Hackers Attack Israel Millions Site

The hackers condemned the Israeli attack on Gaza. As a form of retaliation, millions of cyber attacks were launched against Israeli sites Evils.


Post simmering situation in Gaza, appears #OpSaveGaza campaign promoted by anti-Israel hackers on the Internet.

The campaign is not only driven through chirp on Twitter but also realized through a real attack to the headquarters of the Zionist site online.

“Greatest ever campaign against ‘Israhell,’ to expose Reviews their terrorist activity to the world,” wrote the hacker.

Isaac Ben-Israel, head of the Tel Aviv University’s Yuval Neeman Workshop for Science, Technology & Security, said in recent days that cyber attacks targeting Israel has grown 900%.

“If there are usually 100 thousand attacks every day, now we received about 1 million attacks. Originally from various Arab and Muslim countries,” he said as quoted by the Times of Israel.

On average attacks targeting government Web site. “But we do not know related to computer hacking attacks home or company (business activists),” he continued.

Demi invite other hackers, anti-Israel hacker manifesto also post them on Facebook, Twitter or Israeli sites that have faces made. The goal is to show the world about the atrocities and crimes against humanity that have been carried out by Israel on Palestinian land.

“Israhell never Existed its only Palestine”. “It’s our home. If you are a hacker, Activist, a Human Right Organization Israel then hack websites and expose to the world Reviews their crimes, show to the world how much blood is on their hands, the blood of innocent children and women, “reads the message of the anti-Israeli hackers .