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Hounds, New Online PC Game of Netmarble

Success with mobile game, Let’s Get Rich, Netmarble announced the global launch of a new gaming PC they are entitled Hounds: The Last Hope.

Different from similar online shooter game that uses a first person view (first person), the new game Netmarble was performed with a third-person perspective (third-person) with slight nuances of role-playing game in the story.

Just like a sci-fi movie, Hounds backdrop of history in the ’60s in America. During this period, there is a contradiction between the people about the project SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) led invasion Wickbrokes to earth.

Called to protect humanity from alien attack and dangerous mutants, formed a team called Hounds. As mentioned earlier, Hounds thick with the feel of an RPG. You can choose a character class, the addition of skill, and character creation.

When will play the first time, you have to make a name, choose a gender, and class – Assault, Specialist, Support, or Tech. In Story Mode, you will act as the main character in the storyline that can be re-elected.

Those who prefer to play with a friend rather than his own, can choose the mode PvE (player vs. enemy) with each chapter featuring five main levels, five Inter Mission, and the Mission Boss.

Less challenging because against the AI? Hounds also offers a mode of PvP (player versus player) in the version of the Death Match, Explosive Match, Match Occupation, Close Combat and Advanced Match.