internet

While in a foreign country and do not understand the words on the signpost or a restaurant menu, travelers are usually asked to locals or to use a language translation software.

The difficulty comes when the local residents do not understand English, or internet connection is not available to access online translator.

Now do not be confused again faced such conditions for the application of translators, Google Translate has been able to work without the need of an Internet connection. The trick was very easy. Users do not even need to type.

Simply open the latest version of Google Translate in Android or iOS, tap the camera icon, and then point the camera at the text you want translated, and the text will change from the original language to the target language directly in the camera’s viewfinder display phones.

This can be realized thanks to a special feature called “Word Lens” which began in January and is integrated into Google Translate.

“We are aware that users require translator tool when they are away from the computer, or when they are not connected to the internet, for example, when traveling or ordering food in a restaurant,” says Product Manager, Google Translate Julie Catteau.

Mobile users need to download the package online the desired language before you can use Word Lens offline. Total of 27 languages ​​are now supported by Google Translate translation Word Lens.

Others include French, German, Thailand, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, and Italy. Word Lens itself is a technology that Google acquired through the acquisition of the company Quest Visual in May 2014.