Heart, Heart Shaped Mobile Unique

Bored with mobile form a so-so alone? Maybe phone called Heart this can be glimpsed. Because unlike most phones that carries a candy bar design, Heart had a heart-shaped design.

Heart released by the Japanese company named Ymobile. So do not be surprised, Japan is known for eccentric stuff.


Also do not also expect a matter of style smartphone capabilities. Never surf, SMS only this phone can not do. The reason is because the Heart is designed to run on the Personal Handyphone System in Japan, which just handed a low-cost voice call service.

Of Heart does not target consumer gadget freak, but consumers are more accentuate the fashion. Target Marketing is a young women who want to look stylish.

So the phone that has the name of this 401AB Heart has the top and bottom that can be separated. When you wish to function as a mobile phone, the two parts are connected vertically so that would make a shape like a regular cell phone.

Meanwhile, when the two parts are connected horizontally, the user will get a heart shape. Which the user can make forms such as accessories such as necklaces.

Interestingly, Heart also have a form that is no less unique charger. This mobile power supply design is also heart-shaped.