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How to Get Lots of ‘Love’ on Instagram

Has little followers on Instagram does not mean can not get ‘love’ that much. And vice versa, has thousands of followers does not necessarily received overwhelming sign of love. Just need a little special tricks that photos were posted liked.

Here’s how to easily get a lot like the photos uploaded on Instagram. First, create themed photo landscape.

Instagram has become typical users like landscape photographs, for example scenery. Compared human interest photo, still life and street photos are more likely to be a little bit like.

We also do not need to add the hashtag that much. Because it is not so affect the amount like that will be achieved.

Tip two is pay attention to the composition of the photograph. Create a unique composition. Examples of photographing food, how the composition looks unsightly. So that tempt people to see it.

You can also increase the number of followers without having to buy. Quite easy, just often follow a weekly theme created by the Instgram.

With frequent weekly theme instagram, the possibility to display in Instagram’s account will be even greater. If so, Instragram will see the profile of ours, if consistent and unsightly can be a predicate Suggested User. When so Suggested Users can add thousands followe Instagram.

You should also regularly uploading photos. should post 1-2 photos per day. In addition, because Instagram is global, there is no harm to write photo captions in English.

Do not forget, he was invited to participate frequent photo competition. He said it could encourage the spirit of making the work more interesting. Especially if it managed to become champion, might you be a windfall to get a prize or adventure are invited to various places of interest.