Windows Phone

Hacker also admit if Windows Phone is the most secure OS

Microsoft’s OS was never claimed by Microsoft itself if the OS they are the safest. In fact, the hackers also acknowledges that.

White hat hackers, Steve Lord said that if Windows Phone is the most secure OS over 15 years of experience. It is put forward when asked matter which OS is most vulnerable infiltrated.

“All have advantages and disadvantages. Currently Windows Phone is the hardest. Blackberry also has a long history focused on security. If you have physical access to the device, I find Android is the target of the easiest. Then the iPhone, then the old Blackberry. However, if attacked through the network, Android so soft targets, “he quoted from

Security systems for older Windows Phone device is also recognized by Steve Lord. He recommended if older Windows Phone device is also not an easy thing to be attacked. He even recommends two sets of parents who belong to the safest namely BB10 Blackberry and Windows Phone devices running OS Windows 8 or later.

Although current devices with Windows Phone OS is not very popular, but you can consider the security side to have and choose a device.